Rosie Webster = The Next Calvin Klein?



In lieu of John Stape giving Rosie Webster the money from the sale of his grandma’s house – to pay her back for the distress he’s caused her – Rosie buys a share in Underworld.

Is that really the best thing she could have done with her money?  Well, it’s her.  I suppose it could be WORSE!  Well, Rosie is egotistical, ruthless, selfish and slightly immoral.  She’ll have a promising career as a businesswoman!

Rosie is high on her horse, and decides (much to Tony‘s chagrin) that Underworld will be expanding to produce MENS underwear also, and SHE will be designing the pieces!

The mens underwear pieces are said to be quite “raunchy.”  I know she’s no angel, but exactly how much men’s underwear has she seen to decide it needs changin’?

So Tony hates her ideas and her having a share in the business.  Surprise, surprise.  Luke thinks it’s a great idea, to rub it in Tony‘s joints.

Is anyone else sick of Tony‘s crazy-boring-guy routine?  I certainly am!  I honestly don’t know what I’d do with him at this point.  I feel his character has almost run it’s course.  Well, maybe after the well-anticipated return of Carla.

Any idea as to what Rosie‘s raunchy designs will look like?  I’m thinking something like THIS:

Rosie Webster Designs (possibly)

Rosie Webster Designs (possibly)

Won’t Mommy and Daddy be proud.  (again).

Source: The Sun UK


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