Breaking, Entering and Manslaughter?

As we all may know by now, Dastardly David has set up a plan to exact his revenge on Windass-the-younger.  He has set him up to get burned on a break-and-entering.

Since gran Audrey is out of town, her semi is the exact target.  Only, isn’t Ted Page keeping there still?

Well, that’s where the manslaughter part comes in.  When Windass-the-younger burglars the place, Ted in shock, suffers and almost-fatal heart attack!  Bringing Windass-the-younger into some pretty deep charges!  Jail time for sure!

We’ll wait to see how it all unfolds.  Once again, David‘s evil plans always foil himself.

Was getting revenge on Windass-the-younger worth sacrificing his granddad‘s health, or even life???

Source: Tony Stewart’s Soapland Blog,


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