Camera Loves You: Fri Oct 2, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 2 2009

Written by David Lane, directed by David Kester.

Kirk is regretting moving in with Maria, since Baby Liam keeps him up all hours of the night.  He can’t figure out why people say they “slept like a baby” when they slept well since Baby Liam only sleeps 3-4 hours at a time.  Kirk tells Chesney he misses him.

Sophie Webster refers to Chesney as the “ginger Zac Efron.”  That was kinda cute.

Janice asks Fiz if the wedding was worth it after everything.  Fiz says that all the drama is far from over.  Oh, no.  Fiz asks Luke if he’ll change her name at work to “Fiona Stape.”  Rosie pops in and tells Fiz she can’t believe she actually went through with it.

Anna hands a large gift over to Fiz and says it’s a wedding present.  Fiz asks if she can’t wait to open it until her and John are together.  It’s a slow-cooker.  The thought of her John in jail and not with her causes Fiz to tear up, once again.  Fiz says that it shouldn’t have been like this, it should have been her and John together.  Well, Fiz-bomb, it COULD have been, had you listened to John in the first place and waited until he was out to get hitched!  Janice tries to console her by telling her that some of the best times in her and Les’ marriage were when he was in the inside.  Lol.

Fiz says she’s going to city counsel this morning to see if she can have them re-housed since she doesn’t want John to get berated when he comes back to the street.  But the bloke at the council informed her that it could be another year before they get another house.

Tyrone’s making good progress on the living room makeover.  It’s barely recognizable anymore!

Sally and Kev are back on the street.  They’ve returned too soon for my liking.  Sally tells Molly that she’ll show her the vacation photos.  Oh, smashing.  Smashing indeed.  Molly and Kevin are already planning their next clandestine encounter.  Tsk.

Sally’s in the Rovers enjoying a drink and showing Claire her holiday photos when Kelly comes in and gives her a newsflash: Fiz and Stape are married.  Sally marches right over to Fiz’s house and starts to shout her mouth off.  Fiz tells her to control herself.  Sally shoves Fiz and challenges her to hit back.  Chesney has to break them up.  Sally tells Fiz she better not be moving “that pervert” in on her street, but Fiz tells her not to worry, since they’re moving.  Chesney is shocked upon hearing this.  Chesney tells her that she can go, but he’s not.

Sally drowns her frustrations at home in a familiar glass of white wine while Sophie tries to tell her to just get over it.

Chesney tells Fiz that he only went through with that “sick charade of a wedding” for her sake, because he hates Stape.  Chesney tells her she’s as bad as their mum, making a fool of herself over some bloke.  Chesney reminds her that she’s lied and lied from the very beginning.  It’s true.  If being with someone makes you like to your friends and family, you need to question why you’re with them.

Fiz visits John in the clink the next day.  Fiz tells John how she had both the Webster witches shouting at her, and how they won’t have them living on the street.  John reminds her that it’s not up to them.  Fiz just doesn’t want the aggro.  John thinks it might be better if they did move.  John says he’ll come up with a solution, he promises.

Sophie tries to convince Chesney to give John a chance, since people do learn lessons.  Anna Windass comes upon Sophie and Ches at the bus stop and tells them they look like an old married couple seated there.  Yes! Hopefully there will be a Sophie-Chesney romance one day.  Anna offers for him to come over for some of Eddie’s cakes – maybe he can see the light afterwards.  What does he put in those cakes?  Lol.

Sophie and Ches are at the Windasses eating Eddie’s Madeira cakes.  Sophie reckons if she lived there she’d be the size of a house.  Gary wants to know what’s up.  Chesney tells Gary that they have to move because of Sophie’s mum.  Gary jokingly asks if he got Sophie pregnant.  Lol.  I’m so glad Gary’s back.  I’m probably the only one who likes him, but whatever!  They describe the situation to Gary, and Chesney says he doesn’t want to live with Stape any where.  Gary says that Chesney can always stop there if he wants.  I was waiting for this.  Chesney says it would be dead good.  Fiz shows up and asks Chesney where he’s been.  Chesney can’t wait to tell her that he’s moving into No.6, much to Anna’s shock.  Fiz thinks it’s crazy that he moves in there.  Anna tries to convince her it might be for the best.  Chesney tells her he’s not going to live with Fiz and Stape, end of.

