Get Out: Fri Aug 21, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 21 2009

Written by Jayne Hollinson, directed by Pip Short.

Gail awakes to find breakfast laid out for her by Joe.  He was going to bring her breakfast in bed.  It did nothing to wipe that grimace off of Gail’s face, however.  Joe tells her he’s trying his best.  Well, Joe, clearly your best isn’t good enough!  Gail says it’s all too little, too late.  Gail tells him she just feels too wrung out by it all and she can’t trust him.  Gail leaves Joe hanging by telling him she’s “not sure” if they are together or not.

Jason and Tina have Eileen over at their new place to talk about the renovations when Joe shows up.  Joe offers up his help with their renovations, and it’s gratefully accepted.  Deirdre waltzes over to Joe while he’s unloading his van, to unload her baggage.  Are her and Joe mates?  Deirdre complains that she might get the chop, and Joe’s clearly uninterested.  As am I.  David can’t help but come over and help Joe unload.  Oh gawd, just leave him alone David!  While bringing the items upstairs into the flat, Tina’s bracelet was on the table, and got accidentally bumped off and fell under a crack.  David looks around the place and reckons that if this is their first step on the property ladder, that the rung must be rotten.  Joe mutters that he’d know all about rotten.  Zing!  Joe tells him he’s had his nosy, and to get out.

Tina and Jason come back to see Joe hard at work and Tina can’t find her bracelet.  Joe tells her that David helped him bring the tresses up, so Tina automatically accuses David of stealing it.  Tina marches right over to No.8 and yells at David and searches his things for her bracelet.  David proclaims his innocence.  David starts calling Jason and loser, and tells Tina that Sarah and Becky realized what a loser he was and so will she soon.  Jason has had enough and plows David against the wall.  He tells David to stay away from Tina.  Tina leaves but not before telling David that he’s the total loser, it just took her too long to see it.

Later outside, Gail asks David if he took the bracelet.  David told her that he just wanted to have a little nosy, but he didn’t take her bracelet.  It’s clear that Gail doesn’t believe him, and utters again “I WANT to believe you.”  David gets up and walks away in a sulk.

Joe comes home and further accuses David of stealing Tina’s bracelet, it ends in a fight with David leaving and slamming the door.  This doesn’t help Gail’s cause with Joe.  Can’t Gail ever get peace in her life?  Joe realizes that Gail is taking David’s word for his, and makes it clear he’s not happy about it.

David waits outside No.12 until Jason leaves and rings up pretending to be Jason, so Tina lets him in.  The little rat, what’s he doing now?  Tina tells him to get out, but David says he’s not going anywhere and neither is she.  That’s menacing!  Tina realizes that David has been spying on them.  He wants Tina to believe him that he didn’t steal her bracelet.  Tina tells him that their relationship was all bad, but David claims that what they had was special.  Tina tells David that she finds him scary and to just leave.  David tells her that she’s thick and he has no clue what he ever saw in her, then leaves.  Tina quickly locks the door behind him.

Joe comes downstairs with his bags packed and tells Gail that they need their space, and he’ll pack into a B&B for a while.  Gail says it should give them time to think.  Joe tells her he can’t believe that she falls for David’s crap, and that he gets away with everything.  Joe figures someone needs to take him in hand.  Gail tells him to just go.

Jason comes back to the flat and Tina warily answers the door.  Tina’s visibly upset, and Jason asks what’s up.  She tells him that David came ’round, and she let him in because she thought it was him.  Jason starts to freak out saying that he told David to stay away.  Tina says he didn’t do anything, just shook her up a bit, and that he’d waiting for Jason to leave before he came up.  Jason tells her that he had no right to come around there and frighten her.  Jason tells her that he’s going to straighten David out, then leaves.

Joe is parked outside Victoria Flats having a beer in his car.  When he said he was staying at a B&B, I thought he meant “Bed and Breakfast”, not “Back Alley and Beer.”

David walks down the street with a package in hand, when someone comes from the shadows and throws a bag over his head and pulls him into the back alley. Tina is pacing at home wondering where Jason is, when he walks in the door.  She demands to know where he’s been.  Jason says he hasn’t done anything to David, that he couldn’t even find him and he was just walking around.

Gail is at home watching tele when she hears the door open, and asks if it’s David.  She opens the porch door to find David in a heap on the ground with his face battered in.  Gail is shocked and picks him up off the ground and asks what happened.  I guess we’ll find out next week!

Over at the builder’s, Pam thinks that Bill needs to quit giving Jesse free storage space if he’s not bringing him in any business.  Bill doesn’t look happy with her trying to take control over his business.  Pam tries to help Bill out by telling him how he could make good use of the waste he creates in the builder’s yard.  Bill mocks her, but she claims she’s only trying to help him out.  It appears he needs it, as it would seem he’s in a bit of a hole.  Pam comes up with an idea to brand Bill as “Bob the Builder.”  Pam wants to dress him up like Bob the Builder and all!  Is this some kind of sick fantasy of hers?  LOL.  Pam says it’ll work, and she’ll put some flyers out and see what customers it’ll attract.

Jack and Connie walk down the street, and see Jesse walk by covered in…crap?  One of those random, funny scenes.  Jesse arrives at Eileen’s, and Eileen seeing the state of him, says “well, if it isn’t General Custard.”  LOL.  Eileen manages to get all the custard out of Jesse’s uniform.  Eileen wants Jesse to stay, but he claims that mother will be wondering where he is.  Mama’s boy!  Eileen tells him to tell his mother that he’s being seduced by that brassy blond she hates.  And this, is why we love Eileen.

