Trick or Treat: Fri Oct 30, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 30 2009

Sorry for the tardiness of this review, my internet was down!  Boo!

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Tony Prescott

We take off where we left off, with Tony still sat next to the Kabin wall after having collapsed in agony, his face illuminated by fireworks and sheer terror.  Roy is walking by and notices Underworld’s door open, then sees Tony collapsed on the floor.  Roy uses Tony’s phone to call an ambulance.  The ambulance arrives, they perform an ECG.  Tony grabs Roy’s hand and asks him not to leave him.

The ambulance takes Tony through the hospital, while Roy is sat there waiting.  Roy calls Fiz and asks if she has a number for Maria’s parents, since he can’t get a hold of her on her mobile.  The doctors come out and tell Roy that Tony has suffered a heart attack.  They tell Roy that Tony’s very poorly, and if he can’t contact his family.  Roy tells them he’s trying, but the doctor’s tell him that more urgency is required as they’re not sure of his condition.  They believe Tony might not have a great deal of time, because he is seriously ill.  Wow.  Tony asks to see Roy.

In the hospital room, Tony tells Roy taht his father was 49 when he died, and his father before him, 42.  Gordon met aren’t bravehearts, just congenitally weak ones.  Roy tells Tony how unsuccessful they were at trying to contact Maria.  Roy asks if there’s anyone else he’d like to be there.  Tony says yes, anyone.  Wow, that was mean.  Roy goes on to tell Tony about his bat conservation project, and Tony says he might have a useless heart, but Roy Cropper is a useless man.  Ouch!  He wasn’t so useless an hour ago when he saved your arse!  Tony is actually mad that Roy had rescued him.  Tony wanted a poetic death outside his own factory.  Yes, how poetic.  Tony tells Roy to go home, he doesn’t want anyone to see him like that.  Tony tells Roy that he’s on a one-way ticket to hell and hell is spending your last hours with Roy Cropper wittering in your ear.  Ouch again!  I hope the devil spanks him down there!

Strangely enough, the nurse sees Roy on his way out and tells him that Tony wants to see him.  Roy is confused and tells the nurse that Tony told him to leave.  Regardless of Tony’s rubbish treatment of Roy, Roy decides to do the right thing and go back to Tony’s bedside.

Back at Tony’s bedside, Tony apologizes to Roy for the things he said.  Tony reckons that it could have been worse – could have been Janice Battersby that found him, and he figures she’d have left him in the gutter.  Tony is for sure he’s going to die, and he’s worried that Maria can’t get there in time.  Tony then gets Roy to sneak him in a sandwich for his “last supper.”  Tony tells Roy to “come closer,” he needs to make a confession.  Tony tells Roy that he was the one who smoked out the bats.  Oh, and that he killed Liam!  WOW.

Roy is rushed out of the room, as Tony goes into cardiac arrest.  Later, the nurse tells him that Tony is unlikely to make it through the night.  The nurse tells Roy that he’s best to go home, since he’s done all he can.  What will Roy do with the information he’s just received.  What does he make of it?  We’ll soon find out I’m sure.

Molly closes her and Kevin up in Dev’s shop for their “talk.”  Molly convinces Kevin that Pam can keep a secret – since she’s had four husbands, and two she was doing the dirty on.  Molly asks Kevin if this is the end.  Kev says he doesn’t want it to be the end, and neither does Molly.  Kevin comes up with a master-plan: tell Pam it’s over, stay away from each other for a few weeks, then resume later.  It’s shocking that he’s not a captain of industry with that stategic mind of his.  Molly says she’d have to lie straight to Pam’s face.  Kevin tells Molly that he’s gotten quite good at lying in the past few months.  Ha! You mean past dozen years!

Pam goes into the shop to buy some items and receives the cold treatment from Molly.  Pam tells Molly that she wishes she never saw either of them and it could be wiped from her memory.  All of us at Team Pam here share that sentiment.  Molly then lies to Aunty Pam that the affair’s over, since Kev finished it.  She then tells Pam how stupid she feels.  Well, that’s honest at least.  Pam assures her she’s doing the right thing, and Molly thanks her.  Oh, Pam, don’t fall for it!

Haha, this is bloody fantastic.  Jake the builder walks into the Rovers in only a towel.  I’m surprised he didn’t trip on the floor for all Kelly’s drool!  Liz informs him that they have a dress-code in the bar.  Michelle walks in and spots Jake then asks how long he’s been there, then sees his getup and asks him what he’s doing.  Jake says, “trick or treat,” to which Michelle follows-up with “police or leave.”  I don’t recall that one growing up.  I probably lived in the right neighborhood then.  Jake says he’s dressed in a towel to even things up a bit.  Jake threatens to drop the towel, and Kelly’s all ready with the stripper music!  Liz tells him if he drops the towel she’ll call the police.  Right Liz, after a hot bath, right?   Michelle begs him not to cause a scene, so he says that she must agree to have dinner with him, then he’ll relent.  Michelle finally agrees with this.  I thought these scenes were cheesy, but still enjoyable!  He leaves as Kelly and Julie wave goodbye.  Michelle is still in denial and tells Liz later that she’ll want this date over with – soon as possible.

Jake is playing Wii (videogames) in Michelle’s flat with Ben and Ryan which begs the question, “how old IS he?”  I never thought about it before, but he could be well young.  But I think our Michelle likes ‘em that way.  Did anyone else notice that Jake’s voice sounds almost identical to Graeme’s?  Seperated at birth, perhaps?  Michelle comes out dressed to the nines.  So much for her just wanting to get dinner “over with.”  Can you blame her though?  I shant.  He tells her she looks stunning.  He looks like the cat that got the cream.

At the restaurant, Michelle tells Jake that she’s only there because she’s been forced to be.  Oh, whatever.  Michelle tells him that she doesn’t fancy him, or anyone for that matter.  Michelle notices that it’s an expensive restaurant, and tells him that they should just leave now to save time and money.  Jake asks her what she’d fancy for a starter.  Jake tells her that if he had to work a month to pay for one dinner with her, it’d be worth it.  Michelle says she hates to admit it, but she thinks she’s enjoying his punishment and all.  A little too much if you ask me!

