Village Idiot: Mon Aug 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 17 2009

Written by Joe Turner (7:30) and David Lane (8:30), directed by Pip Short.

Open to DC Hooch awakening Becky in her cell.  Her makeup isn’t even smudged for someone who’s been crying her eyes out in a cell all night long!  The magic of television.  Hooch tells her he’s letting her go home on bail.  He also lies to Becky that Steve wants a divorce. Becky bails herself out and finds herself alone, until Steve walks in and the only thing he’s missing is a white horse.  Becky says, eyes rimming with tears, that they told her no one was here.  Steve tells her he’d been there all night.  He tells Becky he’s sorry, that he knows she was telling the truth.  Steve tells her that Hooch lied about him wanting a divorce.  Steve does a good deal trying to convince Becky of why he thought she could be guilty.  Not the best apology.  Becky warns Steve that she’s trouble and asks him if he’s sure he wants her.  He tells her he loves trouble.  Trust the man, Becky, he’s telling the truth.  He’s loved trouble way before you came ’round.  Becky tells Steve he loves her.

At the Rovers, Steve tells Liz that Becky was setup by Hooch.  Liz isn’t happy that their pub has been closed down because of the drug charges and is worried about losing business to their competition.  That’s a lot of cares for a business from a woman who abandoned it for the forseeable future just recently.

Lloyd shows up at the pub to have a talk with Liz. He asked her what happened to them.  Liz blames the breakup over her having a “midlife crisis.”  Liz seems like she is alright, she sobs and tells him how she doesn’t know who she is.  She thinks she’s rubbish at life.  Liz admits that she felt Steve and Becky were taking over the Rovers and didn’t want her around, so she jumped at the chance to go look after Andy.  She likes how warm and friendly Spain is and wanted to start over.  Can’t say I blame her!  Lloyd’s not really interested, he wants to know what any of this has to do with him?  What about him?

Steve brings Becky home and tells his mother that they will not be beaten, that they are re-opened and Becky will stand behind that bar, a million dollars.  Liz informs them that Becky will not be working in her pub.  Becky tries to assure Liz that those drugs were planted.  Liz doesn’t care, she wants Becky to hang her head low and stay out of sight.  Liz and Becky get into an arguing match over the drugs.  Liz says she saw the drug team take the drugs out of Becky’s bag and wants to know how they got there.  Becky accuses Liz of wanting her to be guilty.  Lliz tells Becky she doesn’t want her son being used by a dirty, disgusting, drug-dealing tramp.  WOW!  Those were harsh words.  If anyone can lay out an insult like that, it’s Liz McDonald!  Steve tells Liz to never talk to his wife like that again.  Becky tells Liz she wants an apology.  Liz tells her not to hold her breath.  What a nice welcome home.

Upstairs later, Becky fumes over Liz’s comments.  She says the second she goes down, Liz is going to find the sexiest bar-maid she can and shove her under Steve’s nose.  Steve assures her she won’t go down, since she’s innocent.  Becky admits that Liz is only saying what everyone’s thinking.  Steve assures her that one way or another, they’ll get through this.

The McDonald boys show up at Roy’s Rolls, and ask if there’s any news.  No one knows anything.  Roy is surprised that Jim, of anyone, is condemning Becky on reputation.  Andy says that he hopes Becky’s innocent.  Jim says he also hopes he’ll win the lottery this week.

Becky and Steve try to workout how Becky got setup.  Steve tries to accuse Slug, but Becky dismisses it.  Steve goes out on his own to try and sort the mess.  Good luck Stevey-boy!

Liz opens up and is afraid no one will come back to the pub.  Jim assures her that punters are creatures of habit and will come back, easy.  Roy and Hayley come by and ask if there’s any news at all.  Liz tells them Becky’s upstairs on bail and they go up to see her.  Becky tells Roy and Hayley how good it is to see them.

Steve is sat waiting outside the police station like he’s on a stakeout.  Steve spies Hooch coming out of the doors, gets out of the car and runs over to him and tells him he’s been waiting for him.  Steve asks Hooch what he wants.  Hooch tells him it’s just payback time from before when they lied.  Hooch says he’s sorry he didn’t get Steve as well, yet.  Hooch says that he’ll never get promotions because of Becky and Steve.  Steve gives up and asks Hooch, “how much?”  Hooch asks how much he’s offering.  Steve hands over an envelope with two grand in it, and asks if they have a deal.  Hooch answers with “every village has an idiot” and drives away.  Oh, lord Steve!

Sophie asks Kevin why he’s not training for his marathon anymore.  She says she blames Molly, since now that Molly’s away, he’s been on the couch like a layabout.  Sophie calls him a quitter.  Sophie finds a charity run for Kevin to run, but he’s not interested but tells Sophie he’ll do it for her.

