Episode Review: Friday May 29, 2009

may292009 copy

The episode opens where it left off.  Ryan getting accused of sleeping with Sian by Sian‘s fatherRyan denies this, saying that didn’t even happen, they had an argument last night.  Which we all know to be true.  Sophie‘s face is a picture of shock.  Peter defends Ryan, and Ryan is grateful.

Graeme tells David he’s there for him and gives him a smooch on the cheek.  David freaks and leaves.  That’s all you had to do to strike fear into David Platt?

Michelle finds out about Mr. Powers accosting Ryan, but Ryan says Peter sorted it. Michelle goes into the “talk” with Ryan.  *groan*.  Sian comes over and defends her fathers rage.

Umed and Audrey‘s date is on.  Umed is telling more tall tales.  Bill is there looking somewhat jealous.

Natasha kisses Tony, he doesn’t kiss back, and tells her she can go to hell.  Wow.  He goes into her about the things she said to Maria.  He tells her she has a non-existant personality and mind-numbing conversation.  He really gives it to her!  She says he’s scaring her.  He never wants her to upset Maria again, he’d HATE for them to fall out.  Uh oh!  That’s a threat if I ever heard one! Psy-cho!

Luke tries his best to worm in another night with Michelle, on her “last night.”  She says she’d rather spend it with Ryan.  Or….someone else?

Sophie accuses them of wanting to know what’s going on.  Sian says they’re not sleeping together.  Sian says her dad freaked because she had a pack of condoms in her bag.  Sophie is disgusted.  Sian tells her to “go tell God on her!”  lol.  Ryan says she shouldn’t have had them on her at all, he didn’t want to force her into anything.  Really seemed like he did!

Chesney tells Sophie that things won’t get better between him and Fiz, because he doesn’t trust Fiz.

Gary shows up at the pub with a serious shiner.  He wants a word with DavidGary tells David he’s in on the burglarly, since he’s a pro.  David tells him he’s not much for foreplay.  Did he want another smooch on the cheek?  Gary leaves and David and Graeme tap beers.

Bill asks Audrey what she sees in Umed.  She says he’s good company.  Bill is SO jealous! So cute.

Michelle tells Maria she better thank Peter for what he did.  Maria tells her not to come across as “too grateful.”  Pfft.

Awkward dinner between Fiz and Chesney.  The dinner looks gross.  Veggies anyone?  Chesney is all cold-shoulder.

Maria sees Natasha all upset.  Natasha tells her Tony dumped her.  Natasha tells her that Tony made her feel like dirt, and he really scares her.  She warns Maria to watch herself around him.  Maria looks conflicted.  Shouldn’t that set alarm bells off to her?  She did once think that he killed her husband!  I felt really bad for Natasha in this episode.

Michelle is at the bookie’s flat thanking Peter.  Peter tells her he’s positive Ryan‘s not sleeping with Sian.  But that’s all he’s going to tell her.  He convinces her to stay for a cuppa.

Maria confronts Tony about his breakup.  Tony says the relationship wasn’t working for him, and he tried to end it, and she wasn’t happy.  Maria tells Tony he scared her.  Tony manipulates her into thinking Natasha was jealous and neurotic.  Tony says he can go round and apologize to her.  Maria says she shouldn’t have even gotten involved.  Very true!  Tony says he’s glad they’re still friends.

Peter has been 60 days sober! Congratulations! Michelle says Ryan needs a male influence.  Peter says that not a lot of people would believe he’s the right influence.  She says she’s not most people.  Peter says he likes Michelle because she never judged him, not even after the fire.  They caress hands and kiss.

No Blanche again in this episode!!! Boo!


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