Cruel to be kind: Thu Aug 13, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 13 2009

Written by Carmel Morgan, directed by Tony Prescott.

Tony’s not a fan of formula.  Tony kisses Maria and says “good morning gorgeous woman.”  Oh, that caught me off-guard a bit, I forgot they declared their feelings for each other last episode, for a moment.  Michelle comes home first thing in the morning after, what looks like, a good night out and is surprised to see Tony there.  Maria sheepishly tells her Tony crashed on the couch.  Tony makes a hasty exit and turns down Michelle’s offer of a brew. Michelle Connor isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but I think it’s clear to her what’s going on here.

Tony catches up with Maria in the street later.  It seems he wasn’t to happy about her pretending nothing was going on between them in front of Michelle.  He asks her if he’s that much of an embarrassment.  Maria says maybe she needs some space, and Tony gets aggressive by telling her there’s lots of space in the Irish sea, and he’s starting to get the picture.  Michelle meets up with them and talks to Maria about possibly sorting out a tenancy agreement.  Tony doesn’t look happy to hear this.

Later in Roy’s Rolls, Maria meets with Tony and tells him she didn’t regret what happened last night.  Maria says there is an “us,” unofficially.  Tony tells her how lovely she is and how much he’s in love with her.  Blah, blah, blah.  This has the desired effect, as Maria glows and returns the compliment.  Maria told Tony that when Liam died she thought she’d never be happy, until Tony came along.  Well, if Tony was doing all of this to assuage his guilt, mission accomplished.  Maria decides they should come out with their relationship, but they must tell Michelle first.  It’s only right.

At home, Tony produces two bottles of Rose, to “help oil the wheels.”  They’ll oil a lot more than wheels!  Michelle and Ryan have gone out for pizza, so Tony and Maria start playfully wrestling with the ironing and pile over the couch when Michelle and Ryan walk through the door.  Awk-ward.  Michelle utters, “oh my god.”  Maria says she was going to tell them tonight.  Michelle says her mum was right.  Then Michelle proceeds to go on some attitudinous rant.  The nerve of her!  Just like her mother, coming into Maria’s home telling Maria how to run her life.  I’ve just about had it up to HERE with Michelle at this point.  Michelle argues that Liam has only been gone “five minutes.”  Maria asks her if she thinks that Liam would want her to be miserable, or to move on with her life?  Michelle says that Liam would be turning in his grave if he knew about this.  Tony corrects here that people do not do that, they lie there inept.  LOL.  Michelle leaves, and Tony comforts Maria in his arms.

Steve is getting suspicious of Becky’s “surprises.”  It appears that Becky has won first prize at something.  Becky was talking to the person who is arranging her prize and he was talking about the “Saronic Islands.”  Becky things that she should wear a sarong on the Saronic Islands.  She must have won a trip to Greece!

Lloyd is frustrated that Liz might not be coming back for Steve’s wedding.  Apparently, she might not come since Andy will have no one to pull pints in his pub.  Steve tells Lloyd that his mum was too old for him anyway, just being cruel to be kind.  Lloyd thinks that Steve is crazy for being suspicious of Becky, and to just count his blessings that she’s mad about him.  Steve tells Lloyd about how he’s not happy that Slug is hanging around.

Later, upstairs in the Rovers, Becky and Hayley are decorating for Becky’s demure hen night.  It looks like they’re decorating for Amy’s birthday instead.  Becky’s phone rings and Steve tries to grab it, but she runs out of the room to answer it.

All looks well and good at Becky’s demure hen night.  Betty might not have wanted to go to the wedding, but she’s at the hen night!  She’s probably on shift 😉  Becky asks Betty if she’s got any advice on married life.  Betty tells her to fill the kettle at night, in case they switch the water off.  Becky asks Eileen who she reckons Steve is more scared of: her or Eileen!  Claire tells the ladies that the Queen sends texts.  No she doesn’t!  Hayley has a surprise for Becky: her and Anna doing a cheesy dance to Frozen Peas, by Orson Welles.  I love how during her dance Anna “shakes what her Mama gave ‘er.”  I also have to say I’ve never seen Betty this happy!  About time!

Becky comes downstairs and finds Steve in the hallway.  Steve asks her straight-out if there’s something going on between her and Slug.  Just an aside: if you have to ask that before your wedding, maybe that should tell you that you shouldn’t be getting married.  I’m only saying!  Steve thinks that Slug is going to drag Becky into something and accuses her of being suspicious.  Becky’s not happy about him not trusting her.  She tells him that she’s been trying to get a hold of his dad to get him to come to the wedding, but now she wishes she hasn’t even bothered.  Steve follows Becky out back and finds her having a fag and sobbing.  Becky reminds him she’s cried her eyes out too many times for him.  Becky tells him she wants their wedding to be perfect and isn’t happy that his family won’t be there.  Steve says he’s happy as long as her and Amy are there and tells her she’s his family.

Hel-lo dolly!  A lovely blond woman dressed in head-to-toe pink cowgirl gear with t-strap sandals comes around the bend, pink luggage in tow.  She sneakily knocks on the door of No.1 to where Deidre gives her a warm welcome.  Liz pushes Deirdre aside and barges in through the door.  Liz tells Deirdre she feels like she’s on the run, she didn’t want to come back, but she had to since she couldn’t miss her Stevey-boy’s wedding.  Hrmm, she’s not avoiding Lloyd is she?  Liz says she’s never figured herself for a coward, but she just can’t face seeing Lloyd.  I’ve never figured her for much of a coward either.  How unusual.

In other boring news, Ashley tells Lloyd how he hasn’t told Claire that he’s “unsnipped,” and is dreading having to.


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