Poppy Who?

Poppy Morales, portrayed by Sophiya Haque

Poppy Morales, portrayed by Sophiya Haque

Another spoiler set to foreshadow the departure of Poppy Morales, Liz‘s bartender friend/employee at the Rovers.

Poppy Morales first came to pass when she met Liz in a Brazillian Jazzercise type class, and Liz welcomed her to work as a barmaid at the Rovers.  Since then, she’s been involved in a few story lines, but hasn’t had much going on of her own.

She tattled on Dev to Tara when she knew he had cheated on Tara, eventhough Dev bought her silence.  Other than that, she’s merely been background noise.

Next, she tries to put the moves on Steve McDonald, and he ends up firing her, then she starts something with Becky.  Which sounds like trouble.

No confirmation on an exit for her character, but I think we can assume she’s done-zo.

What have you thought about Poppy Morales?  When I first read this story-line, I had to try to remember who on earth she was!  She bores me, in my opinion.  I won’t miss her.

Source: Press Association


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