Judgment Day: Thu Sept 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

September 10 2009

Written by Martin Allen, directed by Alan Wareing.

Open to Becky frying up Steve’s eggs.  You know, making his breakfast.  She’s very nervous about her judgment day.  Steve and Becky are concerned that if Becky does go down, it’s going to have a negative effect on Amy, since for her mother’s already in jail and all.  Liz suggests that Becky tell Amy about what’s going on.  Becky tells Amy that someone got her in trouble when she did no wrong, and that when she gets home from school that night, she might not be there.  Amy asked where she’d be, and Becky explains that she might be in “that prison place” like her mum.  Amy asks her if she’s killed someone.  WOW.  That’s just NOT something that should be the first thing on a kid’s mind.  Tracy has royally screwed this kid up, let’s pray for her now.  Becky tells her that she’ll be thinking of Amy every day since she’s her favorite little girl and she loves her to bits.  Oh, this is making me teary-eyed!  Amy gives Becky a hug and a kiss and tells her not to be sad.

Becky goes to Roy’s and has a Mixed Grill.  She went the whole way through the menu, as she said she would.  Kelly comes in and rubs Becky’s fate in her face, since she’s still miffed about Becky setting her up with a criminal record twice as long as it otherwise would have been.  Becky tells Kelly that when she gets out, she’ll have a good man waiting for her, but Kelly will still be down in the ginnel getting groped because it’s the closest thing she gets to being loved.  Ouch!  That was harsh.

Well, Becky’s said her goodbyes and is finally ready to go to court and face her judgment.  Liz tearfully tells Becky to take care of herself, and she really means it.  Liz also gives Becky a hug.  Oh, something’s melted Liz after all.  I think she just really cares about her Steve’s happiness.  Steve and Becky leave the pub together, for possibly the last time.  At least for a while.

Steve and Becky are at the courts, and they kiss and remind each other “till death do them part.”  Becky goes to the desk to sign in, and she’s told that she’s free to go.  The charges have been dropped.  DC Hooch peers out at them through a slit in the blinds and watches them walk out of the court.  Looks like Steve’s bluff worked quite well after all.  Guess having Becky go down wasn’t worth losing his career for.

Becky and Steve waltz right back into the pub.  Becky’s face looks happier than it did on her wedding day!  Well, rightfully so.  She walks in and exclaims “I’m free!”  Liz wonders why there was no explanation of why her case was closed.  Lloyd reckons that their little threat had worked on Hooch.  Becky is a bit paranoid though, and thinks Hooch might have something else up his sleeve.  Perhaps he just chose to live and let die?  I’m sure he’s got plenty of other cons to hound.

Peter informs Simon that he won’t have to see Naomi again, to his relief.  Bad news.  Peter goes to feed Leanne (the rabbit) and realizes that she’s gone to rabbit heaven.  How’s he going to tell Simon?

Peter’s working down in the shop and Blanche walks in.  It appears she has come to express her approval.  Peter’s as skeptical as I am.  Blanche tells him how she saw Naomi leaving his place at a civilized hour last night.  She commends Peter for putting Simon first, before his tawdry love-life.  *claps all ’round*  Peter informs her that he has no love life no, tawdry or otherwise.  Peter explains that Simon didn’t take to Naomi so he gave her the boot.  Blanche thinks more parents should be as responsible.  Peter asks her to look after the shop for an hour while he nips out and gets Simon a new rabbit.  Oh, the old switcheroo!  Blanche tells him that Simon knows every tuft of fur on his body, he can’t just get a replacement.  What kind of an idiot does Peter think Simon is?  Peter asks what he should do.  Blanche has no good advice.  Although she should, since as she’d say, she’s been to more funerals than Peter has had hot dinners.

Peter sits Simon down and tells him straight-out, that Leanne (the rabbit) has died.  Peter shows Leanne (the rabbit)’s body in the shoebox.  Simon says it looks like he’s asleep.  Peter says, in a way, he is.  Simon wants to stroke him one last time.  Simon asks if Leanne (the rabbit) will go to heaven with his mum.  Peter says that she’ll look after him up there.  Poor Simon!  He says he wants to go to heaven now.  Oh, haven’t we all been there.  Only, we might not have been 5 years old when we thought it.  Poor thing.  Peter reminds him he’s got all his life to live yet.  Oh, the child performances this episode have got me with tissues ready!

Blanche later comes by the bookies flat and asks Peter how it went with Simon.  Peter reckons that Simon isn’t upset about just the rabbit, but about his mum.  Peter thinks that Simon needs a mother’s love, but Blanche tells him he’s got a father’s love, more each day from the sound of it.  Peter thinks that there’s a big hole in Simon’s life, and he’s got to fill it.  But how?

Sean wonders why Jesse’s parrot John doesn’t talk very much.  Jesse informs him that “some do, and some don’t.”  He also mentions that they can say over a thousand words.  Eileen remarks that that’s more than her Jason.  lol.  Leon drops by, remember him?  Leon asks Jason if he wants to hang out later.  It’s clear that Sean’s lie is still alive and Leon thinks Jason is gay.

Jesse complains to Bill and Pam about how he can’t get a woman to play Hiyalowa.  He’s no good as a single-act.  Yeah, that’s the problem.  Pam suggests he get his ad online.  Pam gets Jesse’s online ad polished.  Just then, Jason comes down dressed head-to-toe like Bob the Builder.  Leon walks in at this moment looking very, very interested  upon seeing this little show.  Oh, this just gets better.  Jason and Leon would actually make a pretty great couple.  You know, if Jason were gay.

Amber comes by the kebab shop to tell Minnie about a going-away party for “College Jeff”, aka, “Dandruff Jeff” (we don’t call him that anymore, he’s cool now).  She tells Minnie and Darryl that they’re invited.  Darryl couldn’t be more impressed.  lol.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – that’s a good hairstyle for Amber.  Minnie thinks Darryl’s scared of Amber’s brainy mates and that’s why he doesn’t want to go to the party.  Darryl tells Minnie that he told Amber he wanted to move to London with her, but she barely listened.  Minnie suggests that Darryl convince Amber that he means it.  Darryl looks thoughtful.

Later, Darryl tells Amber how serious he is about them living together in London.  Somewhere on a bus route that’s not too pricey.  He’d work, and she’d go to school.  Amber doesn’t look very excited about the prospect.  Seems to me like she wants a fresh start.  Amber reminds Darryl that she’ll be back home 5 months of the year.  Amber thinks they should just see each other at weekends.  She assures him they’ll be fine.  It doesn’t sound very assuring!

September 10 2009 2


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