Jake is still trying to engage Michelle in some conversation, but she’s adament that after tonight, they’re not going to see each other again – hopefully.  He asks if he can read her palm, then propositions her that if he can tell her one true thing about her life, then she has to tell him the rest of her life story.  She gives over, and he tells her that she suffers grief, a lot of grief and that men she has loved have died and she sees an accident.  Michelle doesn’t think this is very funny, and that he must have talked to Ryan, or he must have known.  I think all he had to do was go to the Kabin and talk to Norris.  Michelle says it’s too creepy, and Jake apologizes, he was only showing off.  Michelle ends up telling him about the deaths she has experienced.  Jake tells her she’s amazing, after all that heart-ache to be so fabulous.  Jake tells Michelle that since he’s met her – he’s become obsessed.

Jake drops her back off at her place and walks her to the door, but not without giving her a kiss, or two.  Michelle tells him that he’ll get a parking ticket if he leaves his truck parked there.  He says he doesn’t care and they continue to snog in the street.

Peter and Leanne laugh as they see Jake walk by in his towel.  Leanne wants to take Simon Trick or Treating but Peter says he just doesn’t agree with it, since it’s not British.  Neither is vodka, but that never stopped him!  He also doesn’t want Simon rotting his teeth on candy.  He says it’s the principle, and someone’s got to make a stand.  Wow, how to men turn into their fathers?  That sounds like something that would come out of Ken’s mouth, as Peter later notes.  Simon’s not happy about not getting to go trick’or’treating, but Simon keeps his foot down.  Leanne complains about not having a job again, but Peter tells her they’re not giving up yet.  Leanne tells Peter that she might do the odd shift here and there at the bookies – if she’s free.

Later when Peter pops out to the shop, Leanne takes the opportunity to let Simon dress up as a ghost, and tells him to hide cause Peter’ll be back in 5 minutes.  Peter’s on his way up, so Leanne and Simon, dressed as ghosts and hide in the dark.  How do I know this won’t go over so well?  Simon hides behind the front door, and Peter comes in flinging it open, crushing Simon!  Simon screams and Peter finds him in a ghost costume with a bit cut on his forehead.  Peter is NOT happy!  Leanne feels terrible as Simon is going to need stitches now.

When they got back home later, Leanne is still consumed with guilt, but Peter tells her to calm down since it was an accident.

Man With Ladder: Thu Oct 29, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 29 2009

Written by John Kerr, directed by Tony Prescott

Maria’s all packed for Cypress.  Tony’s still suffering from some sort of indegestion.  Well, Maria and baby Liam are off to Cypress!  Should be interesting when she returns.  Tony and Maria are talking via webcam, now that she’s in Cypress.  Can nothing keep these two apart?  It seems Tony has taken Ozzy to work with him, as there were fire works going off and he didn’t want him to be scared.  Awe, that’s enough even to melt this cold, cold, heart.

Later, Tony leaves the factory with a barking Ozzy as fireworks are going off.  He starts to get what looks like more chest pains and some dizzyness.  Could this be another panic attack, or something more serious?  Tony is tormented by some random Trick’or’Treaters walking by in masks as he slides down the side of the Kabin window in distress.  Tony is sat beside the Kabin and manages to squeak out “Maaarriiaa” out of his tightened larynx.

Rosie’s still suffering from depression after she’s realized there’s nothing she can do about her money. Sally insists she needs to get back on her feet.  Kevin thinks that if Rosie needs money, she could just sell her car or one of her expensive handbags.  Rosie just can’t part with her car, plus, her three-grand hand-bag got stolen at a club.  How irresponsible!

At the factory, Julie’s complaining that someone’s (Kelly) eaten all the chocolate buiscuits, and they’re her favorites.  Julie thanks her and goes to get the buiscuit, when Kelly suddenly grabs it and shoves it into her mouth yelling “sucker” with her mouth full.  Wow, I’ve always thought the factory was like a secondary school, but it just got demoted to a primary school.  Julie remarks that Kelly’s like something from the wild.

Rosie comes into the factory begging for Tony to help her track down Luke, since he’s taken all her money.  Tony tells Rosie that there’s nothing he can do, but he’s looking for a PA if she’s interested.  Rosie says there’s no way she’s doing that again.  Kelly wants the job, but Sally reckons even SHE can do a better job, so Tony puts her on a month’s trial, to Sally’s shock and delight.  Rosie isn’t happy that her mother has usurped her old position.  Sally reminds Rosie that it’s Luke she should be blaming for all this, not her or Tony.  Well, Sally, that’d be the mature thing to do – only that’s not a word you’d use to describe your daughter, is it?  Rosie’s so self-obsessed and still whinging on the “why me’s?”  Kevin embraces her, and Molly sees this and solemnly walks out of the pub.

At Dev’s, Molly is stocking Ketchup on the shelves when she accidentally drops a bottle and it smashes to bits.  Pam walks in and looks down and says “if that’s blood – I hope it’s Kevin’s.”  Oh, zing!  Molly remarks that Pam’s lucky it’s not hers.  Wow, them sounds like fighting words, gal.  Pam asks her when she’s planning on telling Tyrone about her affair, and that it’s not just going to go away.  Molly spits back that she knows that very well, and it’s her mess and she’ll sort it out.

Kevin finally comes into Dev’s to talk to Molly.  He tells her they need to talk.

Hayley and Roy are back from Romania, and Roy’s already back behind the counter.  Aunty Pam comes in and asks Roy about his holiday.  Roy says the word “eventful” comes to mind.  Roy goes on about conservations for bats, yadda yadda yadda, to Pam.  Pam says that sounds fascinating and Roy invites her to come to the council meeting.  Pam declines saying she was online being polite.  Haha, oh Team Pam is alive and strong.  This was a great scene, awkard silences and all.

Michelle’s on the phone to Dev, who finds her story about the builder-through-the-window humorous.  She corrects him that it isn’t – and he needs to get it sorted, or she’ll find the most expensive roofer she can and bill him for it.  Oh, so Bill could still have a job?  Ryan and Ben come home and Michelle tells them about the “run-in” she had with Jake.  Ryan remarks that it sounds like a dodgy-porno.  Haha, I was thinking the same thing about those scenes from yesterday!  Ben asks Michelle if she’ll be alright.  Little kiss ass.

