Return-to-Sender: Recap June 1, 2009


Michelle spent the night at Peter‘s.  Luke sees the two of them kiss goodbye in the street in the morning.  Awk-ward. Michelle tells Maria she won’t see either Peter or Luke ever again.  Luke confronts Peter about what’s going on with Michelle.  Peter tells Luke it was a one-off.  Luke accuses him of doing the dirty on him, and he’s not a “pal” anymore.  When were they mates?  Peter continues pushing the envelope with Michelle.  Luke confesses his feelings for Michelle and tells her he doesn’t want her to go, but to stay there with him.  He’s fallen, and he can’t get up.  He gets turned down.  Side Note: I really like the re-design of Maria’s place.  So much more contemporary and airy.  Peter comes over to Michelle’s also.  She’s just beating them off with a stick!  Peter also professes his undying love to Michelle also.  Gawwwwwd!  Did Peter and Fiz drink from the same water or something?

Fiz‘s hair looks really great these days.  I don’t  know if she’s just grown it out or what.  But it looks good.  Chesney‘s excited to go back to school.  Fiz finds her mail to John returned-to-sender.  Fiz bemoans to Maria how John Stape returned her letter.  Wow, rejection from a rejected man.  Can you sink lower?

Audrey and Gail prepare for Italy.  Joe gets Gail to get his prescription.  He’s a desperate man.  Audrey tells David that Natasha‘s in-charge for the week.  Audrey mentions she hasn’t gotten her burglar alarm fixed.  David looks thoughtful.  Gail shows Joe the presents she got for Bethany to Joe.  All he cares about his his drugs.  Woman!  He is such a USER!

Anna and Eddie are worried about Gary not going anywhere in life.  They should get some worry-dolls.  Gary tries to ask Joe for his job back.  Joe tells him that Gary’s a pain and to stay away from his daughter.  Is he that hard-up for work?  Why doesn’t he open the classifieds and call under “general labourers.”  That’s MY unemployment-recession backup plan, at least!

Hayley‘s at the wholesales and sees numerous giant cut-outs of Eddie Windass as the one-millionth-customer winner with the name “Roy Cropper” plastered over the front.  Needless to say, she was stunned. Hayley brings home one of the stand-up posters of Eddie Windass ala “Roy Cropper.”  Roy sees it and drops his broom!  Anna sees the cutout and declares her innocence.  How embarassing!  Anna chastises Eddie about the cutout.  Hayley and Roy sort out the issue with the Windasses.  Hayley says that Roy worked out a repayment plan for Eddie, and it can’t be Anna’s money, just his.  Isn’t that Anna’s money?  Anna bars Eddie from the cafe and their bedroom!  Hayley is excited to go to Paris.  Roy is getting moral about it.

David tells Gary that the house they’re breaking into is of a rich couple they fitted a kitchen for previously.  Len walks in on Gary and David talking and looks perturbed.  Len warns him off PlattGary‘s too dumb to pay attention. That good advice you just didn’t take!

Sean complains about his go-nowhere life to Julie.  Julie convinces Sean he need a life coach.  The life coach being HER.  This is quite comical.  Sean goes on about wanting to change his name.  Sean argues how all successful people are at the beginning of the alphabet.  Maybe if you’re a plumber!

Back at Peter‘s place, Ken is there reading a book to Simon.  Simon trips over Granny Blanche‘s box.  Ken comments that they “broomstick must be collapsible.”  LOL.  Too funny!  Ken does get his jabs in. Peter tells Ken about his struggle to stay sober.  I’ve never gone to the drink, but if it’s anything like me trying to stay away from sweets, I really empathize with him!

No Blanche again!  We’re in a Blanche-drought!!!  She better show up soon, or I’m going to send the police over to No.1 with Ken Barlow as suspect #1!


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