Inflagranti: Mon Sept 7, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

September 7 2009

(sorry for my absence – been on a bit of hiatus!)

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by Alan Wareing.

Jack’s looking for his next place to live.  Molly suggests Jack buy the flat that Jason and Tina are doing up, and have an ensuite pigeon coop put in.  Oh, every home-owner’s dream.  Surely Jason and Tina have hollowed out some space for such a commodity.

Tyrone’s ashamed of the fact that Molly makes it seem like they row all the time.  She reminds him that they do.  Tyrone is keen on not letting Jack move out.  He’s is going to have a terrible case of separation anxiety when poor Jack moves on.  Jack and Connie have lunch at Roy’s and Jack tells Connie that he’s decided to take her up on her offer to move in with him.  He’d be barmy not to.  Connie is elated at this prospect.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Molly are canoodling in the garage, when Sally walks in.  They pretend to be talking about marathons.  Note to self: If the man starts getting obsessed with marathons, he could be sleeping with his co-worker’s wife.  Molly and Kevin arrange ways to meet in secretive ways to further carry on their affair.  Tsk.

Jack comes into Dev’s to ask Molly for some advice.  Jack tells Molly about Connie’s offer to move in with her.  Molly says it sounds ideal, but Jack’s worried about Tyrone’s response.  Jack is overly nervous to tell Tyrone about his new move.  Molly reminds him that he doesn’t need Tyrone’s permission.  Tyrone comes home, and Molly tells Tyrone that Connie has asked Jack to move into her house, isn’t that brilliant?  Tyrone does NOT thinks so from the look on his face.  Tyrone still thinks that Connie is after Jack’s money.  Jack says he’d like both Molly and Tyrone to go up and see the place for themselves.  Tryone says “over my dead body.”  Molly tells him “If necessary, get your coat.”  lol.

Jack, Molly and Tyrone drive up to Connie’s house, and Tyrone is shocked at the size of it.  There goes his gold digger theory.  Tyrone reckons the last time he was in a house that big, he had to pay admission.  Jack says if Tyrone could give him his blessing, it’d be nice.  Tyrone softens a bit, and then completely melts when he sees the billiards room.  Connie tells Tyrone he’s welcome to play billiards any time he’d like.  Tyrone apologizes for calling Connie a gold digger.  Jack says if anyone’s a gold digger, it’s him, since he reckons that Connie is pure gold.  Wow, that was so cheesy, yet so sweet at the same time.

Back at home, Molly says it was lovely what Tyrone said at Connie’s.  Tyrone says he’ll be happy he has the place to himself.  Molly tells him she doesn’t want to be one of “those couples” that comes home every night and veg’s out on the couch.  Yeah, she much prefers to be one of “those couples” that cheats on each other.  Or at least the wife cheating on the husband with the friend.  One of THOSE couples.  Molly tells Tyrone she wants to try Yoga.  This must be her “front” for seeing Kevin.

After Steve’s retrieval of his fair wife Becky, they’re back at home playing house and Steve suggests that they go on a day trip.  Becky would rather stay at home, especially if this day becomes her last day of freedom.  Steve is still on the scent for Slug, driving Lloyd mad with his insistence that they continue looking.

Roy can’t figure out why Becky always get stuck in trouble.  Hayley and Becky get mad at him for blaming her troubles solely on her bad reputation.

