Off With a Hitch!: Fri Aug 14, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 14 2009

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Tony Prescott.

Oh, happy day!  I just love Corrie weddings and I’ve been looking forward to Steve & Becky’s (2nd one) for a while now!

Starts out with Lloyd singing to “I’m a love man” and ironing Steve’s shirt while Steve stands around topless.  He’s definitely no torso-of-the-week!  You have got to love Steve doing a little jig to the song shirtless whilst talking on the phone.

At the police station Slug is waiting for DC Hooch. They meet later outside and Slug tells DC Hooch it’s Becky’s wedding day and he wants to see her go down as much as DC Hooch does.  Hooch passes him an envelope and tells him if he disappears with it, he’ll hunt him down like a dog.  Trust him when he says that, he seems to like hunting down people who have scorned him.  Slug (somehow) manages to sneak into the Rovers and places the envelope in Becky’s purse, then stashes it.  Betty seems him, but he pretends to be a customer thinking they were open.

Liz opens the door at No.1 to a familiar looking face.  It’s Andy!  And it appears that all that sunshine hasn’t done his skin texture any good as he looks about 10 years older than he should!  Oh look, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.  Senorita McDonald has got on one absolutely-fabulous outfit.  Suprise time for Stevey-boy.  Liz and Andy show up at the Rovers and nearly give Steve a heart-attack.  Family-hugs!  Liz tells Steve that she’s there to support him and Becky, not to start a row with Lloyd.  Lloyd finds Liz and confronts her wondering what is going on.  Poor Lloyd, this is so heartbreaking, but he should have gotten the picture a while back.  Liz should have broke it off with him when she left too.  Man, that was awkward!

It seems Hayley called the Rovers and heard Liz and Lloyd arguing in the background and tells Becky.  Becky starts to freak out since she’s invited Jim, and now Liz is coming!  Uh, oh. Becky steps out of Roys Rolls looking like showgirl barbie!  What on earth is that headpiece?  Becky tells Roy she feels a bit sick.  Roy tells her that she’s just nervous.  Roy calms her down out of a panic attack by telling her he felt the same on his wedding day.

At the church, Eileen and Jesse arrive.  Jessie is dressed in his cowboy’s finest.  He looks like a cattle farming millionaire from Texas circa 1981.  All are ready for the wedding ceremony to start, and all wondering if Becky will make it.  Then they hear a knock at the door, only it’s not Becky – it’s Jim!  Steve seems to be the only person happy to see him there!  I love how Jim calls Liz, Elizabeth.  Liz’s face is a picture!  That’s her karma for blowing off Lloyd in that fashion.  Well, Becky shows up!  Everyone hoo’s and ha’s at her in her wedding frock.  Liz tells her she looks fantastic!  Well, that dress is exactly Liz’s taste.  Steve is overjoyed that Becky fixed it so that his whole family would be there.  That was a nice moment.  Steve pulls Becky down the aisle as she proclaims “I love him when he’s gaggin’ for it.”

Oh, and we see the cake we’ve all been waiting for come out of No.6, two men carrying and all.  It’s actually quite lovely looking!  You have to love Eddie’s apron too!  There was a near-cake-death incident involving the cake and Fiz and Kelly on a scooter!

Becky and Steve are proclaimed Husband and Wife.  Becky needs to make sure, so she asks the registrar if she’s a real registrar, not just some woman escaped from the loony bin marrying folk for the fun of it.  Oh, that happens all the time, doesn’t it?  Steve swoops Becky into a kiss.  Steve and Becky take the car back to the Rovers for their reception, and stop to have a fag and a congratulations from Rita and Emily.  Steve goes to pick up Becky to carry her over the threshold, only he pulls his back.

In the Rovers, all eye the cake and Roy asks if Eddie made it.  Eddie says “with these fair hands.”  Anna comforts everyone by telling them he washed them first.  lol.  Steve puts his back into it and carrys Becky over the threshold into the Rovers where their guests are awaiting them.  After Lloyd’s heartfelt best man speech, Becky gets up and tells everyone she’s got an announcement to make.  How much do you want to bet everyone thinks she’s going to announce she’s pregnant?  Becky announces that she’s got a fabulous luxurious honeymoon in the Greek Islands!  Steve is so thrilled that he “fake motorboats” Becky’s chest!  That was an interesting touch!  At that moment a strange man walks into the bar and asks for the licensee.  Eileen points him to Liz McDonald.  Then members of the drug squad come in.  They have a warrant to search the pub it seems.  That puts a damper on a party!  Ashley is in agony to go to the mens, after five pints he’s bursting.  Why doesn’t he just run across the street and go at home?  Lloyd still thinks that Liz is with him, and tells Jim to stay away from her.  Jim thinks he must be on drugs, and tells him that HE doesn’t tell him what to do.  When Liz fantasizes about two men fighting over her, I’m sure that Lloyd and Jim weren’t what she had in mind.  Steve has to keep ’em seperated. In the next room, the drug squad is going through Betty’s purse and her entire pill repository.  Maybe Joe should have checked old ladies purses before breaking into the Medical Center.

