Episode Review: Monday May 25, 2009

May252009 copy

So what happened this episode(s)?

Beloved Blanche was seen briefly when speaking with Ken and Peter, whom are now almost fighting over her.  Since Blanche makes a nice little housewife for Peter, and is a built-in babysitter.  Although, he almost balked at Blanches suggestion that he input a stairlift-chair for her.  You would think Peter would be happy about that installation.  After a night of binge-drinking he only has to hop up and up!  No more stumbling!  So long as he’s not lighting one.

Well, we had Sally and Rosie berate poor Fiz after they found out she was seeing John in prison.  I get what they’re saying, but it’s really none of their business.  Fiz doesn’t owe them squat.  Anyway, Rosie is becoming her mother’s daughter, that’s for sure!  The two of them make one scathing tag team!

Chesney is lost-and-found.  He gives Fiz an ultimatum, him or John.  John makes the decision easy for her by not letting her see him again.  Good for that! Why can’t they give Fiz a new guy?  Jennie McAlpine’s been looking great lately!

Norris participates in the pub quiz, despite brother Ramsay being on an opposing team.  They all “humour” Norris into letting him win.  All very pathetic.  How many story lines is Norris getting?  I like him and all, but in small doses.

Joe’s back on the scene with his bad back.  All together now….YAWN.  Joe bores me to death.  He’s still working with Gary, although not for long, as they got into an altercation over holiday pay. This means Gary is out of work, and needs money, which means Dastardly David’s little scheme for revenge is on par.  Oh, and it looks like Tina is getting soft on Gary.

Sister-sister.  Poor Eileen!  Having to endure Julie’s love and attention.  She looks like she wants to put her head in a vice!  I hope this story lines fades out.  I’m really starting to get bored of it.

Oh right, even more boring, Luke Strong is trying his best to woo Michelle Connor with a “vacation romance.”  Boring!  Let her go buddy!  She’s so high-maintenance it’s not worth it.  Some men are gluttons for punishment.

I think that’s it.  If I missed anything, wasn’t worth mentioning!


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