Miraculously, Lloyd finds Slug and tackles him to the ground and bounds his arms in a “citizen’s arrest.”  Steve finds Lloyd with a bound Slug.  They put Slug into the car, and Steve reams Slug over planting drugs on Becky.  Steve asks Lloyd to rough Slug up.  Lloyd tells him he doesn’t lay into people, it’s not his nature.  Steve tries his best to be fierce and tries to wallop Slug, but he doesn’t have it in him, so he tries to give him shaken-baby-syndrome instead.  Gives him a really good shakin’.  Funny scene. Lloyd accuses Steve of being rougher with Amy.  Steve responds that he does not hit his daughter.  Steve tries to figure out who Slug would be scared of, if not them.  They throw Slug in the boot.  The car pulls ’round to the Street, Steve opens the boot and Slug looks up at an unhappy Becky.  Lloyd pulls Slug out of the boot and Becky starts walloping him.  Steve says you have to be born with that kind of aggression.  They take Slug into the cab office, and question him.  Slug’s denying his involvement with DC Hooch.  Slug tells her that he cares about her, he wouldn’t do that to her.  Slug says he’s sorry about what happened, but he had nowt to do.  Becky tells him he’s just a big lie, and he’s lying now.  Becky wants to talk to Slug alone and asks him why he did it, if he was jealous of Steve, or if he just wanted to ruin her.  Slug admits that Hooch was blackmailing him, that Hooch used him to get to Becky.  Slug tells her he’s sorry he let her down.

Steve called the solicitor and says this is explosive stuff.  Hooch could go down well and good for all he’s done.  Slug says he’s not going to court, since he’s got too much to go down for.  Steve says he’s not going to let this go.  Steve wants to call a copper’s bluff.  Lloyd says that sounds risky.  Steve holds Slug’s drugs over his head to help them out.  Steve puts a call into Hooch threatening his career.  Hooch meets them where they’re parked.  Steve accuses him of planting drugs in his bar.  Hooch asks where his proof is.  Steve says the proof is in the car.  Slug tells Hooch that he’s prepared to repeat everything in court and go down.  Steve tells Hooch that he made it happen, and Steve is going to make it stop.  I dunno, Hooch looks pretty confident.  Hooch isn’t taking the bait, and tells Becky he’ll see her in court.  Becky thinks

Well, it looks like Peter Barlow’s charm worked on the classy-lassy in the Rover’s the night before, as he’s got her pouring out of his bedroom the next morning.  Just as they’re gallivanting in the living room, Ken shows up with Simon in tow.  I killed myself laughing over Simon’s expression at seeing the two of them.  Oh, he wants to play!  LOL.  Say it with me, awk-ward.  This reminds me of when I was younger, and my brother couldn’t understand why my dog kept “dancing” with the couch.  LOL.

Later, Peter comes over to no.1 to apologize for this morning’s embarrassment.  Blanche tells him that she heard that he was caught “inflagranti.”  Ken said he should have phoned before he came over.  Blanche accuses Peter of having a different woman in that flat every week.  Blanche tells him “nevermind a betting shop, it’s like a knocking shop over there.”  LOL.  Peter thinks she’s exaggerating.  Who?  Blanche?  No way.  Simon comes home from school, after having used Naomi’s perfume and the little “inflagranti” story this morning for his show and tell.  That’s somewhat…inappropriate?  LOL.  Kids.  Blanche is very impressed that Naomi is a qualified nurse.  Blanche reckons that having a qualified nurse in the family would be like having private health insurance.  Peter accuses Blanche of being the geriatric equivalent of a child in a sweet shop.

Peter invites Naomi over to have dinner with her and Simon.  Simon’s all dapper in his waistcoat, very cute.  Peter says he wants the two of them to get acquainted.  Really?  On the second “date?”  That’s a bit much.  Naomi doesn’t seem much impressed by this.  She drudges through a game of snakes-and-ladders.  Peter asks Simon if he likes, her, but Simon doesn’t.  Simon says she makes him feel like he’s in the way.  Peter tells him that he’s never in the way, never.  Simon doesn’t want to eat his tea and just wants to go to bed.  Naomi accuses Peter of giving her the cold shoulder.  Peter tells her he’s not sure it’s going to work out between them, because he’s a single dad and a recovering alcoholic.  Peter tells her if she doesn’t hit it off with Simon, then it can’t work.  Naomi’s not happy, and calls it a new low.  Well, what do  you expect?  His son has to come first.

Joe wants to go to court on his own.  Not with Gail, not with Tina.  Tina’s not happy about it, but she accepts his wishes.  Later, Joe returns from court after having been sentenced with Community Service.  Well, that’s a slap on the wrist, really, compared to what he could have gone down for.

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