It seems that Jake the builder has been taking another gander outside Michelle’s window, to which she’s not too happy about.  Wow, it seems Michelle is serious, since she’s called Weatherfield’s finest to come and arrest Jake for harassment and peeping.  The police question Jake who tells the police that he did kiss her, but can you blame him?  The police ask Michelle if they can’t just boil it down to an unfortunate misunderstanding.  Way to waste police time Michelle!  The second she agrees to drop it, Jake thanks her and moves in to plant another kiss on her!  The police grab him and take him away.  Ryan remarks that Jake is a “sleazebag.”

Michelle tells her fallen-roofer story to Liz, who is probably the only one interested in hearing about the details.  She also tells her about the arrest she had made on him.  Julie and Kelly saw the whole scene go down and think that Michelle’s being harsh, since Jake was cute.  Michelle still defends her stance that it was harassment.  Graeme overhears the conversation and decides to put his two cents in.  He thinks that man-with-ladder was overcome with an uncontrollable desire for Michelle and he reacted on this desires.  Graeme tells Michelle that she’s a red-hot mama with a body that just won’t quit.  Liz tells Graeme that his input was really helpful.  Michelle figures she doesn’t care why Jake did it, as long as she never has to see his smug face again.  Oh, surely she doesn’t mean that.

It seems as though Ashley’s finally going in for the snip.  It’s about time, how long do we have to follow THIS storyline?  Ashley’s home from his operation and he’s walking like he’s just gotten off a horse.  He says it hurts, but it was worth it.  Oh, it WILL be.

Wrong Side of 40: Wed Oct 28, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 28 2009

Written by Daran Little, directed by Tony Prescott.

Tyrone is still complaining that Molly’s gone off him again, after he thought it was all sorted.  Kirk tells him it’s his own fault for not putting his foot down.  She does walk all over him.

Pam tells Molly that she doesn’t understand her or what she’s playing at.  Us neither!  Pam tells her it’s never easy being married, but it’s worth working towards and that Tyrone’s a good man.  Molly replies that so is Kevin.  Oh yeah, except for the cheating-on-his-wife-part.  Oh, but it’s different – you’re in love, this isn’t an affair, it’s special – you’re special.  Whatever!

Tyrone goes to his good mate Kev to complain about what’s going on with Molly.  He seriously thinks that Molly thinks he’s cheating on her with Minnie.  Kevin assures him that Molly does not think he’s cheating.  Tyrone tells Kevin that he just wants he and Molly to be happy forever.  Guilt much, Kevin?

Pam has tried her best with Molly but to no avail, so she’s moved onto Kev.  She goes to the garage to confront him about his and Molly’s affair.  She does her best to shame Kevin, and MAN does he look shamed!  For shame!  Pam tells him that Molly’s barely out of her wedding dress and Kevin’s got his oily hands all over her.  Oh, I’m so loving Auntie Pam right now.  Kevin protests that he loves Molly, but Auntie Pam tells him to save it – he’s not talking to some slip of a girl right now.  She knows guys like him – wrong side of 40, stuck in a rut, looking for a bit on the side to spice up their existence, full of “I love you,” taking advantage of young girls etc.  He hardly took advantage, but she doesn’t know that.  Pam gives him her final word, “stay away from Molly or I shall bring your whole world topelling down on your smug, selfish head.”  Does anyone think Auntie Pam’s got some anger against men?  Hehe.  Kevin did nothing else but stand there with his mouth gaping open in shock.

Kevin marches over to Dev’s and asks Molly how Pam knows.  She tells him how Pam caught them kissing, and how she felt relief telling Pam about their love.  Somehow I don’t think Kevin feels relieved.  Kevin’s have a good old fashioned freak-out over it, but Molly reminds him that people will find out sooner or later – since they’re in love.  Kevin walks away in a huff.

Kevin meets up with Molly later and accuses her of telling Auntie Pam about them on purpose because she wants it out in the open.  Molly says she wants a life with Kevin and thought he wanted the same thing.  Kevin insists that she go tell Tyrone right now that she’s leaving him.  Molly says she hates how seperate their lives are when they’re back on the street and wishes it was as it were when they were on holiday together.  Well, life’s not a holiday dear.  Kevin tells her it’s not a game, and people are going to get hurt so she needs to get real.

Michelle’s in her scant negligee painting her toe nails, when Ryan reminds her that Ben’s coming by soon.  She tells Ryan that Ben can get used to how she dresses around the house.  Oh, he will.  She also says she doesn’t want to hear any of Ben’s religious mumbo-jumbo.  Ryan tells her that Ben’s perfectly normal, but Michelle thinks that normal for a teenage boy should be getting drunk on lager and being in a race to lose his virginity.  Ryan sneers that he’s glad he’s got such a good role model.  Haha.  Ben arrives and definitely notices Michelle’s “attire.”  I’m guessing his own mother sleeps in flannels?  Haha.

Michelle’s frustrated that the builder isn’t there, and wants the boys out of the flat since she’ll be taking a bath and playing fleetwood mac and doesn’t want to hear video games.  Wow, should I be worried that Michelle and I have a LOT in common?  Haha.

Well, seems the new builder has arrived and is escalating the ladder outside the kabab shop whilst Michelle is singing her heart out to Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” in the tub.  Only the builder slips and falls and his ladder goes flying, but luckily he’s grabbed hold of the window of Michelle’s flat from the outside.  Is anyone out there thinking, “Bill wouldn’t have slipped?”  Yeah.  Michelle hears the noise, puts a towel on a runs to the window to find a good looking man just hanging from it.  What’s that song?  It’s Raining Men!  It’s as though he fell from heaven.  Michelle pulls him in before he falls, but in the process loses her towel.  Perfection.  Once again, who goes into a bath in full makeup?  Must be a Carla sitz.  Michelle is embarassed but the builder tells her not to cover up for his sake.  Wow, I must not also that I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of nudity (side-boob) in Corrie ever.  I bet Michelle’s glad that that’s not Bill after all stood in front of her!