The drug squad finds Becky’s purse behind the bar and it’s got drugs in it.  Becky denies those drugs are hers and this is a setup.  Becky gets arrested on suspicion of dealing drugs.  All she can do is cover her ears with her hands and wail “make it stop, make it stop, make it stop” while the whole wedding party watches her get taken down on what should be the best day of her life.  Steve is doubtful of Becky’s protests and asks her how she paid for the honeymoon.  She tells him she won a contest, to ask Hayley about it to check that it’s true.  Steve doesn’t believe her and tells her he could have afforded a honeymoon, there was no need for her to do this.  Steve says he knows it looks bad, but he’ll get her a lawyer and stick by her, and they’ll see what they can do.  Becky begs him to believe her.  He tells her he’ll stick by her, whatever she’s done.  She tells him to stay away from her, that she doesn’t need him.  Poor Becky sobbing in the back of a cop car in her perfect wedding dress on her not-so-perfect day.  Perfection is overrated anyway.

In a dark alley some where, Slug tells DC Hooch he’s done the job.  DC Hooch gives him his payment and tells him to leg it out of town.

It seems that the drug squad tore apart Eddie’s cake, since there might be drugs in it.  Eddie and Anna aren’t happy with that!  Steve tells his family later that he had a feeling she was up to something.  Liz tells Jim and Andy that Becky’s got a colourful past.  Roy and Hayley are sat in the corner and feel they should do something.  Roy thinks that Steve should be supporting his wife, not drowning his sorrows.  He doesn’t know if Becky was selling drugs or not, but he’d still stand by her.

Steve tells his family that he didn’t understand why she did it.  She didn’t have to get a fancy honeymoon for him.  Natasha overhears and tells Steve that Becky didn’t buy the honeymoon, she won it.  Natasha confirms that she saw the magazine that the contest was in.  Liz thinks that Steve should get the marriage annulled, so he can get out of her mess.  Steve doesn’t want to get out of Becky’s mess.  Liz says that Becky comes from the streets and that’s where she belongs.  Wow, that was harsh!  Roy and Hayley interrupt and tell Steve that they feel Becky shouldn’t be on her own right now, so they’re going to go down to the police station and see if there’s anything they could do.  Steve says that’s his job and leaves with Lloyd for the police station.

At the police station, Becky is going through the motions and DC Hooch shows up all the sudden the penny drops for Becky.  She accuses him of setting her up, and on her wedding day.  Steve and Lloyd arrive but they can’t get any news on Becky.  Steve sees DC Hooch at the station, and asks what he’s doing there.  Steve’s not as quick as Becky.  DC Hooch tells Steve he’s “putting things right.”  Steve realizes now, that DC Hooch set her up.  DC Hooch reckons Becky was guilty last time, but got away with it and that the wheel of justice has come full circle.  Steve tells DC Hooch that he’s going to fight him every step of the way.

Michelle arrives at Maria’s to apologize and pick up her stuff.  Michelle says she just needs time to get used to everything.  Michelle encourages Maria to call Michelle’s parents and tell them what’s going on.  Maria is scared, but Michelle reminds her that she once called her mom when she was 15 to tell her she was pregnant, and she survived.  Yeah, just look at her now!  It seems Michelle has taken over the phone conversation, and set her parents straight.  Tony made Maria a sandwich with pickles in it, and she’s suprised by this.  He tells her he bought them.  She says that his pickles should be in her kitchen.  Hrmm…take that for what you will.  Tony asks if she’s saying that he should move in.  That’s QUICK!  Maria says if that’s what he wants, he agrees and says all he needs in two hours.  He’s probably living out of his car at this point in time he’s over there so much!

On the street Kelly witters to Fiz about how good Becky’s got it, and it should have happened to her.


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