Old, Not Daft: Thu Aug 20, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 20 2009

Written by John Kerr, directed by Pip Short.

Open to Liz applying her daily dose of slap at the table while Amy is eating her toast.  Liz throws cheap shots at Becky while Becky’s trying to get Amy ready to go to a mate’s house.  It’s clear that Liz thinks Becky’s going to get locked up, and thinks it’s for the best.  Becky refers to Liz as “mum” and Liz promptly tells her not to.  Steve tells Becky that he went to see Hooch last night.  She tells him she hopes he didn’t do anything stupid.  Oh, but he did.  Steve asks her to define stupid.  I will.  Stupid: lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity.

Steve and Becky try to narrow down the characters in Becky’s life that don’t like her, wondering if they planted drugs on her.  Steve brings up Slug, but Becky says no, he’s her mate.  Really?  Betty overhears this conversation with raised eyebrows once Slug’s name is mentioned (finally, we’re getting somewhere!).  Betty informs them that Slug was indeed in the bar that morning.  They ask her if she’s sure, and Betty assures them she might be old, but she’s not daft.  Steve angrily tells Becky that he’s going to pay her “mate” a visit?  But you’re going to stop at the bank first, right Steve?

Steve and Becky go out to wherever the cardboard box that Slug lives in is.  These two bozos go to the electronics shop that Slug or “Neil” claims he worked at only to find a man that works there named Neil that is NOT Slug.  Shocker!  Now the penny has dropped for Becky that it was Slug who set her up.  Becky’s shocked and appalled.  Funny scene between her and Steve when she apologizes for bumping him in the gut, and he apologizes for burning a fag hole in her favorite shirt.  She claims that he told her she did that when she was bladdered!  Steve runs away from her glare into the solicitor’s office.

Steve and Becky tell the solicitor’s that without Slug as a witness, no jury will believe it and it’s only speculation.  The solicitor doesn’t think it’s looking good for Becky.

Later in the Rovers, Steve has a talk with his dad Jim.  Has Jim lost weight?  He looks more trim that I can remember.  Jim suggest that Steve use his network and ask other cabbies for help in finding Slug’s whereabouts.  Jim’s like Dear Abby now.  Andy’s off and back to Spain.  Nice to seem him again, but we didn’t really get to spend any time with him, did we?  Jim gets himself off as well.  Jim and Liz say their goodbyes, and there’s a definite linger in Liz’s eyes.  Oh, those home fires are far from out!  Liz follows after Jim and tells him she can’t let him go without saying a proper goodbye and they embrace in one of those big hugs that you can only get from someone who knows you’ve spent so much time with.

Becky found a picture of Slug and gave it to Steve so he could have it copied and given to every cab driver in Manchester in hopes of getting an ID and finding his whereabouts so he can save his precious Becky from imprisonment.

Kevin convinces Sally to throw a sickie so they can both go up to Cheshire and look at homes.  Sally is shocked at his keen on Cheshire. Kevin and Sal hop into Rosie’s Roadster and boot it out of the street.  Molly sees them drive by happily and turns into Sour Girl once again blowing off Claire and Ashley.  Actually, maybe it was just talking to Claire that got her sour this time ’round.  Okay, maybe not.

Molly finds Claire and Ashley in the pub later and offers to buy them their drinks as an apology for how she acted earlier.  Ashley reckons he might be able to get Steve to donate a couple of kegs of beer for the fete.  Claire says that’s a wonderful idea, and that maybe Becky could sell some crack.  She’s turning into a mini-Blanche right before my eyes all the sudden.  Kev and Sal come in a Molly overhears them telling Claire and Ashley that they’ve been out looking for property in Cheshire. Claire reckons that Cheshire’s a bit expensive, but Sally tells her “maybe for some.”  Claire responds with “did you find any FLATS then?”  Oh! acid-tongue-junior strikes again!  Molly makes herself scarce to avoid Kevin.

Kevin and Sally return from an wasted trip, since they couldn’t afford any homes in Cheshire.  Sally figures that they’re in no rush to leave, and they’ve got everything they want there at home, on the street.  Kevin doesn’t look as keen.

Wow.  Joe comes down the stairs dressed to kill in a suit that just lights up Gail’s face.  Joe wonders when the last time was that he wore it.  David figures when he was in court.  It appears that Joe is on the job search.  And with a kiss, nouveau-Joe is off on his search.  David warns Gail that she should get rid of Joe now, or she’s going to regret it.  If she hasn’t already?  Gail (finally) asks him, “Why do you have to be like that?  What’s wrong with you?”  If only we knew Gail, if only we knew.

Joe sees Jason later in the street and tells him he’d like to put it right between him and Tina.  Joe says he’s back is good now.  Jason asks if it’s good enough for some heavy lifting and Joe takes of his jacket.

Tina later shows off a charm bracelet that was a gift from Jason to Norris in the Kabin, when who by David walks in.  Norris tells Tina that he hopes that Jason kept the receipt, because it obviously isn’t working.  That WAS funny!  David asks her if her bracelet was from “Dimshaw.”  Her charm wasn’t on when he was in, and David left in a fit as she wouldn’t speak with him.

Gail finds Tina and panics over Joe’s whereabouts since he never returned from his job search.  They look over to see Joe and Jason driving up in Joe’s van asking them if they fancy a ride.  Gail delivers one of her patented scowls and walks away in a huff. Later, Joe tells Gail that she just needs to trust him.  Gail tells him she doesn’t think she can.  She’s tired of sleepless nights, and can’t do it anymore.  David walks in and interrupts their conversation so Gail disappears upstairs.  David tells Joe not to go after her.  David tells Joe that he and his mum were better off before he and his daughter showed up, and that he’s not wanted there.  Cue one of Joe’s perplexed looks.

Ramsay and Emily come into the Kabin and Ramsay asks if he could possible use the shop computer.  Norris informs him that the Kabin isn’t a cyber-cafe.  I’m shocked he knows what that is.  Ramsay tells Norris that he wanted to look up some flights.  Norris says in that case, he can come right through.  Emily thinks Ramsay is making a mistake  by going back to Australia.  Or, maybe, that she’ll miss him if he leaves?

Norris wants Ramsay out of Weatherfield post-haste and suggests he take the first available flight.  Rita informs Ramsay that he’ll be missed by a lot of people, discounting Norris.  Ramsay, Emily and Rita make jokes about donating Norris in a raffle at the fete, and giving him away as the “booby prize.”  Rita tells Ramsay he should stop looking for flights, and start looking for flats since he knows in his heart he’d rather live here than go back to Australia.


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