Michelle gets a chance to put a robe on a builder-boy tells her that he could have broken a leg if she hadn’t come along, then calls Michelle his angel in a tower.  Builder-boy’s name is Jake, and he asks Michelle for some brandy to get rid of the shock.  Michelle seems unusually uncomfortable with this situation.  I doubt Rosie would be.  Jake continues to lay it on thick, reckoning that Michelle is the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.  Michelle tells him to get back to the roof, as her bath is getting cold.  Jake leaves, but not without asking Michelle if she’s single.  Michelle confirms that she is, then Jake does something bold – grabs her for a kiss.  Oh, he’s a smooth one.  Michelle pushes him away and tells him to get off.  Jake just smirks and tells her that if she wants him, she knows where to find him.  He’s a little shy, don’t you think?

Maria stops by the Kabin and tells Norris, and Joan, that she’s going on holiday to Cypress with baby Liam to see her parents.  Norris thinks taking a baby on a plane is a bad idea, because there’s always some child screaming his head off on a plane he’s been on and it’s extremely annoying.  After Maria leaves, Norris takes the opportunity to fill Joan in on the gossip of Maria’s life.  Norris tells Joan that they’re a very close-knit community there.  Haha, I love this kind of irony that Little injects in the episodes.  Norris is still having a very rough time of it with Joan, a.k.a. Speak No Evil.  He’s already begun writing up a “situation vacant” card to put in the window again when Rita calls to tell him how wonderful her holiday is.  He has a great time laughing and conversing with her over the phone, there’s some big shoes to fill in that shop assistant position.

Kirk’s over, and Tony tells him that he’s looking forward to getting closer to his future brother-in-law.  Kirk asks him what his policy is on hiring family members.  Oh Kirk!  Tony tells Kirk there’s nothing available at the moment.  When alone, Kirk tells Tony that Maria’s been smiling a lot more since Liam’s been born, and that it’s down to Tony, so he gives his thanks.  Tony tells Kirk that he loves Maria more than he’s ever loved anyone.

Later, Tony complains to Maria about having some indigestion or hunger pains.  He looks in pain.  Of course, he always seems to look in pain.

Silence is Golden: Mon Oct 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 26 2009

Written by Peter Whalley (7:30) and Stephen Russell (8:30), directed by Tony Prescott.

Tony’s on the phone assuring Jimmy that the two of them are in the clear and things couldn’t have worked out better.

Michelle notices more issues with her kebab-shop apartment as there’s some water damage on the ceiling.  She is thankful she’s only renting the place and will tell the landlord.  Did she ever own a place?  Michelle calls Dev and asks if she can have Bill Webster come take a look at it.  Bill tells Michelle that he thinks it’s the roof tiles and he’ll go up and have a look.  Bill gives Dev the estimate to fix the roof, and Dev debates whether or not to accept his services.  Dev decides to take someone else’s services since he thinks that he can get it done cheaper and faster.

Meanwhile, Ben is looking for somewhere to stay while his parents are away, so he doesn’t miss any school.  He complains to Sophie and Ryan that he doesn’t know what to do.  The wheels in Ryan’s head are turning, and he goes and sees Michelle and work and tells her about Ben’s situation, and how he needs a place to stay.  Michelle tells him there’s no way that Ben can stay with them, then she relents but tells him that he can’t stay long.

Barry and Helen are finally off and back to Ireland.  Helen tries to entice Ryan and Michelle, and even Maria and Tony, to come to Ireland for the holidays. Helen tells Tony that she knows they got off on the wrong foot, but they’re still welcome to come to Ireland for Christmas.  Maria tells the Connors that she told her parents that the next trip they’d make would be to Cypress to see them.  Oh, so NOW her parents are back in the picture?  Helen thinks that Cypress would be too hot for baby Liam, but Maria reminds her that they have babies in Cypress.  And have for many, many, many years.

Tony’s back now that the Connor’s have gone, and Maria suggest that they need to talk to Carla, especially since they’re still married, and he and Maria are engaged.  Tony says that he’ll deal with Carla on his own, since it’s his problem.  Only, that’s not enough for Maria.  She seems Leanne in the street and asks her if she still has a number for Carla.  She tells Leanne that Tony and her are engaged, which seems to shock the pants off Leanne.  Leanne later tells Tony that she’s looking for Maria, since Maria asked her for Carla’s number.

Tony tracked Maria down at the Salon where she was doing a favour with a shift after Natasha had called in sick.  Tony once again interrupts Maria’s life for his own “emergencies.”  Gawd, he’s so freakin’ pompous!  Tony tells her not to ring Carla, and that they need to talk before she rings Carla.  Audrey’s fuming after Tony’s come in.  Maria tells Audrey she just wanted to call Carla to say “no hard feelings.”  Audrey says she’s dealt with enough ex-wives, and it’s best to just leave it.  Maria tells Tony that she’s sorry for interfering, and Tony decides to take her ring shopping.  It seems that Tony went grocery shopping also.  Maria loves the big rock that Tony gave her for her engagement ring.  Tony thinks they should tell her mum and dad, but in person.  He decides to book flights to Cypress, but he wants Maria to go first, and then for him to meet her later.

Norris and Joan are setting up the Kabin for Halloween.  Norris notices how quiet Joan is and asks her if something’s the matter.  She replies that her mother told her only to speak when she had something worth saying.  Oh, she’s not going to fit in around here.  Norris tries to explain to Joan how to make small-talk with customers.  Unfortunately, his next customer was Leanne, and she wasn’t in a good mood, so Norris’ little “small-talk lesson” didn’t quite go as planned.  Norris is bored stiff working with Joan.  He tries his best to strike up a conversation with her, but to no avail.  Kirk comes in, and Norris is so hungry for conversation, he tries to get Kirk to stay and chat with him.  Joan looks at her watch and realizes it’s “home time” then remarks that she really enjoys working there – makes the day go by in a blink.  Norris later complains to Audrey and Emily in the pub about how “utterly and totally” silent that Joan is.

