No Going Back: Wed July 8, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

July 8 2009

Written by John Kerr, directed by Duncan Foster.

Gail is making excuses for Dastardly David again. Even when he spits insults at her. The woman is a masochist. *Sigh* Once again, Dastardly David is acting like a spoiled brat and and Gail fauns over him. David goes into the yard and sees Graeme in Sally’s yard and asks what he’s doing there. Graeme says he’s clipping Sally’s shrubs and it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Yeah, especially since Kevin’s not around to. I hope Sally doesn’t pull a Desperate Housewives and have an affair with the “gardener.” That has more creep potential than Molly and Kevin. Graeme suggests the basic cure for a broken-heart: get bladdered. David prefers to soak in his misery to the sounds of “One Day Like This,” by Elbow. The first cut is the deepest.

Well, well, well. Doesn’t Jason Grimshaw suit up nice? I’m surprised he even owns a suit! Tina kisses him goodbye and good luck for his bank meeting outside the Kabin. Gail sees this with a smarmy look on her face. I suppose that she doesn’t approve of them showing their love in her precious son’s periphery? On the contrary, Gail tells Tina she’s happy for her and Jason. Really? Later, alternate-dimension Jason comes back from the bank and tells Tina they didn’t get approved. They need 25 thousand down that they haven’t got. David watches them walk away together from his second-storey window. Have we really see the last of this?

Maria is unsure about motherhood, but Tony and Audrey try to convince her that she’ll be a great mother. Maria’s still deeply saddened over Liam’s passing, and Liam Jr. is only bringing those feelings on stronger. Poor Maria! Time heals all wounds. Well, fortunately and unfortunately, at least it dilutes memories.

Pam tells Molly that she’s got a date with Bill, only he doesn’t know about it. Well, he does, but he doesn’t know it’s her he’s got a date with. What a conundrum! Pam wants Molly to call Bill to arrange their date so that Bill won’t recognise her voice and run for the hills. I hope Billy-Boy likes surprises. The date is set!

Sally is unsure about how much wine to buy for her party. She doesn’t want Ben’s parents thinking either that they are stingy or have a drink problem. There goes our Sally, keeping up appearances. I’m going to start nicknaming her Hyacinth. With a pat on the bum, Sally tells Kevin he can get her something expensive for her birthday to make up for spending her youth.

Molly and Kevin complain about their lack of love-nest. Then a light-bulb flashes in Kevin’s head. He tells Molly to get into a customer’s car and to keep her head down until they’re well out of there! I hope that wasn’t meant to be dirty. The owner of the car that Molly and Kevin are currently adultering in comes into the garage demanding to know where her car is. Tyrone doesn’t have an answer since Kevin won’t answer his phone. Tyrone insists that Kevin has probably just taken her car for a test drive. More like tryst drive! That very car is currently under an overpass somewhere with Molly and Kevin sat in it. Molly asks Kevin where he found the place and whether he’s taken other women there. Seriously, it’s an underpass! There’s probably a body dumped under there by some mobsters too. Dead romantic. Molly and Kevin steam up the windows fairly quickly. I’m picturing the scene from Titanic in my head, only not quite. *shudder* They’re just in the grips of passion when there’s a knock at the window. It’s the po-lice! Busted!!! Kevin and Molly escape unscathed by the police and return back to the street. Kevin drops Molly off in some back street, so they won’t be seen together. I can’t help but notice how this scene parallels with that one of John Stape (older man) dropping Rosie Webster (younger woman) off in a backstreet in the same fashion for much the same reason. Molly doesn’t look anymore pleased than Rosie did. Irony, you have got to appreciate it. Kevin later buys Molly some chocolates to make up for it. Kevin also offers a night in a hotel that weekend, just the two of them. In a moment of spontaneous passion, Kevin whisks Molly into the back room at the shop to make-out. Molly reminds Kevin that if they go through with this, there’s no going back. Understood.


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