Idiot Savant: Mon Aug 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 10 2009

Written by Mark Burt (7:30) and Damon Rochefort (8:30), directed by Tony Prescott.

Open to Gail looking sadly over Joe sleeping in her bed.  I like Gail’s wallpaper, it’s cute.  I’ve noticed Gail’s favorite colour is pale blue.  Last winter she had a pale blue wool coat and it looked great on her.  If something works, may as well stick with it!  David offers to make Gail coffee and tells her it’s going to be alright.  Gail then apologizes to David for having to deal with all of this.  Joe is whining in bed in agony.  Gail tells Joe that Tina and her are “tired and confused.”  Joe accuses Gail of trying to control him and wanting him weak and helpless.  Then, like clockwork, apologizes for what he said as he struggles to get out of bed.  It is kind of true, in a way.  She does like to dote, fuss and have him under her thumb.  Gail is a bit of a control freak, now that I think of it.  The doctor comes and recommends reduced dosages of medication, and a support group.  How much do you want to bet Joe will do neither?  David offers to sit with Joe, so that Gail can take a break.  I can’t actually believe that Joe is trying to blame all this on David selling him pills?  David’s rotten, but it’s not his fault Joe’s an addict.  Poison, the pair of them!  Gail goes to Audrey to moan about the burden Joe’s care  has placed on her.  Just get rid of him then!  It’s really not her obligation to care for him.  David suggest to Joe that he should be in rehab.  That’s a great idea.  “They’re tryin’ make Joe go to rehab, but Joe says no, no, no.”  Graeme tells David that he’s worried that Joe will give him up to the police and he’ll go back in jail.  Joe admits to Tina that Graeme got him the first lot of pills, but David got him the second.  He tries to defend David, saying he begged him for the pills.  Tina’s not listening to anything, all she cares about is David going down.  Joe tells her to leave it, that he can’t bear Gail finding out more bad news.  Tina goes over to the butchers and confronts Graeme about the pills he sold to her dad.  Graeme admits it, and Tina leaves in a huff.  Tina tries to blame David for Joe’s addiction.  She really hates him!  Tina threatens David that if he does anything to her or her family again, she swears, he won’t know what hit him.  That sounds more like a promise, actually.  David finally looks somewhat defeated.

Tony’s got a bouquet of flowers waiting for Maria’s return.  Tony apologizes to Michelle about what he said to her before.  Is he taking a page from Joe’s “apologize and all will be forgotten” book? Maria returns and it seems that Tony has updated her on the street gossip as well!  Nice to see that the characters in our favorite program find themselves just as entertaining as we do!  Tony thinks that Joe was “completely out to lunch.”  Well, in that case, Tony is completely out to breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Tony looks at Maria’s country photos of Ireland, and notes that he thinks the smell of manure is overrated.  Well, something’s definitely rotten in Denmark, and it isn’t manure!  Maria surprises Tony by telling him about a cottage for sale in Ireland, that she might like to live in.  She’s thinking of moving to Ireland!  OMG.  Maria confesses she’s scared about being a single mum.  Michelle comes in to see baby Liam for the first time.  Michelle breaks down in tears, thinking about how Liam should be there.  Michelle tells Maria she’s heard that Maria’s thinking of moving to Ireland, and that she’d be more than happy to rent her place, so Maria could come back to visit.  Maria doesn’t look so sure.  Maria admits to Fiz that she was hoping Tony would make a move and forbid her from going to Ireland.  Tony’s too much a man of control for that.  Fiz suggests Maria tell Tony how she feels.  Maria invites Tony ’round and tells him how she couldn’t have done these last months without him.  Maria asks Tony if he’d like to be Liam’s godfather.  I didn’t think Tony could look anymore stunned this episode, but there it is.  Tony tells Maria he doesn’t even believe in god (no kidding), and asks if that’s all he deserves, the title of godfather.  Tony confesses how much she and Baby Liam means to him.  Tony then begs Maria to stay.  Maria tells him he only had to ask.  They then embrace in a passionate kiss.  I know I don’t agree with this whole Tony-Maria relationship, but it is dead romantic!

Rosie gives Luke the third degree over what’s going on between he and Michelle.  Rosie threatens to pull out her investment money from the factory.  Tony did warn you this might happen, Luke.  Luke admits he never liked her, but he likes her designs and thinks he can find someone to help with a prototype.  Rosie seems happy about this.  Luke promptly gets on the phone begging for people to look at Rosie’s designs.

Julie goes into the cafe and complains to Anna that, “Rosie Webster thinks she’s the next Coco Chanel.  Coco the Clown more like.”  Rosie Webster would kill to be as famous as Coco the Clown.  He’s a household name!

Anna’s making Chesney a nice home.  Why would he ever want to leave now?  You know, the Windasses are growing on me, Anna in particular, but Eddie is still such a scrub! Anna gives Chesney Eddie’s old “proper grease monkey’s overalls”, but they need to be hemmed, so Anna suggested that Chesney ask his sister, the seamstress, to do it.  Eddie’s sketching a design of Becky and Steve’s weddding cake.  I’m surprised he’s so profesh!  Roy corrects Eddie on his ancient historical innacuracies.  Waste of breath!  Slug shows up at the cafe and finds out that Becky’s getting married this Friday and leaves.

Fiz is worried that John will notice that her ring hasn’t been altered.  Men don’t notice things like that!  Julie gives her some sage advice: show some cleavage, and he won’t even look at the ring.  Fiz is elated to see Chesney at home and obliges when he asks her to hem his pant legs.  Fiz tells John about the street gossip.  Don’t they have weeklies in the jug?  Of course, cleavage or not, John doesn’t notice that the ring hasn’t been altered.

Blanche and Graeme get into a contest at The Rovers, since Graeme reckons he knows more about black and white films than Blanche.  You mean, than Blanche can remember. Audrey refers to Graeme as an Idiot Savant.  LOL.  That’s exactly what he is!  Blanche says Audrey’s half right.  lol.  Graeme wins by guessing correctly that Norma Shearer was top billing leading lady in “The Women.”  That movie is one of my favorites!  I hated the remake!  This makes history folks: Blanche Hunt buying someone else a pint.

Slug sees Becky and asks her for more money, but she turns him down.  Becky tells him to stay away from her wedding and to quit trying to drag her down.  Slug pulls his phone out of his pocket and tells “someone” (DC Hooch), that he’s changed his mind, and he’s “in.”  Sold! To the highest bidder.  Becky promises Steve and Blanche that not one drop of alcohol is going to pass her lips from now until she’s signed on the dotted line, then accepts a cider from Blanche.  But she really drank an apple juice.  Becky gets Jim to agree to come to the wedding, and Steve gets suspicious.

Yay, Amber’s back!  She wants to take Darryl on a picnic, but he doesn’t “do grass.”  Graeme tries to peddle his landscaping “business” to Darryl, but gets blown off.

Oh great, Claire’s back.  Double oh great, she’s arranged to have a “romantic” evening with Ashley.  I was wondering when Ashley’s little snip-snip-fib would start to get inconvenient.  Ashley tries his best to get “too drunk”, by engaged in drinking shots with Graeme.  Lol, Graeme does his best Fred imitation again, and Ashley quiets him by saying he “warned him about that.”  Graeme is such great comedy relief.


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