Crossing The Line: June 8, 2009 Episode Recap

Quote of the Episode:

Anna and Eddie in hospital after they realized that Gary didn’t beat on Ted, just collided with him in his escape:

Eddie Windass: “So there won’t be a murder charge then?”

Ted Page: “I sincerely hope not!”

June 8 2009 copy

One hell of an episode.

So Poppy finally gets the sack, and from Becky of all people who kicks her out of the Rovers, almost LITERALLY, hair extensions and all.  Betty should be happy.  Goodbye Poppy MoralesSteveyboy needs to get a backbone!

Peter Barlow admits to his family: “I’m Peter Barlow, and I’m an alcoholic.”  Finally!

Speaking of addicts, Joe is at the doctor’s begging requesting for more pills.  But is nicely declined.  He has no clue he could have an addiction.  This will be a long slow road.  Greeeaaaat.

Ted his in hospital after the heart attack he suffered.  David goes and visits him, as do Anna and Eddie Windass to find out what really happened, straight from the horses mouth.  Gary Windass gets Len to give him an alibi, but Len finds that Gary lied about an old man, and says he’s on his own!  He warned him about PlattGary is not happy, and sees Tina getting cuddly with David again.  Gary gives David a roughing up and tells him that he’s a sicko for doing this to his granddad just to get his girl back and if he goes to prison, he’ll be out soon enough…and he’ll show him what crossing the line really means.

Wow.  I never thought much of Gary Windass (or Mikey North) before, but he was pretty hot in this scene.  Maybe I just love that someone finally gave David the neck-wringing he needs.

Bill flirts with Pam again.  He seems quite clear with his intent, although Pam seems rather oblivious but at the same time clearly enjoys Bill‘s company.  New couple alert?  BamPill?

Mikey North:  NEW CRUSH <3

Mikey North: NEW CRUSH ❤


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