Business, Not Pleasure: Fri July 31, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

July 31 2009

Written by Martin Allen (7:30) and Mark Wadlow (8:30), directed by David Kester.

Fiz frantically searches around for her engagement ring.  Chesney relishes in her panic, knowing he has the item she’s looking for securely in his pocket.

Chesney complains to Anna that her Eddie got him sacked from his paper-route, now he’s got no money, hence, no life.  He makes fun of Rosie’s car telling Anna that it’s rubbish and that he wouldn’t have it if you paid him.

Julie is trying to figure out what’s going on with Fiz and why she’s so edgy.  Fiz tells her she’s lost her engagement ring.  Julie answers with a gobsmacked “your wha???”  Fiz tells her about her engagement to John.  Fiz tells her they’re getting married while he’s still in prison.  Of course, Julie thinks this is romantic.

Chesney eyes Rosie Webster giving her car a sponge-bath in her daisy dukes and pink marigolds.  Chesney watches Rosie and Sally banter on about how John’s money paid for the car, and he looks madder than a wet hand!  Rosie runs into the house to answer the phone, and Chesney spies the keys in the ignition.  He gets in the car and high-tails it out of the street in first gear!  Rosie comes out of the house to find her car has disappeared. She couldn’t hear it screeching and moaning down the street?  It didn’t screech as loud as she did when she realized someone must have stolen it!  Blood-curdling!  She runs to daddy, and it’s Kevin to the rescue.

Anna’s walking home from Freshco’s down the street where Chesney’s driving a muck and he almost plows right into her with the car causing her to drop her bags in fear. Anna realizes it’s Chesney and he’s in Rosie Webster’s car.  Chesney admits he stole it.  Chesney’s turning into Gary 2.0.  Anna tells him to wipe his prints off steering wheel and to ditch the car.  Kevin finds Rosie’s car, abandoned on the road, with relief.

Back at No. 6, Chesney’s enjoying Eddie’s cakes.  Chesney tells Anna that he hates John Stape, the bloke his sister’s seeing.  He admits to having the ring that Stape sent his sister.  Only, he can’t find it and wants to go back to get it.  Anna tells him that’s not a good idea, since the police might be where the car is.  Chesney wanted to drive to the prison to throw the ring in and tell Stape to stuff it.  Anna warms him against petty crimes, hence he wind up like her Gary.  Chesney decides to tell the Websters the truth, and take his punishment.  Anna persuades him not to, because he’ll go down.  Gee, I wonder how Gary got the way he is.

Fiz is worried about Chesney’s where-abouts.  Julie tells her that Rosie’s car got stolen.  Fiz sees Anna send Chesney off outside her house.  Fiz and Julie ask Chesney what he was up to over at Anna’s house.  Chesney says it feels like home over there.  They tell Chesney that Rosie’s car was stolen, and asks if he knows anything about it.  He denies, as Anna told him to.

Tony’s playing it cool with Maria, complaining about all the work he has to do then skipping away. Barry and Helen stop by on their way to the airport, and apologize for poking their noses in where they don’t belong.  They decide to forgive and forget.  Maria says she’ll miss them since now she’s taking care of the baby on her own and it’s a lot of work.  They inquire about Tony, but Maria says he’s busy with his own life.  They invite Maria to come stay with them in Ireland for a while.  Maria looks thoughtful.

Maria asks Fiz for advice on whether or not she’d go to Ireland, and Fiz isn’t even paying attention she’s so wrapped up in her own self.  Fiz just tells her to go.

Well, the flights are booked.  Maria’s off to the Land of Beggorah and Bejesus.  Tony is shocked at this news. Maria tells Tony she’s going, because she’s a bit nervous being alone with her baby, and since he’ll be busy for a few weeks…  Tony looks disappointed.  I can just see his claws tightening.  Tony tries to dissuade her from going to Ireland.  Maria tells him that she needs help with the baby and it’s unfair for her to rely on him for help when he’s got his own life.  Tony says he’s afraid she’ll enjoy Ireland too much and might not come back.  Kirk comes by because he’ll be watching Ozzy when Maria’s gone.  Tony says that he can watch Ozzy, he can open a can afterall.  Kirk tells him he’s going to teach Ozzy to walk and to heel.  Tony tells him he forgot that he was in the prescene of “The Dog Whisperer.”  LOL.

