Sean’s New Boyfriend = Hottie Andrew Langtree

Andrew Langtree

Andrew Langtree

FINALLY!  That’s all I wanted to say.  Finally, another hot guy on the street!

So we’ve found out that actor Andrew Langtree will be playing Leon the bodybuilder.  Sean‘s new love-interest he meets at the gym.

Andrew is a 31 year old singer and actor who hails from St. Helen’s, Mersyside.  I know what you’re thinking, is he gay in REAL LIFE? Is he single???  lol.

Anyway, as the story-line goes Leon is to fancy Jason at first, and Sean tells Leon Jason is gay.  WHY?  However, Leon pops over to the Rovers and sees Jason kiss Tina (ooh, hidden spoiler!) he’s confused.  But Sean assures him that Tina is Jason‘s “beard.”  Oh lord!  Oh, also, he’s told Leon that Eileen is a Jehovah’s Witness (all together now: PFFTTT!!!)  In some attempt to be living with righteous people?  I have no idea what compels him to do this.  I think we all know that relationships that START with lies….usually end in them.

I’m looking forward to what Blanche would say about this.  You know how she feels about ho-mo-sexuals.

Source:, via Coronation Street Blog


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