Michelle Connor and her boobs

Michelle Connor, circa 2006

Michelle Connor, circa 2006

Michelle Connor, circa late May 2009

Michelle Connor, circa late May 2009

No, I’m not talking about Luke Strong and Peter Barlow.

Rather, the actress who plays Michelle Connor, Kym Marsh‘s actual boobs.  I had heard a while back that she’d had a breast augmentation to go from a B to a D.  I would not normally comment on something like this, since I believe whatever people want to do is their business, we’re more focused on “characters” here.

However, after hearing this, I could not help but look extra closely for a hint of PamelaAnderson-ness.  A size D is very large for a small frame like Kym Marsh‘s.  But I hadn’t noticed any change at all!  It says she had it within the last month however, so maybe they just haven’t been “showcased yet”, above “after” is from one of the most recent episodes.  I guess I’m on boob-watch now!

All I noticed was the hair extensions, and I think she looks great.  Except for the makeup, she can par down that makeup.  But, I think she looks great!

So if this gossip is TRUE, and surgery is something she wanted to help her feel better about herself, then isn’t that what plastic surgery is for?

If it’s false…which I almost think it is, or maybe it’s not ENTIRELY true, maybe she had a nip and a tuck (she has afterall had two children) for upkeep, then I’m sorry for even posting this!

See, there I go again…gossiping about people’s personal lives.  Well, this is a Blanche Hunt blog after all, so I suppose that’s fitting.

Source: The Sun UK


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