Mrs. Fiona Stape: Thu Oct 1, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 1 2009

Written by Julie Jones, directed by David Kester

Where are we after a fun-filled week on the street?  We had a dumping, a non-wedding, a sole proprietorship, another dumping, a new lass, and one wild party.

Now that Chesney has shown up at the prison to stand by his sister’s side, Fiz tries frantically to get back into the prison.  The prison guard reminds her that it’s a prison, not a hotel.  Really?  No turn-down service?  The guard asks for their visiting orders.  Fiz talks to John’s guard, but he tells them that the registrar is gone.

John’s guard goes to his cell and tells him to put his coat back on, because there’s been a change in plans.  Fiz apologizes to John for leaving.  John thanks Chesney and the Croppers for coming.  He extends a hand to Chesney, which remains unshaken.

The ceremony goes well, and John tells her that with ever fibre of his being that he loves her, and he’ll always remember to put the toilet seat down.  That should be written into every vow ceremony!  The deal has been sealed, now let the conjugal visits begin!  At the end of the ceremony, John reaches out to shake Chesney’s hand again, and this time Chesney accepts.  How mature of him.  Side note:  When did Chesney become a man?  Was this something that happened over night?  Or was I just not paying attention?  No more Fiz Bomb Brown.  Now it’s Fiona Stape.  Well, at least there’s one positive thing about a prison wedding: it won’t make you broke!  And just like that, Fiz has to leave her husband to go back to his cell.  Why couldn’t she wait until he was out of prison again?  Becuase now her wedding night will be spent with her brother, a pizza and a dvd.  How romantic.

On Fiz’s return, rude little Rosie Webster sees Fiz and wishes her good luck, because she’s “so going to need it.”  What a little twat!  Fiz opens the door to her house, and her and Chesney walk in on a huge surprise party thrown by the factory girls, Kirk and the Windasses.  It’s the wedding reception every little girl dreams of.  All joking aside, it’s very sweet of them.   Anna Windass tells Chesney that he’s a smashing lad for what he did today.  Glasses raised to “Mrs. Fiona Stape.”

The “reception” is going long and strong into the night.  Janice says her stomach is feeling off, and Julie reckons it’s those cakes, because “that Eddie is proper grubby.”  Finally! That’s what I’ve been saying all along.  I’m happy that someone else noticed!  Sean loves Eddie’s cakes!

Later outside, Fiz tells Chesney that this isn’t exactly how she imagined her wedding day to be when she was little.  But she’s still glad that she went through with it, and thanked Ches for being there, again.  Chesney tearily tells her that he did it for her, because she’s his sister and, well, you know.  Fiz tells him that she loves him too, then breaks out into tears.  Oh boy, no woman should ever be crying on her wedding night.

The factory girls are at work wondering where Rosie had gone to when Luke lets the cat out of the bag and tells them all that she’s been fired.  Cue shocked responses.  Rosie listens in on this and calls the lot of ‘em vultures!  Lol.  Luke asks her if she’s there to clean out her desk.  She tells him that she’s not going anywhere.  Ahem, security!  She’s trouble that one!

Luke cleans out Rosie’s desk and tells her that she’s embarrassing herself.  Rosie thinks Tony will back her up.  Erm, doubt it!  Rosie reminds Luke that she’s a shareholder, and that he can’t just sack her whenever the mood takes him.  Luke says he has good cause to fire her, but Rosie tells him to tell that to the tribunal.  Rosie tells him that she’ll tell the tribunal how he seduced her and tricked her into investing into Underworld, and then when he got what he wanted, he dumped her and then sacked her.  See, it’s women like Rosie Webster that make it difficult for other women to get ahead in the business world.  Ugh.  Although, she is right.  Luke tells her that she knows full well that it wasn’t like that (yes, it was), and she tells him to prove it, then stomps off in a huff.  All the factory girls just sat open-mouthed in shock as she put her things back into the office.  She may be vapid, but she’s not unclever!

It seems that devious Dev’s plan worked, because Amber is upset that Darryl has left her for Spain.  Dev tries to console her and encourages her to go back to Uni and forget about Darryl.

At the kebab shop, Darryl is feeling some remorse after taking money over Amber.  Theresa thinks he should quit his whinging since it’s all for the best, because he and Amber weren’t meant for each other.  Darryl tells Theresa about Dev giving him money to go to Spain to back off of Amber.  Theresa’s not happy that he’s going to be leaving her.  Theresa reckons that the money that Dev gave Darryl was compensation for the rubbish wages he pays.

Amber wonders to Molly whether or not Darryl finished it with them because he thought he was doing her a favour.  Amber thinks if it’s true, that it’s sweet and stupid, and typical Darryl.  Molly suggests she go over there now and give him a chance to change his mind.  Amber heads over and gets intercepted by Theresa before seeing Darryl.  Theresa lets on that Dev gave Darryl money to stay away from her, and it worked.  Uh oh.  Amber’s clearly upset at this and tells Darryl to “get stuffed.”

October 1 2009

Amber confronts Dev later about giving Darryl money to make him leave her.  Dev always gets caught in his own schemes.  Dev tells her that she’s beautiful and she’s bright and he doesn’t want her to waste her future on a no-hoper like him.  She tells him that he’s an unbelievable control-freak.  Dev tells her that if Darryl really loved her, that he’d tell him where to shove his money.  Amber says that’s true, and that she’s washing her hands of the pair of them.  Dev apologizes and says he was truly trying to help.  Amber tells him to take a closer look at his own life, because everyone he loves leaves him.  Ouch, but true.  She tells him he’s a complete disaster.  Oh, don’t words like that cut through a parent’s heart?

Tyrone goes to the shop and tells Molly to get home after work because he’s going a surprise for her at home.  Molly goes home to find Tyrone in his painting coveralls peeling off the wallpaper in The Old Rectory.  Although, maybe I shouldn’t be calling it that anymore.  From the looks of it, there are new owners in town.  I wonder what they have in store for the place?  I never thought I’d see the back end of that wallpaper.  Tyrone says he knew she’d want it done up, so that’s why he’s doing it.  Why is she cheating on him?  Molly wants to do the room a nice yellow, but Tyrone thinks red walls are much more cheery.  Molly reckons it’ll be like the shining and starts chanting “redrum, redrum!”  This is a nice scene, I don’t understand why they just can’t be a happy couple, without the bit (Kevin) on the side.  I’m with Molly, don’t paint it red!  I decided to paint a room red in my house, and NEVER again will I do that.  Eight coats of paint by time I was done with it.  Worst. Colour. To. Paint. Ever.


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