Compulsive Scumbag: Thu Sept 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

September 17 2009

Written by Martin Allen, directed by John Anderson.

Leanne stayed the night, and Peter is fixing her breakfast.  Peter tells Leanne that losing her was the biggest mistake he ever made (really?) and that he wasn’t going to let that happen again.

Peter brings Simon back for breakfast and Simon is more than happy to see Leanne there.  Simon tells Michelle that she’s a lot nicer than Naomi was, and Michelle.  Uh-oh.  The look on Leanne’s face says it all:  Michelle?

Speaking of which, as Leanne comes out on the street she sees Michelle and strikes up a conversation with her.  She tells Michelle that Peter’s looking for some help in the shop, if she’s looking for a job.  Leanne says that her and Peter could be getting back together, and that he’d already told her about he and Michelle.  Michelle divulges that they had a bit of fun, but then she had a tour to go on, so that was the end of it.  Then Leanne admits that Peter didn’t tell her anything.  Oh, what’s that smell?  That’s the sh*t hitting the fan, folks!  Leanne goes into the bookies and tells Peter that she’s fallen for his stinky lies again.  Leanne confronts Peter about Michelle and tells him that she doesn’t want him, not after this.  Leanne leaves in a rage calling Peter a compulsive liar, a compulsive cheat and a compulsive scum-bag.  I might use that last one!  Go Leanne!  Good one Peter, you managed to screw up again.

Michelle came in and tried to explain to Peter about what happened with Leanne.  It’s not Michelle’s fault.  Peter admits it’s his fault.  Michelle asks for her old job back, but Peter says not until things settle with Leanne.  If Leanne goes back to Leeds, then Michelle can have her old job back.  Now he’s got two women peeved with him.

At Janice’s, Leanne is packing her bags and asks Janice why she never told her about the fire at Barlow’s Bookies.  Janice said she didn’t tell her because she didn’t want her running back feeling sorry for Peter.  Janice figures she deserves better than Peter.  Janice asks her when she’ll ever learn – everything that comes out of Peter’s mouth is a lie.  There’s a lot of truth to that, there is.  Peter is calling from below Janice’s flat.  Leanne tells Peter go to away and starts throwing peppers at him and even cracked an egg on his forehead.  That was pretty immature, but funny.  C’mon admit it!

Blanche is watching little Simon again and asks him if he’d like a “plumonge.”  Peter says people odn’t eat that anymore, they eat yoghurt’s and stuff.  Blanche replies, “Yoghurt.  They couldn’t invent a more revolting name for a pudding if they tried.”  Peter tells Blanche about what happened, and Blanche tells “the devil’s often in the details for a woman.”  Blanche asks him what we’re all thinking: “When will you learn?”

Blanche bumps into Leanne in the street and tells Leanne that she has to figure out whether or not Peter is an out and out baddin’ or has he just let himself down.  Blanche tells her he tries his best, and tells Leanne that if she is leaving him, to make sure it’s for forever.  Blanche reminds her that it’s not just her and him in this equation, but Simon as well.  Simon thinks the world of her, and if she keeps stepping in and out of his life he could be seriously damaged.  Blanche tells Leanne she reckons that she’s still got feelings for Peter.  Blanche tells her that whatever she decides, just to make sure it’s final – for everyone’s sake.  There you have it folks, pearls of wisdom from our very own Blanche Hunt.

Sally’s dusting off her suitcases for their trip.  Seriously, she was actually dusting them off.  Sally’s immersed in holiday planning and Kevin couldn’t be more resistant to it all.  Kevin gets on the phone to a motel and books a double room for tomorrow.  The cad!  Trying to squeeze in a quickie before he leaves, I presume.

Kevin comes into Dev’s to organize a rendez-vous with Molly when Sally walks in and pops their adulterous bubble.  She leaves, and Kevin tells Molly that he’s scheduled something at the same motel as last time.  Molly cooly asks Kevin why she gets one hour and Sally gets two weeks.  Erm, does Molly forget that SHE is married too?  If she doesn’t like being the bit-on-the-side, then maybe she should pay more attention to her husband.  Kevin sweet talks her into agreeing to meet him.

Tyrone is happy that Kev’s away, because then he’ll be in-charge at work.  Molly lies to Tyrone again about having a “yoga class” tomorrow.  Tyrone says she can’t go, since Jack is having a going-away drink in the Rovers at that time tomorrow.

Good news, Jesse’s van has been found and it’s not damaged.  Later, Eileen is preparing some food in the kitchen when she hears a loud squawking noise in the back.  She opens the door to see John stood there at the step.  Eileen tries to scare him away with a butter knife.  Jesse comes home that instant and hears his bird and watches John walk through the living room to greet him.  Needless to say, he’s very happy to see his bird again.  Jesse thinks it’s all a miracle.  Eileen adds sarcastically “good news, at last.”

Luke and Rosie are seen sauntering out of Victoria Court in the morning.  Luke is giving Rosie a quick Business 101 lesson that’s going right into one ear and out the other.  Rosie’s more concerned with the coordination of her outfit.  They bump into Michelle who tells them that she’s back from tour.  You could cut the tension between Michelle and Rosie with a knife.  Michelle politely asks Rosie how she is.  Rosie isn’t happy to see Michelle, but it looks as though Luke is.

Luke sees Michelle in the pub later and strikes up a conversation with her.  Michelle asks after Rosie who enters then and suggests to Luke that they go back to the flat and get something there instead.  She tells Michelle will full airs, that “when you run a business all day, your head needs a rest.”  Michelle’s just being plain evil and pushing Rosie’s buttons at this point.  But it sure is funny!

Norris and Emily are gathering information regarding Ramsay’s funeral.  Emily has spoken to Liz and Liz will be putting out a few sandwiches for Ramsay’s wake.  Emily has made a lot of plans, but the only thing that’s missing is the eulogy.  Emily asks if Norris can do it, and he says he can “knock something together.”


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