Tony sends Maria off, and is worried that she’ll not be able to handle it all alone.

David continues to play keep-away with Joe’s pills. He also gives Joe the 30 quid back that he stole from Gail’s purse and tells him to see she gets it.  David accuses Joe of having an addiction, but Joe snappily denies it.

Jason and Tina are borrowing a loan for their downpayment, in order to get a mortgage.  Gees.  Eileen thinks they’re in over their heads in debt.  I agree! Joe tells Tina that it’s a big commitment for her and Jason to buy something together at this point.  Tina reinforces that buying the place is business, not pleasure.  Joe attemps putting a good word in about David to Tina, but his efforts are wasted.  This might sound strange, but I think Jason and Tina look like brother and sister!

Inside No. 12, it’s a real fixer-upper, but they all note that the kitchen’s the biggest job and Joe’s going to do that for free.  *Joe grimaces*  Jason, Tina, Eileen and Joe walk out past David and Darryl talking about the renovations that must be done, and David overhears wondering what they’re talking about.  Uh oh.  I forgot he didn’t know they were planning to shack-up.

In the pub, Darryl puts two and two together for David and tells him that it sounds like Jason and Tina are moving in together.  This is confirmed when David overhears Jason telling Becky that he and Tina are buying a flat together.

Joe feebly tries to talk them out of buying the flat.  Not Eileen though, she decides to loan them the money she made off her father’s shares.  David corners Joe in the pub and is angry with him for telling him that Tina and Jason were moving in together.  Joe tries to downplay it and says they’re only fixing it up together, not living together.  David wants Joe to try to split up Jason and Tina and tell them he can’t do the kitchen for them anymore.  Time for Joe to find a new drug dealer!!!  One that just takes CASH.

Joe backs out of his promise to fit their kitchen to Joe and Tina.  He must feel like SUCH a failure as a father.  And boyfriend.  And business-owner.  And man. Joe tries his lamest attempt to tell Tina he thinks there’s still history between Jason and Becky.  Hardly!!!  Tina seems to take this to heart.  Tina asks Jason later in the cafe, whether or not he still fancies Becky.  Jason says he was hurt when she left him, but he doesn’t fancy her anymore.  Tina admits that her dad put the idea in her head, and she thinks he’s trying to put her off going out with him.

Now that Joe’s done the deed, he asks for his pills from David.  David throws a pill onto the ground while Joe scrambles on his hands and knees on the floor to find it.  WOW. Tina drags Jason over to Gail’s and makes Joe tell Jason what he told her earlier.  Joe says he was just looking out for her and making sure she takes things slow.  Tina accuses him of making trouble for her and Jason.  Tina says she believes Jason, but these days she doubts every word that comes out of Joe’s mouth.  Jason says that he loves Tina!  That slipped out!  But that plasters a smile on Tina’s face and she says she loves Jason too.  David listens in agony on the stairs. Gail’s not happy seeing this scene take place.  Oh, is she finally going to see what a loser Joe is?

After they’re gone, Gail defends Jason to Joe.  But Joe says he thinks Jason is using his daughter.  For what???  She’s the one using him in this whole house thing in my opinion!  This starts a row.  David complains to Joe that he’s only gotten Tina and Jason closer together.  Joe freaks out and throws a chair and throws David against the wall in a strangle-hold and tells David he’s not worth it. David says he’ll tell his mum everything.  Joe tells him he’s going to go cold-turkey, cause that’s better than being his errand-boy.  Why doesn’t he just go cold-turkey and tell Gail he’s got an addiction?
July 31 2009 2
What a cute scene to see Becky come into the cafe with Amy in piggy-back, matching lolita glasses and all! Becky asks Hayley to be her maid-of-honor, and for Roy to give her away, again.  Anna overhears Becky making plans to organize her wedding and tells her that Eddie’s an excellent baker if she needs a cake.  Anna gives her a deal: only paying for ingredients.  Do those ingredients include knuckle hairs?  I’m sorry, but I would not want my wedding cake made by “Tasty Treats by Eddie.” Roy gives Becky 200 pounds go to towards her wedding.  What a sweet, sweet man.  She asks Roy what he is and he mutters “peach.”  LOL.

Becky sees Slug outside the Rovers again and asks him what he wants.  Becky gives him cash thinking that’s what he’s after.  Betty spies Becky giving cash to Slug with curiosity.


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