Molly asks Dev is she can take a few hours off to go see her dad.  She’s obviously going to be seeing Kevin, not poor Diggory, whom we never hear about.  Pam walks in and hears Dev tell Molly that he hopes Diggory is well.  Pam asks what’s wrong with Diggory, and Molly shrugs it off and says he’s just feeling a bit under the weather.  Pam seems concerned.  Uh oh!  Pam continues on her lunch rounds and sells a Sandwich to Tyrone and asks him about Diggory.  Of course, Tyrone has no idea.  Tyrone goes home and asks Molly what’s wrong with Diggory.  Molly says she made it sound worse than it was to Dev, just so she could get the time off.  Tyrone tells her that it seemed a bit peculiar that she never told him.  He’s got the pieces, he just can’t put the puzzle together, poor Tyrone.

Molly and Kevin meet up in his tow truck in a back alley discussing their narrow escape today.  Molly and Kevin drive out of the area, then decide to go for a walk before the pub opens for lunch.  Molly and Kevin walk up to a new development with an open-house, and decide it’d be fun to go in and have a nosy.  The sign the sign-in form as “Mr. and Mrs. Webster” that live in a caravan park, then go on their tour.  After the tour guide gives them some time alone to look around, Kevin goes straight to the bedroom and tries to convince Molly it’d be good to make use of the bed.  Molly’s not very happy about this whole scenario.  Kevin tells her he’s been yearing for her this last while, Molly says she feels the same watching him with his wife and kids.  Kevin tells Molly that they could buy that place if they weren’t married to other people.  Molly said she’d do it if they weren’t married to other people.  They decide to can the discussion and go to the pub for lunch.

Molly and Kevin are parked in Kevin’s truck a ways back from the street, when who should turn the corner and see them snogging in the truck, but Auntie Pam?  From the stunned look on her face, I’m surprised she didn’t drop her basket.  Pam sees Molly coming out of the truck and quickly walks away out of sight.

Meanwhile, Minnie comes into the Garage for what seems like the sole purpose of flirting with Tyrone.  She’s telling him how buff she thinks he is and how he could probably lift her whole car with his bare hands.  Wow.  Minnie complains that her car stalls out everytime she’s stopped at a traffic light, and she’s afraid of it happening again.  Tyrone says he has no time today, but Minnie convinces him otherwise.  The power of a smile.  Kevin comes back and sees that Tyrone’s working on Minnie’s Mini.  Tyrone asks Molly how Diggory is, and Molly makes it out that Diggory’s not well and she’s worried about him, so she’ll be back and forth all week.  Tyrone offers to go with her, in any way shape or form, but she declines.  If she’s not careful, she could lose Tyrone.  She needs to stop taking him for granted.

Pam comes by Dev’s shop and asks after Diggory.  Molly says he’s got the flu, but he should be alright.  Don’t you hate it when you know someone is lying, and they lie right to your face?

Minnie comes back, and Tyrone tells her that her car is now fixed, and he’ll give her a discount, but to keep it *hush* *hush*.  They both get in the Mini to test drive Tyrone’s work.

Later, Pam sees Molly in the street and confronts her that she’s spoken to Diggory, and he’s not sick.  Molly tells Pam she just wanted some time off work.  Pam asks if that’s it, or if there’s something wrong that she wants to talk about.  Molly gets cornered and sees Tyrone and Minnie pulling up and getting out of her car, and goes over and demands to know what’s going on.  Molly accuses him of cheating on her with Minnie and says she’s not having it.  Pam tells Molly “nice try”, but they need to talk, and they’re going to.  Molly says that there’s something about Minnie that pulls her beard.  Pam tries to subtly bring up the the subject of the big pink elephant in the room, but Molly’s not budging.

Tyrone complains about Molly to Kirk, and Kirk immediately asks Tyrone if she’s seeing someone else.  Molly’s follies didn’t even get past the infinite wisdom of Kirk.  Kirk offers to spy on Molly while he’s staying in the house.  Kirk tells him not to apologize, let her come to him.  Tyrone breaks down and ends up sending Molly an apology text. Kirk is upset and thinks that Tyrone needs to start standing up for himself.

Molly sees the apology text and Auntie Pam can’t believe he sent it.  Auntie Pam starts calling Tyrone a push-over, and that he’s no match for Molly.  Pam finally admits that she saw her and Kevin, and she knows what it looked like.  Molly still continues to lie and deny, but Pam also tells her that she saw them kissing.  Then she accuses Molly of having an affair.  Molly tells Pam that it’s not an affair – her and Kevin are in love.  Pam tells her to tell Tyrone, or end it.

Borrowed Time: Fri Oct 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 23 2009

Written by Chris Fewtrell (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster.

At the christening, Kirk tells Audrey that at his christening the Vicar dropped him straight on his head.  That explains so much.  They’re all once again waiting on Tony.  Maria blames Rosie Webster and her problems for the reason that Tony’s preoccupied on her son’s christening day.  Tony finally arrives, soaked from the rain, and assumes his place in the pew.

Tony pompously answers his cell phone at the beginning of the christening ceremony halting it even further.  Honestly!  Outside we see Jimmy Dockerson standing by a tree.  Tony tells Jimmy that Carla’s serious, and they’re on borrowed time as it is.  Tony reminds Jimmy that Carla’s secrets could implicate him as well.  Jimmy assumes that Tony wants Carla dead.  Tony denies it, but Jimmy reminds him that he hasn’t got an alternative solution.  Jimmy tells him that Carla is his missus, he can sort it, because he’s done all the killing he’ll do for Tony.  Tony tell Jimmy that killing Carla is the only way and if he walks away now he’ll have to give him up to the police to get a lighter sentence.  Jimmy drops Tony to the ground and tells him he’s going nowhere.

Back in the church the Connors are getting anxious so Audrey offers to go out and find Tony.  Audrey looks around, but can’t find Tony since he’s hiding behind a tree with Jimmy.  Tony manages to get the upper hand over Jimmy, but not without Jimmy promising that one day – he’ll make him pay.  Tony gets back into the church to face the unapproving stares as Maria demands to know what he was doing.  The christening goes on, as Tony agrees to renounce evil.  I don’t need to say anything about this.

