Get Stuffed: Thu Oct 8, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 8 2009

Written by David Lane, directed by Pip Short.

Darryl gets mad at Theresa about not showing up for work.  Theresa says she doesn’t want to be around him, since he’s angry with him over Amber.  Theresa then starts to pick a fight with Liz.  Uh-oh.  Deirdre has to hold Liz back after Theresa asked what street corner Liz is on so she knows where to find her so they can continue their fight later.  Darryl still blames Theresa for sabotaging his relationship.  Only, she didn’t really.  She only opened her big gob.  Darryl yells at her about interfering with his life, and says he can’t stand the sight of her.  Darryl kicks her out of the flat, and says if he had his way, she’d be out of the flat too.

Tyrone wakes up worse for wear and finds out from Darryl that he had a kebab and then threw it all up all over the kebab shop floor.  Tyrone can’t even recall this.  Darryl goes over to the garage later and tells Tyrone that if he and his mother are in that flat together for much longer, only one of them is coming out alive.

Meanwhile, Molly and Kev are having a romantic breakfast in bed in thier posh Chester hotel.  Molly and Kev take a stroll along the river enjoying their romantic departure-from-reality.  Molly and Kev dream about living in “one of them houses by the river.”  The river that runs through La-la-land?  They can’t afford the rent there.  Kevin and Molly go to check-out of the hotel, only Kevin insists that they stay longer.  Molly thinks it’s completely mad, but Kevin wants another night with her.  Kev says he’s never felt more-mad or more-sane at the same time.  I vote for more-mad.  Kev lies to Sally and tells her the train’s been cancelled and there’s not another one until tomorrow.  Also looks like Kevin has forgotten his and Sally’s anniversary tomorrow also.  Kevin asks Molly if she’s going to phone Tyrone or what.

Poor Tyrone is at home sorting a romantic dinner dressed in his Sunday Best, then the phone rings.

Chesney gives Fiz a letter to give to John, only she can’t because it’s against the rules.  I wonder if it’s a “Dear John” letter?  That was bad, I know, I couldn’t help it.  Ches says she may as well read it herself then.  Sally doesn’t let Fiz get a morning in and shouts at her about John again while she’s leaving her house.  Fiz tells Sally to “get stuffed.”  G-r-e-a-t.

Fiz sees John in prison and repremands him about sending those letters to the neighbours.  She tells him about all the aggro she had to go through as a result.  John just stirred the pot.  Fiz tells John that Chesney is prepared to live with them, as long as they live on the street.  Coronation Street, not THE street.  I thought that for a minute.  Lol.  John’s delighted to hear this and doesn’t give a fig about what the neighbours think.  Fiz confesses that it felt good to have a go at folks that are anti-Stape.  She’s tired of apologizing.  John tells her that it won’t be long until he’s by her side.  Then they can face down the neighbours together.  This should be good.

Emily tells Norris that it’ll be strange not having Rita around for the next few months.  Emily asks how Sheila is settling in.  Norris says “marvelously.”  Emily gets to meet Sheila at the beginning of her shift.  Norris is just eating Sheila up!  He’s almost a different person.  Lighter, somehow.  Norris and Sheila are so deep in conversation that he doesn’t even realize that Deirdre’s waiting to pay for her items.  And she’s not happy about waiting.  How unusual of Norris.  Norris doesn’t seem to be missing Rita much.  Deidre tells Norris about the celebration they have planned for Ken and Emily’s birthdays and Sheila jumps in saying she’d be more than happy to attend.

Leanne complains about her job, again, to Peter.  Hey, it’s gotta be more rewarding than her last job.  You know the one.  Leanne shows up in the pub midday and tells Peter she’s resigned.  Leanne isn’t happy with Peter because he can’t sympathize with her career woes.  Peter apologizes to Leanne and listens to her witter on about how much better she could have run that bar than those idiots she last worked for.  Peter tells her that it’s their loss.

At the Rovers, Liz is shocked that Ken is actually 70 and that Emily is coming up to 80.  Liz tells Deirdre and Peter that they’ll be more than happy to help them out in any way:  food, entertainment etc.  Peter asks if they can get Betty jumping out of a cake.  That should be a sight for sore eyes.


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