Episode Review: May 26, 2009

may262009 copy

Blanche complains about the stairs at the bookies again.  Didn’t #1 have a long flight of stairs too? She complains about her old bedroom in number one, and Peter convinces her to weasel her way back into no.1 by not going back until they re-do the room.  Ken comes over later and asks Blanche about her hip.  Following in Peter‘s scheme, she says there’s no issue.

Blanche finally gets back into no.1!   She comes down later in Deirdre’s dressing gown.  Comfy.

Julie is coming up with more ways to spend time with Eileen, much to Eileen’s chagrin.

Michelle came home early from spending the night at Luke‘s, it’s assumed.  She lies to Peter that she just slept in!  Peter’s not happy with her wanting more time off.  She acts like he’s in the wrong!  She’s a spoiled brat!  Peter gave Michelle a good bye & good luck card with EuroStar vouchers for Ryan if he wants to visit her.  Awe, isn’t she shame-faced now!  Michelle goes and gets frustrated with Peter at fancying her!  Why can’t they just be friends! He STILL tries to hit on her.  CRASH & BURN!

Fiz doesn’t want to be at work, she’s too upset.  All the factory girls are making fun of her and putting her down.  Rosie wants to take the tissues that Fiz cried into out of her wages!  Twat!  And I thought I hated MY job!  Fiz still longs for John, and Maria tells her she’s nuts.  She is.

Sophie and her boy-toy try to convince Chesney to go to a dance.  Sophie‘s boy-toy tells Chesney that Kenzie Judd is a baby and afraid of a guy in a wheelchair.

Joe‘s popping more pills!  Listening to him breathing heavily makes me want to puke.  Apparently Joe‘s father died in a bookies.  Boring.

Ryan is trying to convince his girlfriend Sian into sleeping with him.  She’s obviously doing it to keep him away from all of his “female fans.”


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