There’s Carla, stupidly and faithfully, waiting in a dark empty factory.  Didn’t she already have a bad run-in with Tony before in a dark, empty factory?  I thought she was supposed to be clever.  Jimmy enters the factory and spies Carla, but hides from her.  Carla gets tired of waiting and leaves.  Jimmy bangs his head, and then follows her car in his.

When Tony gets back to the street he’s perplexed when he doesn’t see Carla’s car in front of Underworld.  That’s because Carla’s back at her old flat.  She calls Tony and asks him where he was, and makes him meet her at the flat instead.  Tony calls Jimmy and Jimmy says he’s going to wait until Carla comes out of the flat, but Tony disagrees and tells him where the keys to the flat are hidden.  Carla anxiously awaits Tony’s arrival with her papers all set out, but Tony’s late once again.  Jimmy however, is waiting anxiously outside for Carla to go to bed.  What? So he can smother her with a pillow?  Carla decides to take a bath and sits with her towel on her wet hair before decided to turn off the lights and go to bed.  It’s amazing how she can take a bath, and then come out in full makeup.  Lights-out, that’s Jimmy’s cue.  Let the smothering begin!

Tony lies to Maria about wanting to get a drink to leave the house.  He gets in the car and calls Jimmy leaving him a message saying, “don’t do it!”  Had second-thoughts has he?  At Carla’s flat, Jimmy rings her buzzer and pretends to be Tony buzzing up, so Carla leaves the door open and goes and gets her papers.  Jimmy enters and Carla realizes it’s not Tony.  Carla asks Jimmy why he did it, Liam never did anything to him.  He tells her that Tony paid him, that’s why.  Jimmy tells her she should have stayed away, since now she’s pretty much next.  Carla tells him that he can trust she’ll not saying anything, but Jimmy says he doesn’t trust her at all.  They get into a struggle as Carla fights for her life just when Tony pulls up to the flat.  Carla manages to grab a candle-stick, and when Tony walks in Jimmy is distracted, and Carla bashes him over the head with it, knocking him out cold.  Tony plays dumb and asks Carla if she’s alright and wonders what Jimmy is doing there.  Carla doesn’t believe Tony for one second, she can see through him like a cheap thing piece of paper.  Tony checks Jimmy and finds that that blow to the head has killed him.  Carla is in shock.  Tony tells her to get her bag and to get out of there.  No, go to the police!!!  Once and for all!  Tony then swears on baby Liam’s life (UGH!) that he had nothing to do with her current situation.  Tony convinces Carla that if she goes to the police they’ll implicate her as an accessory to Liam’s murder, since she ran away to LA when she had information.  Tony convinces her to leave since no one knows she’s there, and no one knows Jimmy’s there.  Carla tells him he disgusts her, and he says he disgusts himself.  Carla then goes into the bedroom.

After Carla’s out of the room, Tony wakes up Jimmy (he wasn’t dead!) and tells him to shut-up.  That slimy little bugger!  Tony tells him it’s his lucky day, and he needs to pretend to be dead, the covers in him a blanket.  Carla tells Tony, before she leaves, that the candelstick was a gift from Liam.  Tony tells her that he finally got his revenge.  They spit some bad words back and forth and Carla tells him to “go to hell.”  To which Tony quickly replies, “maybe I will.”  Haha.  Carla promises Tony that one day he’ll pay for this.  Tony figured that since he renounced the devil that afternoon, god smiled on him.  Erm, doubt it!  It’s probably the devil just trying to buy you back.  Like when you switch cable-providers and your old one’s always calling you back trying to do extra things for you just to get your business back?  Yeah, kinda like that.  Jimmy thinks Tony’s disgusting for going home now and slipping into bed next to that poor bloke’s missus.  Tony reminds him that history was written by winners.

Outside, Carla catches a taxi to the airport.  Back home, Maria tells Tony that she had a dream about Carla being back on the street and shouting at her about taking up with her man.  Tony tries to assure Maria that Carla probably won’t be back in Weatherfield anytime soon.  Don’t be too sure Tony!

Joe’s outside in the pouring rain on his boat, about the happiest we’ve ever seen him.  In his yellow rain-coat he looks almost like something out of a horror film I can’t quite remember the name of.  I know what you did last summer?  Gail admits to Joe that she has her reservations about the boat, and that her earlier exuberance was meerling an effort to back him up.  Joe assures her that the boat is a good idea.  Well, if it keeps raining like that, they’ll need an arc!  Joe informs her that their “ship has come in.”

Tiny asks her dad what he’s getting from that boat.  Joe explains to her that, besides her, he’s ruined everything good in his life and this boat is his chance to exact the opposite.

It’s still Molly’s birthday and the gang, and Kevin, are enjoying drinks at the Rover’s sat next to the home-gym box.  Jack tells some old stories about Vera as they all reminisce.  Sally comes over and sees Kevin enjoying a pint and chastises him for it since Rosie’s at home with her heart broke.  Kev reminds her that there’s nothing they can do right now, it’s up to the police.  One would ask what Sally is doing in the Rover’s ordering herself a glass of wine then?

In the Rover’s, Sally notices Molly’s necklace (the one that Kevin got her on holiday), and says that it looks exactly like the one she saw when her and Kev were on holiday, only he wouldn’t shell out to buy it for her.  Molly tells everyone that she bought it as a birthday gift to herself.

Kevin and Molly get a chance to talk alone in the Rovers, and complain about how the home gym “ball and chain” is going to make it hard for them to meet up.

Norris is finally interviewing “Joan” our stern new shop assistant interviewee.  The interview is very one-sided, but that’s the way Norris likes it.  They’re interrupted by the sound of a sander that Joe is applying to the side of his vessel.  Norris goes and complains about it, but Gail quickly puts him in his place as she reminds him that the van that delivers his papers at 4am wake her up every day!  You go girl!

Going Nowhere: Thu Oct 22, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 22 2009

Written by Martin Allen, directed by Duncan Foster.

Tony’s looking as stressed-out as I’ve ever seen a person look.  Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got blood on your hands.

Meanwhile, back on the street, everyone’s treating themselves to a “liquid lunch,” pardon Barry’s blarney!  Maria breaks the news of her and Tony’s engagement to Fiz and Audrey.  Fiz looks very happy for her (she should be, or she’d be a hypocrite), but Audrey – not so much!  Maria makes excuses about work for why Tony’s not there yet, but she really has no idea where he’s at.  If she only knew.

