Waltzing Matilda: Mon Aug 31, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

August 31 2009

Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Duncan Foster.

It’s the day of Claire’s fete and the street is awash with colourful balloons, stands, banners and happy faces.  Claire’s got her headset on, and she’s rearing to go.  Pam reminds her that it’s a street party, not the G20.  lol.  Joshua Peacock is dressed as Batman for the fete.  Claire reminds him that “with great power, comes great responsibility.”  Erm, that’s Spiderman, Claire.

Claire comes around to peddle her raffle tickets to Ryan, Sian and Ben.  Why is Ben still around?  Didn’t Sophie dump him?  Not that I’m complaining or anything.  It seems that teenagers aren’t interested in old boxing gloves, a train hat and whistle, OR tickets to the pencil museum.  Go figure!

It seems Tony has donated some random sewing supplies from Underworld to the fete, and the factory girls are there to hand it out.  Claire reminds them that DVT is a very good cause.  Kelly remarks that she got DVT when she came back from holiday in Tenerife.  Claire asks her if she’s sure that’s what she got.  Kelly was mistaken, it seems she had some other acronym.  *shudder*

Simon and Joshua find Claire busy counting raffle money and Simon informs her that Josh’s mouth is hurting him.  She whisks them away, after Joshua’s insistence that it hurts.  Ashley comes by at that moment to tell Claire he’s got something important to talk to her about.  Claire tells Ashley if it’s not street-fair related, it’ll have to wait.    Simon and Joshua go visit Underworld’s booth, and Joshua tells Janice that his mouth is hurting.  Simon tells Janice that there was a bee in Joshua’s pop and it stung him on the mouth.  Josh all the sudden passes out on top of Janice.  Janice is holding an unconscious Josh and yelling for Ashley and Claire.  Ashley calls an ambulance.  Janice tells them they have to keep Josh warm and to put him in a recovery position.  The paramedics arrive in due time and take Josh away.

At the hospital Claire is panicking still over Josh’s situation and Ashley tries to calm her down.  Little Josh is awake and tired lying in a hospital bed.  Claire thinks about what could have happened to poor Josh if Janice hadn’t been there.  Ashley returns to the street, and lets Janice know that Josh is okay, thanks to her, and gives her a big hug.  The doctor said Josh could have died if Janice wasn’t as quick off the mark.  Janice admits to Kelly later, that saving Josh’s life was absolutely terrifying, and what if she’d done something wrong, how would she deal with it?

At No.2, Norris is tightly rationing out the sherbert lemons for the fete.  It’s prickly tension between Norris and Emily now.  Poor Emily, looks like she hasn’t slept a wink in over a week.  Can’t imagine that, me.  Emily hasn’t heard from Ramsay yet, Rita assumes he’s tried from his trip.  Emily and Rita ask for Norris’ help carrying out their items, but are declined.  Rita says it all when she tells him that he’s a miserable so-and-so.  You fill in the blanks.   Norris is occupying himself with the important business of shining his shoes, and scrubbing the skirting?  There’s a knock at the door and Norris opens it to find two officers stood on his stoop.  What could they possibly want from Norris Cole?

Norris is sat alone at the dining table looking pensive and shocked.  Whatever could be the matter now?

Over at the pub during fete, Emily looks around and remarks that Ramsay would have loved it.  Emily wonders aloud if she was foolish not to tell Ramsay how she felt.  Yes, she was.  At her age, opportunities don’t come by very often, you’ve got to grab ’em.  Emily blames Norris, that Ramsay’s gone.  Well, that’s playing the victim.  She could have put her foot down, as she should have.  Emily wipes a tear, as Rita goes off to check on Norris.  Rita repeatedly knocks on the door of No.2, and Norris is sat on the chair not responding.  Rita makes her way in through the back door, and yells at Norris for not hearing her knocking.  Norris just sits in silence, like a spare part.  She asks if Ramsay has phoned but Norris says no.  Rita goes into him about how much Ramsay meant to Emily and how he could just have sent him away.  Norris all the sudden blurts out “Rita, he’s dead.”  Norris says that the police told him that Ramsay was dead when he arrived on the plane in Australia.  Oh no!  Rita takes a seat and tells Norris she’s sorry.  Wow.  They don’t know how he died, just that he was dead on arrival.  Norris asks Rita if she can be the one to tell Emily.  Rita agrees to this, poor Emily.

