Maggie Jones (our Blanche) is ill, but improving.

Maggie Jones Sick copyI should have mentioned this sooner on here when I found out over the weekend, but alas, I didn’t.  I was too sad.  However, it seems there is a glimmer of hope for Maggie Jone’s condition at the moment, so I shall blog to celebrate that at least.

Maggie, 75, was taken to Salford Royal Hospital last Saturday.  She had an emergency operation performed for a pre-existing condition.  Of course, that pre-existing condition is a private matter, but honestly, she’s in her 70’s, it could be anything.

More recently, we’ve been informed that Maggie’s condition is looking the better, however she is still critical.  Our prayers are with her.

So bad news: Maggie is ill, and that means no Blanche on our screens for quite some time.  Tragic.  Good news: She’s on the upswing!

Let’s hope they treat Maggie well in the hospital!  We all know what Blanche has to say about public vs. private health care!

Sources: BBC News, Manchester Evening News


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