Baby I’m Addicted: Episode Recap June 3, 2009

June32009 copy

Gail and Audrey pack enough for a lifetime for one week in Milan.  Joe asks for his painkillers before Gail leaves.  Joe frantically searches for his pills.  It’s obvious to him that David is hiding them on him.

Jason comes into the store with Tyrone and Kevin following.  Jason talks about how in shape he is, and Tyrone reminds Kevin he’s no match.  Kevin calls Jason a poser!  I love Jason‘s shirt! I love pies too!

Auntie Pam comes by the builders yard to sell Bill one of her sandwiches (they do look appetizing in that basket), and they flirt a little.  Bill watches her go.  New love match brewing?

Julie continues to “life coach” Sean.  I like these two together.  They’re quite an odd-couple.

Poppy complains to Steve about Betty being late.  Steve defends BettyPoppy‘s got a bit of a ‘tude on her I never noticed before.

Molly‘s getting her hair “did” by Natasha.  They talk about all the popular hairstyles.  I’ve had the Rachel AND the Pob numerous times from stylists without my approval!  David steals the keys while they’re engrossed in stylist-chair gossip.  I wish I had a stylist as cool as Natasha.  I actually just wish I had a stylist.

*Tiniest violin in world* plays for Joe in agony over his back yearning for his pills.

Jason jokes with Tyrone that Molly is out of his league.  Kevin assures Tyrone that Jason‘s just winding him up.

David heads over to his gran’s to take down all the family photos, clearing the home of evidence that his grandmother lives there for when Gary stops by to burglar.  Presumably.  He jokes with the painting of the late Alf Roberts.  The painting looks at him painfully.

Joe almost runs Luke over in a pill-starving-rage.  Pathetic.

Peter tries to talk to Luke about what happened between them fighting over MichelleLuke calls him pathetic.  True that.

Julie is going to see a psychic.  What a looney!

Theresa is getting her hair done.  YES.  Go figure.  Audrey‘s salon must be quite reasonable!  David replaces the keys in the register.

Blanche (!!!) catches Peter about to order a drink in the Rovers.  Buddy, if you’re going to go off the wagon, don’t do it in the pub next door to your dad’s place.  Not only is he a drunk, he’s a moron too.  Peter pours his heart out about Michelle to Blanche and tells her he owes her a bottle of sherry since he “smashed” hers.  Blanche tells him to have a cup of tea with her and his dad.  Oh, a sweet heart beats under that brittle exterior.

Joe tears the house apart looking for his pills, smashing Gail‘s things and ripping doors off cupboards!  He is SO painful to watch.  Maybe he should admit himself to a hospital.  Permanently.

Peter comes over to no.1 and tells his father he wants to drink.  He admits he was going to drink in the pub if Blanche hadn’t shown up.

Joe attacks David over the pills accusing him of hiding them.  David realizes the state of the place and is shocked.  David tells Joe he can’t help him, walks away and smiles.

I don’t approve of anything David does, but Joe needs to get off the show those pills!  Maybe withdrawal will be the best in the end for him!

Glad to see that Blanche is back!


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