Oh joy, Molly and Tyrone have arrived from Tenerife.  They had a great time on holiday, not that you’d know from Molly’s face.  She was just as sour as when she left.  Tyrone later tells Kevin that their holiday in Tenerife was like a second honeymoon.  Well, judging by the way Molly looked, I don’t want to know how their first honeymoon went!  Kevin stops by the back of the Old Rectory and asks Molly how she is.  Sour, that’s how.  Kevin tells her he’s doing the run, because of Sophie and it’d be best if Molly didn’t do the run, since it makes people suspicious.  Molly tells him she’s going to do the run, and he’s not that irresistable.  Why DO they have to train together?

Kevin goes home and finds Sally reading the property pages, daydreaming about places she’d like to live instead of where she is.  Oh, I do that all the time!  Kevin tells her they should take the car out and see what properties they can afford.  Sally is shocked since Kevin didn’t even want to walk across the road.  Seems like Kevin’s trying to get as far as possible from Miss Molly.  Sally’s all excited about the prospect of a move to greener pastures now.  What have you gotten yourself into now, Kev?

Molly’s back at home doing the washing and making Tyrone’s tea.  Don’t you hate coming back from holiday?  Tyrone shows up with “apology flowers” and tells her he’s sorry they rowed.  Tyrone asks her if she still loves him, she tells him of course.

At the Kabin, Norris gives Ramsay a reaming over losing clients thanks to his slow delivery speed.  Ramsay goes to hand Tina Norris’s mug, then fumbles, drops it and it smashes.  Norris isn’t happy abou this, to say the least as it was his mug and calls Ramsay a liability.  The man can do no right!  Ramsay tries to redeem himself buy giving Norris a new mug.  The new mug just won’t do as it doesn’t have the same memories.  How trivial is this!  Norris then decides that he’s going to have to sack Ramsay because he’s causing them to lose clients.  Norris tells Emily that he’s going to sack Ramsay.  Emily tries to reason with Norris on the issue to no avail.

In the pub later, Ramsay is pouring his charms on Claire Peacock.  Wow, arguably the two most boring characters on this show getting on in the pub, go figure.  Emily shows up with her posse: Norris and Blanche.  Blanche reckons she half-expected the pub to be full of “undesirables” no word’s out what’s on offer.  Liz tells her if she’s going to start, she can leave now.  Ramsay tells all how Claire has a good way to bring the community closer together with a bank holiday fete on the street.  Blanche retorts, “another way of getting money off of us, ya mean.”  That’s precisely the idea.  Norris sacks Ramsay, but Ramsay announces it matters not, since he’s going back to Australia soon.  This leaves both Norris and Emily a bit shocked. Emily tells Ramsay she’s so sorry that he’s leaving.  Ramsay says he’s given up on trying to win Norris over.

Blanche ponders later how it is that Becky could deal drugs without somebody noticing.  Norris suggests that maybe she wasn’t operating alone that maybe she had a lookout of sorts.  Blanche figures a pound to a penny, they were all in on it.

Tina admits to Rita that she’s upset over her father’s downfall.  She doesn’t like feeling helpless.  Rita suggests that Joe might need some tough-love.  Tina heads over to Gail’s and tries on some of that tough-love.  She tells Joe that just because everyone thinks he’s a junkie doesn’t mean he has to act like one.  Then accuses him of not getting out of bed and calls him weak and pathetic.  Joe is actually looking MUCH better.  Not sure if tough-love was the best action at this point.

Graeme seems to be growing on Ashley, since Ashley’s lending him one of Fred’s old gardening books.  Claire is going to her PND (post-natal-depression) support group to talk and help others out.  All sorts of people go…. Oh!  Where was I?  I nodded off for a bit there.  Claire comes by the butcher’s later and complains to Ashley that her PND support-group has been cancelled since there’s no funding for it.  Is Ashley supposed to fund this group as well?  Rita overhears and suggest they have a fundraiser, maybe some kind of fair.  How very 1927.  I don’t think they understand the complexities and scale of organizing even a small event such as this.  They come by Peter, and Peter asks Claire’s permission to take Ashley out later.  Lord.

Later at the Rovers, Dr. Peter tells Ashley that the problem with he and Claire is that neither of them are getting “any.”  Is that it?  They haven’t been getting any for a while then, by that logic.  Peter thinks that Ashley should support Claire in this fete, then when it comes time to tell her the truth, she’ll be more likely to forgive him.  Um, is Peter new here?  Has he not met Claire?  She’s hardly a reasonable woman!


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