Rosie is still frantically sobbing in the office at Underworld, black mascara tears dripping down her face.  The tears of a clown.  Julie needs information from her, but Rosie’s not concerned with the goings-on in the factory at said moment.  Kev and Sally come to attempt a rescue.  Kev asks Rosie if she’s called the police, but Rosie claims that they can’t do anything.  Kev tries to persuade Rosie to come out of hiding in the office, but Rosie’s adament , and tells them she’s “going nowhere.”  I’ll say!

Tony pulls up to Coronation Street, and Julie comes running over telling him that “it’s Rosie, she’s fallen down the well.”  No, really, she tells him that Rosie’s locked herself in the office.  Tony tries to brush Julie off, but Julie mentions that Rosie mentioned something about not calling the police.  This arises Tony’s suspicions, so he takes the bait and goes into the office.  Tony tells Rosie to open the door, but she replies, “not until you’ve got me my money back.”  Tony uses his shoulder to bust in the door and asks Rosie what the hell she thinks she’s playing at.  Sally tells Tony that Rosie’s been cheated out of money by Luke Strong.  Kev arrives to tell them that Luke’s completely emptied the flat and his car’s gone.  Tony tells her that she’ll have to take it up with her solicitor.  Rosie asks him why he can’t just get it back for her.  Tony reminds her that it’s got nothing to do with him!  He’s right.  Tony tells Rosie to go home.

Back at Maria’s, the christening party is still waiting for Tony’s arrival.  They’ve already started to argue oever who would be the stand-in godfather since they all don’t think Tony’s coming.  Maria calls Tony again, only Tony doesn’t answer.  She tries again and then he answer and tells her that he’s sorry and he’ll be there shortly.

Rosie’s at home in misery, and Kevin suggests she at least go to the police station to report him, even if the chance of catching him are slim.  Rosie’s very upset and finally comes to the conclusion that Luke was only using her for her money.  Kevin says he can’t help feeling that it was a blessing in disguise, since the money from Stape has been nothing but bother since day 1.

Tony finally catches up with the christening party and tells them all that there’s been a crisis at work:  Luke’s done a runner with all of Rosie’s money.  Tony says there’s lots of work to do, but it can wait as they have to get to the church.  At the church, Tony goes back to the car to get something they’d forgotten only to find Carla sat in her car watching him.  Carla tells him to get in his car and drive away now, or she’s going into the church to tell everyone what happened, right now.  Tony begs her to wait until after the service.  Tony tells Carla he’ll meet her at the factory and sign everything over to her, but he begs for Maria to have this one nice moment before he’s out of her life forever.  Tony even adds a few crocodile tears to the mix.  Carla falls for this, and agrees to meet him later.  The second Carla leaves, Tony gets on the phone to Jimmy and informs him that Carla’s back.

It seems Gail has gotten up from her sit-down, and is trying to make sense of why Joe got that boat.  Gail also can’t believe that he’s paid good money for the thing, since he’s broke.  Or that he’s in debt to some not very nice people?  Who needs kneecaps when you’ve got a boat, right Joe?

Graeme comes by to take a look at the boat, and asks Joe if he’s expecting heavy rain.  Haha, boat jokes never get old.  Joe tells them that they can laugh all they want, but when he’s done fixing it up, it’ll be worth 7000 quid.  All the sudden, Gail’s turned the other cheek.  She reckons that that’s quite a profit.

Norris is expecting another candidate for a shop assistant to come in for her interview, Joan is her name.  Tina comes in fresh from the self-tanning salon it would seem.  Seriously, when is enough, enough?  You live in England.  The sun rarely shines.  You’re anglo-saxon.  The jig is up!  That goes for David too.  Tina tells Norris about her father and the boat.  Norris tells her that if it gives her father pleasure to have this boat, then there isn’t an issue.  Norris changes his stance on that issue once he realizes that he’ll be staring at the thing, as it’s being moored in Gail’s drive.

Joan has finally arrived, and she’s not anything like Sheila Wheeler – thank goodness.  She’s very prim and proper.

It’s Molly’s birthday and Jack and Connie have come bearing a gift.  The gift is a new handbag.  Tyrone’s shirt is giving me a seizure.  Big boys and busy prints do not mix.  Later, Tyrone sees Kevin in the street and asks him if he can help him carry Molly’s birthday present to the Rovers – it’s heavy.  Kevin and Tyrone are seen carrying this HUGE box into the Rover’s to everyone surprise.  Molly opens the gift to find that it’s a home gym, so she can spend more time at home and less at the gym.  Well, there goes Molly and Kev’s alibi.

Ripped Off: Mon Oct 19, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

october 19 2009 copy

Written by John Kerr (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster.

Maria and Tony both can’t believe they’ve gotten engaged.  They also can’t wait until the Connor’s leave.  The just want to get the christening out of the way, and then they’ll be fine.  Inside, Barry informs Maria and Tony that he and Helen are booking themselves into a B&B after the christening.  It’s about time!

Christmas has come early for us ladies (and some gents) at Coronation Street Blog, as Tony Gordon is ironing scantily clad again!  Only, this time he’s got that darn vest on!  And his audience is Barry Connor.  Helen comes downstairs madder than a wet hand.  She’s got her claws out already and asks Maria what was on her mind when Tony was down on one knee to Maria at her son’s grave.  Maria said “thank god.”  That’s what was on her mind, thank god she had Tony.  Saved by the knock at the door, and it’s Michelle and Ryan ready for the christening.

Tony and Maria break the news to Michelle and Ryan.  Michelle says it’s unexpected but she’s happy for them and suggests they pop open the bubbly they were saving for after the christening.  Barry agrees and Helen has a fit asking if she’s the only one around there that gives a damn about Liam.  I understand the woman is grieving, but she’s far too heavy!  Maybe she should consult some professional bereavement help when she returns to the land of Beggorah and Bejesus.  Maria tries to apologize to Helen again, and Helen admits she’s just very bereft and she projects her anger at anyone who’s close enough.  She doesn’t know why Barry stays with her, the abuse he suffers.