Rita goes into The Rovers and finds Emily.  She tells her she has awful news, that Ramsay has died.  Oh, poor Emily!  How heartbreaking.  At home, Norris tells Emily he’s sorry for her loss.  Emily reminds him that Ramsay was HIS brother.  It appears that the police left a note with a contact number to phone for more information about Ramsay’s death.  Norris hadn’t even picked it up yet.  Emily tells him scathingly that she hardly even knows who he is anymore.  He’s the same old git he’s always been.  Emily calls the number on the paper, and finds out that Ramsay died of a brain tumor.  Apparently Ramsay knew, since he had medication for it.  Emily accuses Norris of spurning the outstretched hand of a dying brother.  Emily asks Norris if it would have made any difference if he knew that Ramsay was dying.  Ramsay says he was sorry that Ramsay died alone.  Emily tells Norris that Ramsay visited his mother’s grave every week with flowers and some conversation, which is more than Ramsay ever does.  Norris leaves to get some air.  After some time, Rita wonders where he went.  Rita thinks that this has hit Norris harder than he ever thought.  Emily is very bitter about Ramsay’s death.  Rita reminds her that Ramsay didn’t find Norris, but he did find her, and that relationship must have been valuable to his last months.

Little Simon’s dressed as a superhero while Blanche witters on about her less-than-thrilling horoscope.  Blanche mistakes Simon’s “Robin” costume for a pixie costume.  Blanche asks where his wings are.  lol.  Deirdre asks Blanche if she’s going to the fete for Claire’s support group.  Blanche scoffs at “support group” and says that in her day, when something bad happened, you stayed at home, got drunk and bit on a shoe.”  Yeah, that’s pretty much what I do.  Minus the shoe bit, however.

It seems that Blanche is feeling enterprising today, so she’s set up her own fortune telling booth inside No.2, titled “Gypsy Rose Hunt.  Fortunes Read.  3 pounds a go.”  LOL.  Blanche has turned the terrace house living room into the inside of a a Moroccan tent, dressed in garb and a bejeweled turban with Simon as her little helper.  Oh, my word.  Blanche is reading Kelly’s fortune and sees that there will be fellas, many fellas, especially if she keeps dressing like a tart.  Haha.  Blanche says the spirits always tell the truth.  Next up: Graeme Proctor.  Deirdre needs a big drink!

Kevin’s getting ready for his race.  Sophie is going to make sure he actually finishes the race.  So apparently Luke took Rosie to a posh race meet in Cheshire.  They’re still together?  Kevin reckons the event is full of big snobs in big hats.  Kev and Sophie pick up Molly to go to the race.  Runners, on your mark, get set, go!  After an awkward photo-moment taken by Sophie, Molly and Kev are off!

It’s the end of the race, and Sophie cheers when she sees her dad cross the finish line.  She’s clearly amazed that he’s actually done it!  Sophie tells her dad she’s proud of him, and then runs off to get to the street fete.  Kev says he’ll wait for Molly.  Here comes Molly shortly behind, and Kevin hugs her and squirts water in her face!  That was inappropriate!  Molly looks at her phone and sees Tyrone’s calls, but says that he’s canceled, as usual.

Meanwhile Tyrone is sat at the fete drinking pints wondering where Molly is.  You have to love Jack’s makeshift bonnet!  I think I wore this fashion as a toddler.

OMG!  Kev and Molly are together in a hotel room sipping champy all cosy under the covers!  When did THIS happen?  Great to see that this is back on.  That was sarcasm.

A sad ending as Emily listens to “Waltzing Matilda” as a tribute to Ramsay Clegg, and Norris visits his mother’s grave, and noticed Ramsay’s flowers there with a note.  Norris finally shows his humanity and breaks down and cries, with the rest of us.  Ramsay Clegg, 1934-2009.


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  1. I asked this question of a friend and he thinks it is John Williamson – I am not so sure but his version is a bit slower than others I can find

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