Episode Review: Thurs May 28, 2009

may282009 copy

Michelle is moaning over choosing between Peter and Luke. She’s so spoiled.  Is she going to leave to go on tour, or what? Maria later tries to warn Michelle about PeterMichelle says that Luke just doesn’t “do it for her”, not the way Peter does.  Why is she still going on dates with Luke?

Ryan doesn’t know where he and Sian stand.  Ryan tells Peter about his girl problems, and Peter doles out advice that “women don’t like being ignored.”  Yeah, if you’re Peter, they like being PESTERED and guilted into submission!  Ryan thinks he’s blown it because he tried to rush things.

Joe is heavily breathing frantically searching for his pain meds.  I think I need a pain med after just watching him.  Then he is rude to Gail.  He’s got charm just oozing out of him.  pfft.  Joe goes to the doctor, and they suggest seeing a surgeon.  He’s obviously there looking for pills.

Chesney tells Fiz he’s going back to school because he doesn’t want to see her and she’s as rubbish teacher.  He feels that Sophie and gang will protect him from Kenzie Judd.

Uncle Umed is back!  He’s putting his foot in his mouth with Amber, again.  He starts hitting on Audrey when she comes in, asking about Gail.  He wants to meet her over drinks.  Audrey succumbs to all his compliments and agrees to meet him for a drink. Umed‘s on a roll.  Now he’s hitting on Michelle too.

Uncle Len Windass finds out that Gary hasn’t got a job anymore.  Joe tells Len that Gary asked for double-time and he couldn’t afford him.

Audrey tells David that Gail and her are going to Milan to see Sarah and BethanyNatasha is in charge when she leaves.  Natasha and David tease her about going for drinks with Umed.

Graeme is back.  He has no chin!  He and David going into their “pretend” robbery conversation so Gary will notice.

A strange man drives up on Coronation Street.

Anna Windass gloats to everyone about going to Paris for her birthday.  I think she’s so cute!  Debbie Rush the actress who plays her.

Tony helps Maria with her groceries from the car.  Natasha spots them and walks up.  They kiss infront of Maria and she looks conflicted.  Natasha tells Maria she was jealous of Tony spending time with her, but then Tony told her he doesn’t find pregnant woman attractive.  Maria looks miffed.  Tony gets back to Maria‘s with sales for Ladrags.  He notices something’s wrong with MariaMaria tells him Natasha gloated about how she had her claws in Tony, and how he would never fancy her, he only feels sorry for her.  Tony denies every saying those things.  Liar, liar, pants on fire!!

The strange man drives up the street again.  He stops, runs over to Ryan when talking to Sophie.  He accuses Ryan of forcing himself on his daughter last night.  Must be Sian‘s dadPeter shows up and tries to defend Ryan. Did I miss something???

No Blanche this episode! Boo hoo!  I wonder how Kenneth is coming along with her new room renovation!  Maybe he should get Debbie Travis in there!


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