Maria decides to make Helen happy since they’ve come to a truece and has decided to dress baby Liam in Helen’s ancient christening gown.  Tony makes a toast, and they all cheer.  After the toast, Tony gets a call and takes it in the other room.  The colour drains from his face as he speechlessly listens to the caller on the other line.  Who could it be?  Tony is troubled, but agrees to meet the person on the other line.

Tony arrives at a cemetery and waits by Liam’s gravesite.  Who is to show up behind him but Carla?  Tony asks Carla what on god’s earth is she doing back.  Carla lets on that she knows about Tony and Maria.  Tony reminds Carla that she left him.  Tony says it: “the bitch is back.”  Okay, question?  If you knew someone was a murderer, would you meet them in an empty cemetery?  Not I!  Tony chases after Carla and tells her that he and Maria are in love.  Carla reminds him that he said the same to her not too long ago.  Carla reckons that he must have brainwashed Maria.  Tony then tells Carla that he and Maria are engaged.  Carla tells him that he’s sick and twisted.  Tony figures that Liam loved Carla and Carla loved Liam and both he and Maria were leftovers: perfect match.  I hope he and Maria aren’t writing their own vows.  Carla demands that Tony walk away from Maria and her baby or she’ll tell Maria everything.  Tony tells her she can’t prove a thing.  Carla says she wouldn’t have to, she’d just tell the police about his confession, and Jimmy’s involvement.  Carla says that maybe they will get away with it, and maybe Maria will still love him despite what she tells her.  She then tells him that that’s a lot of maybes for a control-freak like him.  Carla informs Tony that she’s taken back her shares from Luke, and now she wants his.  She wants him to sell her his shares.  Carla wants Tony to meet her at the factory at 7, hand over the keys and sign on the bottom line.  She tells him to pack his bags, because this is his last day in Weatherfield.

Maria’s worried that Tony hasn’t arrived for lunch.  All the sudden, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Julie frantically looking for Tony because it’s all kicking off at the factory.  She tells them that Luke’s buggered off and Rosie’s gone awol and needs Tony to come restore some peace.  Maria goes into the kitchen and calls Tony immediately.

Joe’s grim about his meager wages, he reckons he deserves better.  Entitlement is a funny thing.  Joe’s busy at work with Bill regardless.  Pam’s been collecting money-owed to Bill and has managed to get someone to pay him in the form of an old boat!  What on earth?  Pam says it was this boat, or nowt.  Pam tries to romanticize the boat to Bill, but he’s not having any of it.  Joe tells him the boat’s not in bad shape, just needs some TLC.

Joe is in good spirits and goes in to visit Gail at the medical centre.  I’m shocked he’s not been barred for life from that place, but whatever.  He asks Gail if she can’t meet him at home later – for a surprise.  This surprise wouldn’t involve a boat, would it?

From the salon, Audrey and David stare in disbelief as Joe rolls a boat in front of Gail’s place.  Audrey and David give him flack about the boat, but he could care less.  Audrey tries to warn Gail before she gets home about the boat.  Gail spots the boat open-mouthed.  Gail tells Joe that he should call Bill Webster back and get his money back then collapses in a huff on the stoop saying that “sometimes, sometimes you need to sit down.”

Blanche worries that Norris is going to have a coronary since he’s been working too hard at the Kabin.  Blanche goes over to see Emily and reminds her that birthdays are to be celebrated, especially when one gets to her age, where any one could be the last.  Then she tells Emily that she didn’t get her a gift, since she always felt that had more to do with the giver, than the receiver, and frankly, she’s not that selfish.  Saved by the phone, it’s Freda calling Emily via special call centre for the deaf.

Luke is at his flat furiously packing away items when Rosie walks out of his bedroom in his dress-shirt.  He manages to tuck his passport into his carry-all without her noticing.

Rosie’s getting the usual flack from the factory girls, and she begs Luke to let her tell them that she’s big boss now.  Luke persuades her to wait until Tony’s there, because he’d love to watch the colour drain from his face.  Luke’s a real stand-up guy.  Luke gets on the phone once Rosie’s left the office and confirms with his bank that 90 grand has been passed into his account.  He also takes the opportunity to delete all his files off the computer.  Luke then goes back to his flat and starts ripping up papers and throwing them out.  He’s a man with an escape plan.

Rosie comes in and asks Luke about the name “Underworld” and how it sounds like it has something to do with gangsters.  She hates it and wants to change it.  Haha, apparentely if Rosie ruled the world, the new name for Underworld would be “English Rosie’s Quality Underwear.”  It does have a nice ring to it!

Luke is seen dodging Tony’s car as it drives by, then continues to load the boot of his car with luggage.  He pops into the driver’s seat, and with a devious smile, drives out of the street, and our lives, for good.

Rosie gets a call for Luke, but she says that they can talk to her, since she’s a partner.  She tells the person on the line she assumes that it’s about getting Luke’s shares into her name, and when she asks how long it’ll take, she gets an answer she doesn’t like.  Rosie rushes straight over to Luke’s flat, but when she walks in, she notices something different.  The place is empty, and there’s a note addressed to her, which she reads, then panics for her mobile.  Rosie calls her bank immediately and says she needs to stop a transaction, but unfortunately it’s too late.  Needless to say, Rosie is in hysterics.

Rosie goes back to the factory and Sally asks her what’s the matter, but Rosie tells her to leave her alone.  Rosie breaks down in tears and tells Sally that her little girl has messed up once again.  She tells Sally that Luke’s ripped her off, and tells her the whole story.  Sally hits the wall when she realizes how much money that Rosie gave Luke.  Rosie tells Sally that she won’t stand for it and hopefully when Tony gets back he can sort it.  Unlikely!  Sally accuses Rosie of being greedy, so Rosie kicks her out of the office.  Sally goes home and tells Kev about Rosie’s predicament.

Tyrone wishes Molly a happy birthday.  It seems the couple are warming to their new flatmate: Kirkeh.  Tyrone got Molly some chocolates and a poem, but he’s also planned a nice little surprise for her and he’s invited Jack and Connie to the Rover’s to have a bite to eat with them.  Sounds lovely!