Sophie Webster = Common?

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

There’s an article about Brooke Vincent, the actress who plays Sophie Webster, and her part-time job at a hair salon.  Brooke has been working part-time at a Salon near her home, called Scizzor Sisters, for the last year making tea, and sweeping up hair, ala David Platt.

However, answering the phone is NOT one of her duties.  Her salon boss feels that her voice is too “common” and if she answers the phone she must put on a more “posh” accent.

Don’t ALL teenagers sound “common” on the phone?  lol.

Brooke says she likes having a job outside The Street so she can feel normal.

Blanche would approve.  In her day, when she was young, she probably worked more than one job too. And she was fit as a flea!



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