Shoes Are Forever: Thu Oct 15, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 15 2009

Written by Lucy Gannon, directed by Stuart Davids.

Umed is hastily trying to get Theresa out of the shop with her “belongings” (garbage bag full of cigarette scented clothes).

Theresa chases down Lloyd when she sees them in the street, but only be rejected by him.  He blames her for the fact that he’s lost all chances with his Lady Liz.  Theresa says she’s sure she’ll take him back, but she’s no real catch.  Lloyd has had it and tells her to stay out of his life then walks off leaving another message on Liz’s machine.  Theresa reflects that she always pushes people in her life away, and the more she likes them the more they hate her for it.

Umed goes into the kebab shop to talk to Darryl about Theresa being homeless.  Darryl changes the subject and tells Umed that the kebab shop isn’t doing well – he’s sick of making them, and everyone’s sick of eating them.  Umed thinks they need to put some pizazz into that place.

Over at the Rover’s Liz is in for a surprise to have Theresa request an audience with her to give her apologies.  Theresa tells Liz that she took advantage of Lloyd, he didn’t even know what happened.  Oh, that’s not the way I remembered it happening.  Liz says she doesn’t care, and she doesn’t feel sorry for Lloyd.  Liz has enough and kicks Theresa out back into the bar where Umed buys her a drink.

Umed asks Theresa how she feels about a new home and a new income.  Umed wants Theresa to make her curry for him for the kebab shop.  (Recall: the curry-off at Claire’s street fete)  What kind of plan does he have up his sleeve?

Lloyd comes into the Rovers, but Michelle says she’ll only serve him if he keeps a quiet profile.  Umed comes up to Lloyd and tells him about Theresa speaking to Liz on his behalf.  Lloyd, Theresa and Umed are outside in the smoking patio and Umed is trying Theresa’s case with Lloyd.  Lloyd agrees to keep her up for one night – but no one has to know about it.

Lloyd gives Theresa a comforter and the couch and even tells herself she can help herself to a bath or shower in the morning.  Good, she needs one!

Helen decides that they must go into town and get some flowers for Liam’s grave.  Maria says she’d like to get her own and Helen is surprised she hasn’t ordered them already.  Helen has an extra surprise for Maria – the Connor family christening gown.  Apparenly all the Connor children wore it at their christenings – even Ryan.  Well, this is awkward.  Tony informs Barry and Helen that Maria’s already picked out any outfit for the baby.  Helen insists it’s a family traidition.  How much more imposing can this woman be?  Why didn’t she call ahead to ask about the gown?  Maria says she wants something more modern and new.  She wants it to be a happy day.  Michelle comes by and tells her mother that the old gown is a museum piece, and of course Maria has chosen a new outfit.  Maria tries to compromise and tells Helen they could take some pictures of baby Liam in the old gown.

More Connor family joy for Tony when Helen pulls out the old family snaps.  Tony asks if Helen’s trying to upset Maria.  Helen disputes that all she’s done is make a photo album for her grandson so he can look at it one day and know where he came from.  Did Helen miss Paul this much?  Remember him, her first born son?

Later, Tony asks Maria how she is.  Maria says all this rowing and family stress is doing her head in.  Tony insists she ask them to go to a hotel, but Maria says she can’t.  Tony offers that he can move out, just for a night or two, because it’s him that the Connor’s are kicking against.  Tony feels like maybe he should move out permanently.  Tony accuses her of thinking that they’re moving too fast.  Maria asks him to just shut up about it, she’s sick of everyone and wants space.  Tony tells her that’s easily done, and with a sour face walks out.  Helen asks if he’s not leaving because of her, but Tony insists it’s because of work.  Maria hugs Tony goodbye.  Tony gets into his car and rests his head on his steering wheel.  Maria sees this outside her front window but is distracted when she hears baby Liam crying.  Tony drives off into the street with a conflicted look on his face.

At Underworld, Tony walks in on Luke talking on his phone about money troubles and jokes that he can lend him a tenner until payday if he likes.

Rosie comes into the Rovers and shows off her uber-expensive new pair or shoes.  How does she walk in those things?  Luke listens in on this, and sucks up to Rosie again, but she just rolls her eyes.  Luke tells Rosie that they should go into town to a few clubs sometime.  Rosie tries to resist him, but he lays on the charm double-thick.  He pretends to be kicking himself since breaking up with her.

Rosie saunters drunkily out of the pub with Luke.  Clearly his charms and champagne have worked.

Kevin asks Molly if she’s okay after their last altercation.  Kevin and Molly makes plans to meet tonight at their usual place.  Molly meets Kevin their usual – The Adulterers Inn.  Kevin wants to go away again, but Molly says they can’t, it’s too suspicious.  Molly just wants a cuddle.  How romantic.


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