It’s Complicated: Mon Aug 3, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 3 2009

Written by David Lane (7:30) and Julie Jones (8:30), directed by Tim Dowd.

Looks like Chesney’s got his paperroute back.  Fiz’s worried about seeing John, without her ring.  Julie “life-coach” Carp tells her to only thing positive thoughts.  That’s exactly what you want to hear when you’re negative.  Julie says if she “believes” her ring will show up.  Julie’s been reading The Secret, I see.  Chesney sees Rosie’s car in Kevin’s shop and offers to clean it for her, in an attempt to find Fiz’s ring.  Rosie turns down Chesney’s offer to clean her car, saying he might be good enough to clean cars for her dad, but she has standards.  Chesney mutters “not in men, you don’t.  LOL.  Of course, Rosie finds Fiz’s ring in the box.

It would seem that Stape has met Gary Windass in the clink.  It’s a small world after all.  Stape told Gary about them getting engaged, hopes that’s not a problem.  Stape also set a wedding date, September 28.  Fiz lies and says she got her ring re-sized, that’s why she’s not wearing it.  John talks about all his plans involving people on the street for his wedding reception when they get out.  He wants to have it at the Rovers.  Fiz looks thrilled!  Secrets and lies, secrets and lies.

The factory girls make fun of Rosie for leaving her keys in the car and it getting stolen.  They really love having a go at Rosie!  Rosie tries to put them in their place, but there’s simply no trying with that group.  Rosie Fiz’s ring out of her purse, and pretends she bought it for her mum and gives it to Sally.  Sally is overwhelmed with pride to find the opal ring in the little red box.  That ring is cursed, I tell you!  If it wasn’t before, it is now.  Julie suspiciously eyes the ring.  Fiz sees her ring on Sally’s finger and asks Rosie where she got it.  Rosie says on the internet in an auction.  Fiz puts two and two together and realizes that Chesney stole her ring.  Sally takes off her ring and puts it in the box so she can “do the pots.”  Fiz sees this, and when Sally leaves her purse for a moment Fiz goes into it and takes out her ring and hides it in her locker.  Sally notices that her ring is missing, and starts making accusations.  Sally tells Tony about her missing ring, and since no one owned up to taking it, he’s doing a thorough search, including lockers.  Uh-oh.  Tony opens Fiz’s locker and pulls out the ring box and asks Sally if that’s it.  Sally takes it and calls Fiz a “theiving little b*tch.”  I don’t think I’ve ever heard that word on this show!  When Fiz is questioned, she loses it and grabs the ring off Sally and runs off.  Julie goes after her and tells her she has to tell them all the truth, it’s the only way out.  Julie tells all that the ring really does belong to Fiz, because John Stape gave it to her, because they’re engaged!!! *blank open-mouthed stares*  Rosie admits that she found the ring in her car.  Tony tells Fiz to go home until the dust settles.

Fiz is waiting for Chesney to come home, then confronts him about her ring.  Fiz says she know that he took Rosie’s car and gets upset with him over it.  Chesney hopes he can get sent away to a Young Offender’s so he’s out of Fiz’s way.  He asks Fiz why she didn’t tell him.  She says she tried to but she just couldn’t find the right words.

How many Webster women does it take to figure out that Chesney stole Rosie’s car?  Two, and loads of time.  The two of them figure it out finally.  The think something needs to be done.

Fiz comes into the Rovers, and Sally and Rosie tell her that they know that Chesney dunnit, and he has to face the consequences.  Fiz fibs again and tells the girls that she was the one who stole Rosie’s car, to protect her brother.  Another shocker!

Becky takes Hayley wedding dress shopping with her.  Becky wants her dress to be something very “Girls Aloud.”  Becks wants something different.  Oh, I’m sure she’ll find just the thing.  Becky and Hayley get snubbed in a posh bridal boutique when the sales associate asks them to put on gloves so their dirty fingers won’t ruin the dresses.  Well our Becky’s not having any of that, yet she walks out of the store with her head held high, as opposed to the sales woman’s held held under her arm.  Becky tells Steve about the bridal shoppe incident and how cheap it made her feel.  Steve decides to take her shopping.  Steve takes Becky back to that snotty bridal shoppe, hands over his card and tells Becky to do her worst.  Becky adds a blue garter belt and tells the sales associate it’s “somewhere to keep me fags.”  The look of repulsion on the woman’s face is hilarious.  The sales associate shows Steve the bill starts to see double.

Becky brags to the factory girls later in the Rovers about her “Pretty Woman” moment.

Gail wants to take Joe on a little getaway to the lake district.  Joe has no interest.  It’s nice to see the other side of Gail’s kitchen.  Joe’s popped the last of his pill supply. Joe goes into the medical centre to see his doctor.  He desperately begs a doctor for a prescription, then freaks out on him when the doctor says no.  Gail witnesses this with confusion and embarassment.  Joe apologizes, for the 155th billion time, for his behaviour to Gail again.  Gail is worried about him and wants him to see someone.  He declines and tells Gail he doesn’t deserve her.  Well, that’s something we agree on.  Trouble’s piling up for Joe when he has to cancel out on more work because of his addiction.  David comes to rub salt in his wounds and tells him to change his daughter’s mind.  David’s dispicable!  Joe stumbles into The Kabin and attempts to do more of David’s dirty work by telling Tina he thinks that David is the one she should be with.  Tina is confused.

David comes home and Joe is waiting for him.  Joe jumps on David and demands to know where the pills are.  Gail comes in and tells Joe he doesn’t look well, and he’s got an odd colour.  David tells Joe to go to Tan-tabulous to get himself some colour.  Yeah, David’s got a yearly membership there from the looks of it.  Joe denies being ill and legs it.  Gail is left open-mouthed.  Joe tells David that he can’t make Tina love him.  David disagrees.  Joe asks David what is wrong with him!  Gee, do you want that answer in alphabetical order or by category?  Joe is left drug-less and sobbing on a bench.

Jason’s off to the bank to apply for his mortgage, and he got it!    Eileen’s hair’s looking great!  I love that new pixie cut on her.  Jesse complains that he’s got nowhere to store his work “supplies,” so Jason offers him some space in Bill’s builder’s yard.  What a funny scene to watch Jason, Jesse and Bill playing cowboys!  Their American accents were pretty good too!  Bill reckons he looks like Willie Nelson.  Pam comes in and asks if this is “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”  No, that’s Gail, David and Joe playing on the next street over.  Pam weasels her way into Bill’s business.

Michelle’s back and it looks like she’s brought some new “friends” with her.  Oh, and her extensions are gone.  She’s home for a few days since one of the band members had an injury.  Ryan asks his mum who she’s looking forward to seeing, Luke or Peter, now that she’s back.  She says “it’s complicated.”  Isn’t it always?  She has a drink with Peter in the Rovers, and Peter tells her about his AA meetings and how well he’s doing.  Luke spots them together and asks Michelle when she got back.  Peter tells Luke he best get back to his girlfriend.  Michelle realizes that Rosie and Luke are an item.  Rosie snatches Luke back while Michelle and Peter just smile, Luke looks embarassed.  Peter asks Michelle if she wants to pick up where they left off.  Michelle turns him down and says they’re best mates much to Peter’s dismay.


2 thoughts on “It’s Complicated: Mon Aug 3, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

  1. Enjoyed reading this (:
    Corr, i’ve heard ‘bitch’ many a time on Corrie. It’s always good when they get extra catty. That wallop followed by Janice’s reaction was hilarious!

    • Yeah, I love the drama too! I probably have heard ‘bitch’ on Corrie, just not too often, and I guess no one quite delivers the word as icily as Sally Webster!

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