Barack on the cobbles???

June 16 gossip barack on street

So, apparently Barack Obama has a distant cousin by the name of Dawn Galley through his great-great-great grandad Fulmuth Kearney who came from a small village in Ireland.

Great-great-great grandad?  At that point down the line, I’m probably related to Barack as well!

Nonetheless, Dawn lives in Salford, Greater Manchester, and wants to make part-Irish Obama an honorary Mancurian as well.  How better to do that than to invite him for a tour of The Street?  That’s what Dawn intends to do if Barack comes for a visit!

So is that what I have to do to get a tour of The Street?  Become president of the USA? Hmm….

Also, Irish band “The Corrigans” wrote a song called “There’s No One as Irish as Barack Obama.”  That sounds like a great drinking song!

Check it out if you’re curious!:

Source: The Sun UK


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