Molly is waiting in a hotel room in her spinning attire when randy Kevin Webster shows up.  I STILL don’t believe the two of them.  Kevin tells Molly that he wishes he was on holiday with her, not Sally.  Kevin pulls out a small box for Molly.  She opens it to reveal a turquoise pendant necklace.  Molly says she’ll wear it and she won’t take it off.  Kevin tells Molly that he’s thinking that he’s in love with her.  She asks him if he means it, and he says of course.  Molly tells him that he loves her too, and she’s never felt this way about anyone – ever.  Oh, this just gets better.

Back at home, Tyrone has managed to make the place look almost identical (just more updated) to what it was before he started the makeover project.  He’s got navy floral paper, and pinkish accent walls.  LOL.

Uncle Umed is up to his lame antics again and is creating a new “ding” for when people open the door to enter the shop.  Amber walks into the store to say she’s only come for her laptop.  Amber is still in a mood and tells Molly what Dev had done.  Dev claims that the fact at Darryl chose 500 quid over her, proves that he wasn’t good enough for her.  Amber tells him he has no right to interfere.  Umed suggests that Amber make up with her father, since his money, if not his love, will get her through university.  Haha.

Theresa does her best mothering and tries to console Darryl by telling him that Amber’s off at university and whatever happens she’ll be jumping some other man’s bones by Christmas anyhow.  Nothing like a mother’s touch.

Darryl sees Amber with her luggage and begs her not to go.  Amber tells him how insulted she was that he’d trade her for 500 quid.  Darryl shows her the cheque and says he never banked it, he was just confused and upset.  Amber tells him that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.  Dev comes up to the bus and yells at her that he’d drive her to the station.  Both Dev and Darryl are banging on the bus for her as it drives out of the street.  The two of them put two and two together and look at Theresa.  Darryl calls his mother a rotten, scheming, two-faced, old bat.  Nice to know there’s a new Cilla on the street!  Dev then calls Theresa a schtupid, schtupid woman.  Dev tells her that he’s her landlord, and her boss and he does hold grudges.  It’s alright though Theresa, he’s also got a REALLY bad memory.

Dev is frantically trying to get a hold of Amber.  Umed suggests he lay off his efforts, since all woman leave their fathers for another man eventually.

It appears that Julie is doing a good job taking over for the highly coveted position of Hiyalowa.  She looks really cute in that outfit!  She’s like a mod-squaw.  Eileen walks in and notices John snapping a photo of Julie bending over.  Uh oh!  Eileen asks him what’s with the David Bailey impersonation.  Lol.

Julie says it might be immodest of her to say, but she feels like she’s alive when someone points a camera at her.  Cue Eileen’s eye-rolling.  And mine.  John asks Julie if she’s ever modelled before.  She says she never has, but asks if he thinks she could.  Eileen replies that she could do that while Eileen is dancing Swan Lake.

Eileen confronts John later about the whole “camera loves you stuff” with Julie.  Eileen accuses John from fancying her.  John thinks that Eileen doesn’t trust him.  Eileen tells him he needs to fire Julie.  John tells her that he and Julie are good together, and that he can control himself.  W-o-w.  Eileen tells him that it’s Julie or her.

Jesse meets Julie in the Rovers and she’s all excited about being Hiyalowa.  Jesse tells her that instead of “General Custard and Hiyalowa” he was thinking just “General Custard.”  Julie’s face falls upon hearing that.  He tells her they’ve taken their double-act as far as it can go, and he’s sorry.  Julie figures it out that it’s down to Eileen.  Julie knows that this has Eileen’s hoof marks all over it.  Julie says that she doesn’t fancy him, and Eileen doesn’t trust her.  Julie says that they play Eileen.  They tell her what she wants to hear, that she’s fired and it’s a one man show, but in reality they carry on like they have.  Jesse’s worried about lying to her.  As he should be!  He’s like a ping pong ball between them sisters.

Jesse comes home to find Eileen sat watching a film with a box of tissues.  Julie fakes some tears and lies to Eileen about being fired as Hiyalowa.  Eileen pretends to not know why he sacked her, with Julie’s eyes rolling.  What a hilarious scene!  Julie’s a good little actress.

Norris and Rita have a drink while Rita goes over the details of her cruise with him.  Rita and Liz poke fun at Norris for hiring a new “babe.”  Norris reckons that Sheila has the “x factor”, and that the chemistry between them is great, because Sheila is so entertaining.  Rita says that in another couple of weeks it’ll be like she was never there.  That’s life, my dear.


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