Tell It Like It Is: Thu Aug 6, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 6 2009 copy

Written by John Kerr, directed by Tim Dowd.

Gail can’t find her keys to the medical centre.  She asks David though, to which he sarcastically responds “I’ve hidden them, you’ve got another hour to find them, or another kitten dies.”  I wouldn’t put it past him!  Joe’s getting the withdrawal shakes.  Just keep going Joe.  David asks Joe just how long he thinks Gail is going to fall for being lied to by a junkie.  Probably a REALLY long time considering her track record. That David Platt is a real saddistic mo-fo!

Oh wow, Joe actually shows up to work for once with briefcase full of excuses.  Joe finds he’s been taken off the job. Joe pleads with the construction boss to give him his job back, but it doesn’t work.  Len is there, and Joe tells him he’s got to help him out because if he doesn’t get that job he doesn’t know what he’s going to live on.  Len says if he doesn’t repay those loans, that won’t be a worry for him anymore. Uh oh!  Joe is in so much withdrawal pain, it’s so difficult to watch.  Enough already!

Gail comes home later and sees the shape Joe is in and tells him she’s going to call the doctor.  Joe tells Gail how he’s been fired today and that he’s never been fired in his life.  Never, really?  It seems like Joe is going to tell the truth.  Gail goes to run Joe a bath so he can tell her all his troubles, but instead Joe steals the Medical Centre keys from her purse and jettisons out the door. Gail comes down and finds him gone.  What must go on in Gail’s head sometimes?  I’m picturing two spiders arm-wrestling.

Eileen and Jesse drop by the builders to see Tina and Jason eating their lunches.  Eileen tells Tina now that she’s bringing him his lunch, she’ll be doing his smalls next.  Oh, every girls dream.  Corrie Trivia: Jason Grimshaw and Jesse Chadwick both hate cucumbers.  Eileen’s coming to the house auction with them later that day. Jesse complains about living with his mother.  He compares living with her to being trampled into nothing by a cattle stampede.  Sounds to me like he’s trying to inch his way into Eileen’s place. Jesse takes his complaining to the Rovers and inundates Sean with it.  Sean mistakenly assumes Jesse’s gay since he calls himself Jesse and he’s got “the cowboy thing.”

Kirk is worried about losing days, like when you go to bed on a Friday and wake up on a Sunday.  Erm, I think there’s a word for that: hangover!  Kirk decides to finally go to the job centre. Is anyone wondering why Ashley laid-off Kirk at the butchers, then hired Graeme whenst Kirk was still out of work?  Did I miss something?

Rosie Webster wants vengeance on Fiz, so tries to call the police.  Kevin stops her, saying there must be more to the story and wants to speak with Fiz first.  What a rotten little twat that Rosie is!  The factory girls hassle Rosie again over the whole ring incident.  Tony tells Rosie that if she actually managed to get some work done along with all the flouncing and pouting things wouldn’t be so bad.  Wow, did Tony say that, or the director on the set to Helen Flanagan?  LOL. Way to tell it like it is!  Tony rubs some more coal to the fire and mentions that it must be hard for Rosie now that Michelle’s back, since her and Luke had a thing.  Oh, he’s such a little trouble-maker!

Kevin goes over and talks to Fiz about the car and finds out that it wasn’t her that took Rosie’s car. Fiz admits it was Chesney who took the car, because Rosie might pity him and not call the police.  Kevin tells Fiz that the reason Chesney’s been acting out is because of she’s with Stape and that Stape is poison and as soon as she realizes it, the better for everyone. Way to tell it like it is, Kev.  Try this one on for size: you’re too old to date Molly Dobbs, and it’s gross.  There, I said it.  I feel so much better now.

Deirdre sees Michelle and wonders if she’s seen Peter yet, since she thinks they’d make such a good couple.  Yeah, like apples and oranges in the frutbowl of life, them.  Or should I say, apples and melons. Michelle has coffee with Audrey and jokes about how her mother will never let Maria leave, so she better find a new hairdresser.  Luke comes in and takes Audrey’s seat as she’s leaving.  Luke asks her for a drink.  Luke is definitely hot on Michelle, and Rosie is clearly on the back-burner.  Michelle taunts him about dating Rosie, who promptly shows up in the Rovers and gives him the third degree. Tony visits Michelle and Michelle asks him when Maria will be back with the baby because she only has one photo.  So Tony pulls out a whole slew of baby Liam photos. Wow.  Do you know how to beat a lie detector test?  By lying to yourself.  The best cons, con themselves.


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