That Odious Man: Mon July 27 Corrie Episode Review

July 27 2009

Written by Peter Whalley (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by David Kester.

Much to Gail’s delight, David offers to help Joe clean out his lock-up and Joe accepts. David notices Joe’s pill-popping with a mischevious smile on his face. He and Tony should have an evil show-down. Joe’s got a huge bonfire going of junk from his lock-up. He may as well throw his dignity in the fire too, although it’d probably spread the flames to lethal proportions. David waits until Joe’s back is turned to take his pill bottle, and empties the pills into his pocket. He then takes the empty bottle and tells Joe that now he’s got no pain, he doesn’t need those old meds. David then tosses the bottle into the fire and Joe screams a resounding “Noooooo.” He freaks out, then pretends it’s fine to save face. Dastardly David has such an evil smirk spread across his face.

Back home, Joe gets annoyed David continues to talk about the pills he threw into the fire. He’s gonna blow! And blow he does. He’s in complete withdrawal and on an irate rampage. Gail immediately asks David what happened. David says he has no clue. Outside, Joe asks Graeme for more drugs, but Graeme says tells him no. David comes out and interrupts the conversation. David tells Joe that he can probably get him some pills from his connections from juvie. What does David want Joe under his thumb for now?

Is Gail doing leg-lifts with frozen bags of peas??? Does she do arm curls with soup cans? Joe comes in and apologizes to Gail for his behaviour for about the 50 billionth time. David charges Joe 50 quid for the drugs he stole from Joe. Oh, man.

Jason and Tina come over and ask Joe if he can fit them a kitchen for free. Pfft!!! They manage to find a way (credit) for it all to work out. They also say that they want to keep the fact that they’re buying a place together on the “down-low” from David. Oh, honestly! He’s going to find out, why not at least tell him yourself? Later, David tells Joe that the pills actually cost 100 quid, and of course, Joe pays up. David is pure evil. I actually feel sorry for Joe now, believe it or not.

Jason, none-the-wiser, had a great time playing on the gay football team with Leon. He just loves Leon and the team dynamics. Eileen and Tina both teasing him about it. Eileen and Tina sure seem to get along well. Although Eileen gets along with most people, that don’t have the surname Platt, that is.

Becky discusses with Steve the date of their wedding when her phone rings and she makes an excuse to leave the room and answer it. It’s Slug, he’s in his “Slug Gear” and he’s in front of the pub. Becky meets him outside and gets him a meal in the cafe. Slug warns Becky to watch herself and be careful. He’s said all he can. Becky takes this warning with a grain of salt. Becky’s hairpiece is chavtastic by the way. Steve is jealous that Becky’s talking with Slug again.

Steve tells Becky that the registry office has a cancellation for the 14th of August, but he said no to that date since it won’t give them enough time to plan. Becky insists that he call them back and accept. The date is set. In two weeks we’ll all have front-row seats for what should be Corrie wedding of the year! Steve asks Lloyd to be his best man and Lloyd hopes the wedding will bring Liz back. We’re all hoping for that.

Audrey brings Helen to the salon to get her hair sprayed by Natasha. What’ll it be today, ma’am?” “Oh, just a little off the ends, a blow-dry and a Tony-bashing.” Natasha tells Helen the story of Tony viciously dumping her. Audrey is getting nervous listening to Natasha and Helen go on about dangerous Tony and decides to stop over there.

At Maria’s, Audrey asks Maria if she doesn’t think that maybe Tony does fancy her. Maria IS being naive! Or she’s in denial. If Tony really was a saint that just helped people for NO reason, then why isn’t he over at Fiz’s helping her with her prison-wedding plans? Or helping Janice study for her nursing exams? Or Rosie with her knicker designs? Tony arrives and Maria asks him in, front of Audrey, if there’s a reason that he’s so helpful to Maria. After a quick tea, Audrey promises Maria she’ll stop listening to Helen. Tony tells Audrey that he might be able to manage a truce, which Audrey is grateful for.

Audrey is enjoying a drink with Helen and Barry when Tony comes into the pub. Tony says he came to the pub to apologize to Helen and to buy her a drink. He tells them he went too far, and was trying only to protect Maria and Liam Jr. Helen’s not sure about taking the apology, but she will take that drink. That’s my girl!

Tony’s charm seems to work since it got Helen and Barry to come back to Maria’s with an open mind. They all decide to make a truce in favour of Baby Liam. Helen puts on a new face, but when Tony and Maria are out of earshot she tells Barry that they must get Maria away from that odious man. Odious indeed.

It’s Chesney’s birthday, and surprise, Cilla didn’t remember it! If she’s still alive. Chesney has slept in and forgone his paper route. Chesney’s very cavalier about his paper route duties not caring if he gets fired, and very ungrateful for his birthday gifts. He accuses Fiz of being so obsessed with John Stape that she can’t remember what size his birthday trainers should be. How very uncharacteristic of him. Is he drinking from the same spout as David Platt? Chesney’s hot happy that Fiz is going to see John on his birthday and refers to John as Fiz’spedo-partner.” The poor kid.

Fiz enlists in Sophie and Sian to cheer Chesney up. Sophie and Sian stop by with a “birthday gram” for Chesney and invite him bowling. Oh come on, spending your birthday with two good looking girls? That’s got to be better than hanging out with your sister! Poor Chesney has no dosh though, so he can’t go. My heart bleeds for this kid, truly it does. Chesney’s really not having the best birthday. He even assaults Eddie with a can after Eddie accuses him of mixing up their paper deliveries! Not that I minded the scene, but it’s most out of character for Chesney. Hopefully he won’t follow in similar footsteps of an older ginger-haired boy on the street.

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