Sean’s New Boyfriend = Hottie Andrew Langtree

Andrew Langtree

Andrew Langtree

FINALLY!  That’s all I wanted to say.  Finally, another hot guy on the street!

So we’ve found out that actor Andrew Langtree will be playing Leon the bodybuilder.  Sean‘s new love-interest he meets at the gym.

Andrew is a 31 year old singer and actor who hails from St. Helen’s, Mersyside.  I know what you’re thinking, is he gay in REAL LIFE? Is he single???  lol.

Anyway, as the story-line goes Leon is to fancy Jason at first, and Sean tells Leon Jason is gay.  WHY?  However, Leon pops over to the Rovers and sees Jason kiss Tina (ooh, hidden spoiler!) he’s confused.  But Sean assures him that Tina is Jason‘s “beard.”  Oh lord!  Oh, also, he’s told Leon that Eileen is a Jehovah’s Witness (all together now: PFFTTT!!!)  In some attempt to be living with righteous people?  I have no idea what compels him to do this.  I think we all know that relationships that START with lies….usually end in them.

I’m looking forward to what Blanche would say about this.  You know how she feels about ho-mo-sexuals.

Source:, via Coronation Street Blog

Episode Review: Friday May 29, 2009

may292009 copy

The episode opens where it left off.  Ryan getting accused of sleeping with Sian by Sian‘s fatherRyan denies this, saying that didn’t even happen, they had an argument last night.  Which we all know to be true.  Sophie‘s face is a picture of shock.  Peter defends Ryan, and Ryan is grateful.

Graeme tells David he’s there for him and gives him a smooch on the cheek.  David freaks and leaves.  That’s all you had to do to strike fear into David Platt?

Michelle finds out about Mr. Powers accosting Ryan, but Ryan says Peter sorted it. Michelle goes into the “talk” with Ryan.  *groan*.  Sian comes over and defends her fathers rage.

Umed and Audrey‘s date is on.  Umed is telling more tall tales.  Bill is there looking somewhat jealous.

Natasha kisses Tony, he doesn’t kiss back, and tells her she can go to hell.  Wow.  He goes into her about the things she said to Maria.  He tells her she has a non-existant personality and mind-numbing conversation.  He really gives it to her!  She says he’s scaring her.  He never wants her to upset Maria again, he’d HATE for them to fall out.  Uh oh!  That’s a threat if I ever heard one! Psy-cho!

Luke tries his best to worm in another night with Michelle, on her “last night.”  She says she’d rather spend it with Ryan.  Or….someone else?

Sophie accuses them of wanting to know what’s going on.  Sian says they’re not sleeping together.  Sian says her dad freaked because she had a pack of condoms in her bag.  Sophie is disgusted.  Sian tells her to “go tell God on her!”  lol.  Ryan says she shouldn’t have had them on her at all, he didn’t want to force her into anything.  Really seemed like he did!

Chesney tells Sophie that things won’t get better between him and Fiz, because he doesn’t trust Fiz.

Gary shows up at the pub with a serious shiner.  He wants a word with DavidGary tells David he’s in on the burglarly, since he’s a pro.  David tells him he’s not much for foreplay.  Did he want another smooch on the cheek?  Gary leaves and David and Graeme tap beers.

Bill asks Audrey what she sees in Umed.  She says he’s good company.  Bill is SO jealous! So cute.

Michelle tells Maria she better thank Peter for what he did.  Maria tells her not to come across as “too grateful.”  Pfft.

Awkward dinner between Fiz and Chesney.  The dinner looks gross.  Veggies anyone?  Chesney is all cold-shoulder.

Maria sees Natasha all upset.  Natasha tells her Tony dumped her.  Natasha tells her that Tony made her feel like dirt, and he really scares her.  She warns Maria to watch herself around him.  Maria looks conflicted.  Shouldn’t that set alarm bells off to her?  She did once think that he killed her husband!  I felt really bad for Natasha in this episode.

Michelle is at the bookie’s flat thanking Peter.  Peter tells her he’s positive Ryan‘s not sleeping with Sian.  But that’s all he’s going to tell her.  He convinces her to stay for a cuppa.

