Send Off: Fri Sept 18, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

September 18 2009

Written by Jayne Hollinson (7:30) & Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by John Anderson.

Sally tells Sophie that she’s made sure that Rosie sticks around to keep any eye on things.  Sophie tells her she must be joking, as the only thing Rosie keeps her eye on his her reflection.  Oh, zing!  Sally tells her they can keep an eye on each other then.

Tyrone’s pulled some boxes out of the loft for Jack.  Now the loft is empty.  Jack tells Tyrone to keep it that way, and the next time he decides to put something up there, don’t – chuck it out.  That’s some VERY good advice folks.  Don’t horde!

At the store, Molly tells Kevin that she has to cancel their rendez-vous because of Jack’s going-away drink.  Molly gives Kevin a sickeningly flirtatious call.  Later, at a seedy hotel, Kevin and Molly are ripping off each others clothes off, and snogging each other’s faces off.  Snug in bed later, Molly eyes the clock and it reads 1 O’clock, but she pulls the sheet back over her head and snuggles back in.

Meanwhile, Sally marches into the garage and demands of Tyrone to know where Kevin is.  Tyrone tells her that Kevin’s out on a call.  Sally says that they’ve got a plane to catch, and asks why Tyrone couldn’t have gone.  Tyrone claims that he offered.

Jack is gathering his things, and Tyrone is upset that Molly isn’t back yet for Jack’s send off.  Jack reflects on his time at The Old Rectory.  Tyrone reminds him that he doesn’t have to leave.  Jack says that he does, it’s time.  Jack’s life goes in one direction – forward.  Jack says he knows that he’s left his home in good hands.  Poor teary Tyrone.  He’s really a sweetheart.

Molly and Kevin finally awake to Tyrone calling Molly’s phone.  Kevin realizes it’s almost 2pm and asks Molly why she didn’t tell him.  She lies and says she didn’t know.  Molly’s trying to sabotage Kev’s holiday.  Uh oh, Kevin’s truck has broken down and Molly and Kevin are freaking out about their deadline and start arguing about who’s fault this is.

Jack wants to take Vera’s ashes with him, but was nervous about what Connie might think.  Connie thinks he should bring them, no question asked.

Sally is in full panic mode, and has finally realized that Kevin isn’t showing up, so has decided to unpack.  Sophie assures her that Kevin will be there.  Sally tells her daughter that sometimes the longer you’re with someone, the less you know what’s going on in their head.  Sally rarely says anything true or profound, but that was both.

Kev and Molly finally get the truck going and back on the street.  Kevin finally returns home and Sally rips him a new one and tells him to clean himself up.  Molly arrives at the Rovers and gives Jack and Connie her apologizes for being tardy.  Emily and Rita stop by Jack’s table and wish him good will on his move.  Connie mentions that they’ll invite the two of them over some time.  Tarrah!

Well, it’s Jack’s send off, and Tyrone couldn’t be more miserable.  After Jack leaves Molly accuses Tyrone of giving her attitude and wants to know what it’s about.  Tyrone says he’s sick of her always being miserable and blaming him for things.  Tyrone threatens that she better start making some changes or Jack won’t be the only one leaving.  Wow!  Tyrone finally grew a pair!  Although, he doesn’t look very sure of it.

Norris tells Rita he’ll be doing a eulogy for Ramsay after all.  Only, he doesn’t even want to call it a eulogy, he calls it a “few polite words.”  Rita asks why he has to be so ungracious.  Because he’s an ungracious twit, that’s why.  Is Rita new here?  Blanche arrives to say she’s come to show her support.  Then promptly asks if there will be any food afterwards.

The hurse arrives and Blanche asks if they went with solid oak or oak veneer.  Norris comes out of the house and looks horrified upon seeing the hurse filled with flowers.  Norris freaks out and tells them to go without him.  He’s not going, he has no right since he barely knew the man.  Emily tells Norris that surely he can’t turn his back on Ramsay in death too.  Oh, but he can.  Rita says to Norris that if he can’t go to the funeral for Ramsay, maybe he can go for Emily.

Looks like there’s a good turnout at Norris’s funeral.  Who was it that said that even the number of people who attend your funeral will depend on the weather?  I can’t remember, but it was a nice day for Ramsay’s funeral, that’s for certain.  Norris accuses Blanche of only being at Ramsay’s funeral for the food, but she says she actually really liked the man and has nothing bad to say about him.  Well, except for the fact that Norris was his brother.  Oh, Blanche and I were cut from the same cloth, I tell ya.

At the Rover’s later, the ladies tell Norris how good his eulogy for Ramsay was.  Emily doesn’t let Norris forget, however, that he only went to the funeral because they shamed him into it.

Rita thinks about her own life after the funeral and thinks that it’s time she retires.  She doesn’t want to spend time behind that counter for the rest of her life.  Norris thinks that she’s just bereft and she doesn’t know what she’s saying.  Rita is adamant that she’s going to retire.  Poor Emily has to retire to her room after the day’s proceedings.

Peter has to tell Simon that Leanne is leaving and going back to Leeds.  Peter brings Simon over to Janice’s to try to get into Leanne’s good graces.  Leanne asks Janice to take Simon for a milkshake so her and Peter can have a word.  Peter attempts his best grovelling to an on-the-fence Leanne.  Peter tells Leanne that he wants to settle down, and she is the one he wants to settle for.  I mean, with.  Leanne is still hesitant, seeing as Peter’s a big fat liar.

Well, looks like it didn’t go so well, because Peter returns to the shop and tells Simon that it looks like it’s just going to be them from now on.  Leanne comes into the shop and tells Peter she’s going to go off and have a good life.  With him.  Oh, we knew she’d come ‘round!  Peter jumps over the table, embraces Leanne and tells her he loves her.  Leanne admits to Peter that she finished with her boyfriend a long time ago.  Peter points out that he’s not the only one who tells porkies.  Simon is delighted to hear that Leanne is staying: family hugs!

And just like that, Leanne settles into the bookies flat like she’d lived there her entire life.  Leanne reckons that all she needs now is a job.  Peter offers her a job at the bookies, but she declines saying she doesn’t want to be around him ALL the time.  Good decision, Leanne.  And just like that, Steve calls Leanne and asks if she’ll do a couple of weeks at the Rovers.  She doesn’t want to work there, but she thinks about it.

Leanne confides in Peter that she might be having seconds thoughts and asks him if she’s made a mistake by getting back with him.  Peter swears he’ll make it work.

It’s the big day, and Amber is off to university in London.  Dev looking the proud parent sending her off with a tearful hug.  There she goes, off the street in a cab but not without staring at the kebab shop as she passes by and sobbing into a tissue.

Lloyd comes up with a cracking plan to help out Eileen.  Lloyd, Claire and Steve show up at Eileen’s with a bunch of old electronics.  What are they up to?  Eileen is less than grateful for her friend’s efforts.  Eileen tells them that they can go gather ‘round someone else and take their worthless junk with them.  Ouch!  Eileen’s VERY prickly lately.  Ever since Jesse moved in.  Well, Lloyd, Claire and Steve come back with Eileen’s real gift – a 32” plasma tv!  Eileen eats her last words and gives them a teary thank-you.  Jesse asks if there’s a dvd player with it.  He’s sumthin’ else!


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