Close Call: Fri July 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

July 10 2009

Written by Peter Whalley (7:30) and Mark Wadlow (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster

It’s Sally’s birthday and Rosie has spoiled her with diamond earrings, whereas Sophie has given her a simple cross. Rosie tells Sally that if she needs to do any shopping, she can use her car. When did Sally and Rosie become bezzie mates? Oh yeah, the money. Lie time. Kevin tells a whopper to Sally about there being some reunion in Bristol with some old mates on Saturday. Instead, he’s really seeing Molly for a secret rendez-vous. Sally’s more interested in her diamonds and cruising around in Rosie’s car like a big-shot than her husband. Kev books a hotel room for he and Molly, and makes a real rookie mistake! Putting it on your credit card? Who’s wife doesn’t read those statements? For secrets, only cash will do. I loved seeing Sally drive around in Rosie’s car singing along to the Pussycat Girls, “Don’t Cha.” Kev tells Molly the good news that he’s booked a room for Saturday.

Sally is getting ready for her party. OMG, what is Rosie wearing? Do her tops have a competition going about which one can show more skin? Why doesn’t she just give it up and walk around in a bikini all day? Rosie “Maneater” Webster is just slathering herself over Ben. What kind of woman hits on her sister’s man? Sophie freaks out and tells Ben to stay away from Rosie. Bill remarks to Kev that Sally looks great for her age. She really does! Kevin could care less though. For the record, I think Sally is more attractive than Molly, but that’s not why men cheat. Ben’s parents show up and Sally offers them a glass of wine, but the opt for a soft-drink instead. Sally sheepishly says she doesn’t drink much wine herself. Pfft, yeah neither do I! Auntie Pam shows up with some day-olds and a gift. Tyrone and Molly show up when Kevin leaves to get more booze. While he’s gone his mobile rings and Sally picks it up and it’s the hotel people calling back about that executive suite with the jacuzzi tub that Kevin wanted to order. Uh oh. Kevin comes in that instant and sees Sally talking on his phone, and who to. Sally is obviously suspicious. Everyone at the party is awkwardly silent waiting for an explanation. Kevin freaks out that she had no right to answer his phone. She asks what’s going on, and Molly tells her to think about it, that Kevin might be planning a surprise for her. Good save Molly! Sally just LOVES this surprise. Party’s back on. Molly tells Sally it was her who gave Kevin the idea of a hotel room stay and Sally is most appreciative. Molly’s not happy that Kevin just stood there catching flies and that she had to come up with an excuse for him. Kevin tells her that he’ll sort something out so they can spend time together. Sophie confronts Rosie that she’s had her fun with Ben, now she can pack it in. Rosie tells Sophie she’s just having a laugh, and not to threaten her. Sophie takes a big swig of booze! That’s not very Christian. Molly makes an excuse to go home early leaving Tyrone at the party. In the kitchen, Sophie dumps a glass of wine on Rosie’s head. Girl fight! Ben tells Sally that Sophie’s drank four glasses of wine. Sophie freaks out at Ben about flirting with Rosie and ends up pushing him away. Sophie and Ben fight over Sophie’s jealousy and Ben says he doesn’t fancy Rosie since she dresses like a hooker, well, a high-class hooker. Ben says he doesn’t go out with someone who gets drunk and gets into fights. Well, then he’d better walk away from this street now! Molly is alone at home and calls Kevin ’round. Kevin makes an excuse to leave and goes over to her place. Molly answers the door for Kevin and after a steamy scene filled with 90’s romantic easy-rock tunes, Kevin and Molly part ways. Kevin comes back home to a finished party. Sally comes goes into what a fantastic husband and lovely dad he is, and that she doesn’t say it enough. Guilty conscience anyone?

Jason and Tina try to figure out their money issues regarding buying a flat. Jason figures they could borrow money from someone and suggest Rita. Tina turns this idea down. David sees them embracing each other with a sour look on his face. David goes into the salon and gripes about Jason and Tina to Natasha. Something tells me his angst is far from over.

Kirk tells Fiz that he thinks Tony doesn’t want him over at Maria’s. He thinks that Tony looks at him like he’s useless. Kirk should be used to that look from people by now. Fiz fails to tell Chesney that her and John Stape are engaged to be married. Theresa finds out about this whole Stape-Rosie-Money thing and encourages Fiz to give Rosie’s car a whack with her paper. Fiz thinks this is a great idea and starts whacking the hood of the car several times. Chesney witnesses this and tattles on her to the Websters. Fiz later lies to John and tells him that everyone on the street is fine with their news, and that Chesney is warming to it. John wants Chesney to be his best man. John mentions that a lad in his wing is getting married in the prison. Fiz says she’d love to do that. John looks at her like she’s lost it. It’s not exactly the wedding every little girl dreams about. John thinks it’s a terrible idea, since he is going to be out of prison in a matter of months, and would like a proper wedding. Fiz says she can’t wait that long, she wants to marry him as soon as they can arrange it. Fiz comes home to find her dinner on the table with a sorry note.

Over at Maria’s, Kirk is coddling baby Liam. Tony thinks that Liam’s parents don’t want to see Tony there when they come. Maria thinks they have nothing to hide, he should just stay. Tony’s not having it, back to the flat for him when Ma and Pa Connor arrive. Tony brings Natasha over to Maria’s to give Maria a 1-2-3 makeover before Maria’s guests arrive. The Connor’s arrive and Maria re-introduces Tony and tells them how Tony delivered baby Liam. Liam’s parents think that Liam Jr. is the spit of his father. Tony stops in to get his electric razor and tells Maria he misses them both already. Liam’s mom quizzes Maria over her and Tony’s relationship. Maria contests that they are not an item, but Liam’s mom says she should be careful then because Tony is carrying a torch for her. Maria looks thoughtful.


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