Later in the Rovers, Eileen further encourages Jesse to put off his mother.  Eileen can’t stand his mother’s smothering.  Or his mama’s boy antics, for that matter!  Eileen tells Jesse that he should just move if he hates living with his mother so much.  Jesse says it would cost him a fortune.  Eileen offers that he move in with her.  Jesse says it’s nice of her to offer, but he’s not ready to commit yet.  That’s awkward!  Jesse fails at telling his mother that he’s a grown man over the phone.  Oh, this is disastrous.  Poor Eileen!

Trouble in paradise, as Tyrone and Molly drudge through the doldrums of married life: her making his tea and moaning about it, while he tries to defend his apathy.  I don’t know how Jack can stand it!  Tyrone accuses Molly of chickening out of the half-marathon and she’s not happy about it so she leaves.  Connie comes in, and Tyrone tells her he’s beginning to think she lives in a tent, she’s over that often.  Wow, he’s rude.  Is it just me, or is everyone just a degree more prickly on the street lately?  Liz, Claire, Molly and now Tyrone?  Jack tells Tyrone he should tell Molly he’s sorry, that he should know when to keep his mouth shut.  Jack would know.  Tyrone won’t give in and says that Molly “started it”, then stalks off back to the garage.

Tyrone later apologizes to Molly and tells her she can do the race because she’s great and can do anything she puts her mind to.  Oh, don’t encourage her too much.  Molly tells him he’s lovely and that she doesn’t deserve him.  It’s true, she doesn’t.  They see Kev, and Tyrone tells him that Molly’ll be training again.  Molly tells him she can train all on her own.  Tyrone walks away and Molly glares at Kevin.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Kevin pops round the corner shop to get some cans and bumps into Molly.  He tells her not to be so sour, and she asks him how she expects her to be.  She accuses him of wanting to move to avoid seeing her.  He tells Molly that Sally’s his wife, and she has to come first.  Erm, or ONLY?

Jack tells Connie in the Rovers, that Tyrone and Molly need the place to themselves.  Jack figures he could move into a “home.”  Connie says she should turn her house into a “home” for her and her mates, so they can create a commune there.

Becky and Liz are trading rude remarks over their morning fags.  Like mother and daughter the two of them.  I wonder what Steve sees in Becky?  He probably has some kind of oedipal complex.  Liz tells Steve that he thinks that this might be a wild goosechase (looking for Slug), or a red-herring.  Liz thinks that Becky might want Steve to think it was Slug.  Everyone’s a detective now!  Liz later tells Steve she hope everything turns out all right, and good luck.

Steve gives out the flyers to his cabbies and Eddie promptly asks if there’s a reward.  Steve tells him he gets to keep his job, and Becky throws in a pint.  Eddie seems more than satisfied with that.  Lloyd asks after Liz, and Becky tells him she’s miserable and suggests he go over there and see her.  Lloyd goes over to the Rovers and asks Liz if she has a few minutes.  Liz doesn’t want to talk privately though.  Lloyd tells Liz that it’s like she’s in his head all the time.  Poor Lloyd, he’s even shedding tears!  Liz tells him all they had was a bit of fun, but Lloyd claims it was more than that.  Liz walks away from him in tears.  Poor Lloyd! Betty walks into the back room later to find Liz in tears and gives her a hug.  Betty tells her that if she’s that upset about breaking it off with Lloyd, to just tell him she’s changed her mind.  Liz says she hasn’t, that she’s too old for him.  Liz tells Betty that she thinks she’s going through menopause.  Oh, “the change.”  Betty tells Liz it’s not such a big deal.  Liz thinks it is.  She thinks she’s past her “used by date.”  Liz is really just worried about men not finding her attractive anymore.  Liz is afraid that in another few years, Lloyd could leave her for some floozie, or decide that he wants kids. Lloyd?  I doubt it!  How much has his life changed in the past 10 years?  Probably not a whole hell of a lot.

At the cab office, Steve gets a call from Eddie saying he thinks he spotted Slug at the Flying Horse Pub.  They’re on their way!  Eddie’s waiting outside doing his best “PI” look.  Well, Slug was there, but he had left without Eddie realizing.

Poor Deirdre, turns out she’s lost her job after all.  Betty asks her what she’s going to do now, but Deirdre has no idea.

Amber walks into the Kebab shop dressed in a feather boa with a balloon tied to her.  She says “Hiya gorgeous” to Darryl, but it’s Graeme who answers back “Hiyaaa.”  LOL.  Graeme asks if she’s drunk, and she says maybe a bit.  Amber’s been celebrating, since she got all her grades for Uni.  Amber’s happy that she’s going to Kings College.  Graeme informs them that he’s “in business.”  He’s now “Graeme Proctor: Garden Doctor.”  Graeme asks Darryl what it’s like to have an academic girlfriend.  Darryl says it’s irritating, she studies all the time and uses big words.  Graeme adds: and then they bug off to London.  He tells a sad looking Darryl that he could always go with her.  Wait, is this going to be the eventual end of Amber and Darryl?  Off to London?  Never to be seen again?  I’ll miss Amber if that’s true.

Amber comes back later and Darryl asks if she’s sorted her accomodations, and she says that she’s going to be staying in the halls.  Darryl suggests it might be better to get her own place, but Amber tells him that she couldn’t afford it.  Graeme interrupts and tells them that he’s got his new wheels and to come check them out.  Darryl suggests that he could come to London with her, but she basically declines his offer saying that his leaving his job, mum and mates isn’t a good idea.  Poor Darryl, that wiped the smile off his face.  Amber walks outside to see Graeme’s new rickshaw!  Where is he planning on gardening?  In Thailand?  Where do you even get something like that?  Amber humours him and lets him take her for a ride.  LOL.  It’s too funny watching that thing klug down the road.


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