Maria confronts Tony about his breakup.  Tony says the relationship wasn’t working for him, and he tried to end it, and she wasn’t happy.  Maria tells Tony he scared her.  Tony manipulates her into thinking Natasha was jealous and neurotic.  Tony says he can go round and apologize to her.  Maria says she shouldn’t have even gotten involved.  Very true!  Tony says he’s glad they’re still friends.

Peter has been 60 days sober! Congratulations! Michelle says Ryan needs a male influence.  Peter says that not a lot of people would believe he’s the right influence.  She says she’s not most people.  Peter says he likes Michelle because she never judged him, not even after the fire.  They caress hands and kiss.

No Blanche again in this episode!!! Boo!

Breaking, Entering and Manslaughter?

As we all may know by now, Dastardly David has set up a plan to exact his revenge on Windass-the-younger.  He has set him up to get burned on a break-and-entering.

Since gran Audrey is out of town, her semi is the exact target.  Only, isn’t Ted Page keeping there still?

Well, that’s where the manslaughter part comes in.  When Windass-the-younger burglars the place, Ted in shock, suffers and almost-fatal heart attack!  Bringing Windass-the-younger into some pretty deep charges!  Jail time for sure!

We’ll wait to see how it all unfolds.  Once again, David‘s evil plans always foil himself.

Was getting revenge on Windass-the-younger worth sacrificing his granddad‘s health, or even life???

Source: Tony Stewart’s Soapland Blog,

Jason and Molly? Kevin is jealous! Where’s Tyrone?

Jason and Molly are quite friendly now after they’ve both been training for a charity run.  Kevin sees this closeness and gets jealous!  Molly is HIS bit-on-the-side!

Kevin is clearly mistaken, as Jason and Molly are just friends.  Jason is a good mate to Tyrone.  Unlike someone else.

And of course, Tyrone is the-man-who-knew-too-little.

Jason has his sights set on Tina McIntyre.  Good coupling I think.  Too bad Jason‘s still married!!!

You know, I can really see Kevin falling for Molly actually.  She’s just as much of a spit-fire as his wifey is, but not as much of a bitch!  Well, until she cheats on her husband, and defies her friend’s (Sally) trust!

As I always say, it’ll all end in tears!

Source: The Sun UK

Trouble for Claire, Chop for Ashley

Claire Peacock fights for her life after a blod clot.  She miscarries a baby as a result of the blod clot.  However, Claire didn’t even know she was pregnant!

Claire pulls through, so put your worries down!

However, Claire is still in shock and wants to avoid this situation again, so she tells Ashley he must have a vasectomy.  Ashley begrudgingly (as most men would be), agrees.

Source: The Sun UK

Poppy Who?

Poppy Morales, portrayed by Sophiya Haque

Poppy Morales, portrayed by Sophiya Haque

Another spoiler set to foreshadow the departure of Poppy Morales, Liz‘s bartender friend/employee at the Rovers.

Poppy Morales first came to pass when she met Liz in a Brazillian Jazzercise type class, and Liz welcomed her to work as a barmaid at the Rovers.  Since then, she’s been involved in a few story lines, but hasn’t had much going on of her own.

She tattled on Dev to Tara when she knew he had cheated on Tara, eventhough Dev bought her silence.  Other than that, she’s merely been background noise.

Next, she tries to put the moves on Steve McDonald, and he ends up firing her, then she starts something with Becky.  Which sounds like trouble.

No confirmation on an exit for her character, but I think we can assume she’s done-zo.

What have you thought about Poppy Morales?  When I first read this story-line, I had to try to remember who on earth she was!  She bores me, in my opinion.  I won’t miss her.

Source: Press Association

Rosie Spoils it again for Sophie! Sophie possibly a lesbian?

Once again Rosie spoils things again for her little sister.

It’s reported that Sophie‘s boyfriend Ben is tempted by sister Rosie‘s wanton-ways.  Because of Rosie he’s tempted to break his vow of celibacy-until-marriage.

This does not go over lightly with Sophie, whom allegedly kicks him out wanting nothing to do with him and with a desire to seek revenge on Rosie.

Well, you know that they say, “the devil ain’t ugly!”

Also, my source mentions the possibility of Sophie becoming a lesbian afterwards!  Intriguing.  What will Sean say?  He is after all, the only gay in the village! (unless you count Ted)

Source: Press Association