Ripped Off: Mon Oct 19, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

october 19 2009 copy

Written by John Kerr (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster.

Maria and Tony both can’t believe they’ve gotten engaged.  They also can’t wait until the Connor’s leave.  The just want to get the christening out of the way, and then they’ll be fine.  Inside, Barry informs Maria and Tony that he and Helen are booking themselves into a B&B after the christening.  It’s about time!

Christmas has come early for us ladies (and some gents) at Coronation Street Blog, as Tony Gordon is ironing scantily clad again!  Only, this time he’s got that darn vest on!  And his audience is Barry Connor.  Helen comes downstairs madder than a wet hand.  She’s got her claws out already and asks Maria what was on her mind when Tony was down on one knee to Maria at her son’s grave.  Maria said “thank god.”  That’s what was on her mind, thank god she had Tony.  Saved by the knock at the door, and it’s Michelle and Ryan ready for the christening.

Tony and Maria break the news to Michelle and Ryan.  Michelle says it’s unexpected but she’s happy for them and suggests they pop open the bubbly they were saving for after the christening.  Barry agrees and Helen has a fit asking if she’s the only one around there that gives a damn about Liam.  I understand the woman is grieving, but she’s far too heavy!  Maybe she should consult some professional bereavement help when she returns to the land of Beggorah and Bejesus.  Maria tries to apologize to Helen again, and Helen admits she’s just very bereft and she projects her anger at anyone who’s close enough.  She doesn’t know why Barry stays with her, the abuse he suffers.

Maria decides to make Helen happy since they’ve come to a truece and has decided to dress baby Liam in Helen’s ancient christening gown.  Tony makes a toast, and they all cheer.  After the toast, Tony gets a call and takes it in the other room.  The colour drains from his face as he speechlessly listens to the caller on the other line.  Who could it be?  Tony is troubled, but agrees to meet the person on the other line.

Tony arrives at a cemetery and waits by Liam’s gravesite.  Who is to show up behind him but Carla?  Tony asks Carla what on god’s earth is she doing back.  Carla lets on that she knows about Tony and Maria.  Tony reminds Carla that she left him.  Tony says it: “the bitch is back.”  Okay, question?  If you knew someone was a murderer, would you meet them in an empty cemetery?  Not I!  Tony chases after Carla and tells her that he and Maria are in love.  Carla reminds him that he said the same to her not too long ago.  Carla reckons that he must have brainwashed Maria.  Tony then tells Carla that he and Maria are engaged.  Carla tells him that he’s sick and twisted.  Tony figures that Liam loved Carla and Carla loved Liam and both he and Maria were leftovers: perfect match.  I hope he and Maria aren’t writing their own vows.  Carla demands that Tony walk away from Maria and her baby or she’ll tell Maria everything.  Tony tells her she can’t prove a thing.  Carla says she wouldn’t have to, she’d just tell the police about his confession, and Jimmy’s involvement.  Carla says that maybe they will get away with it, and maybe Maria will still love him despite what she tells her.  She then tells him that that’s a lot of maybes for a control-freak like him.  Carla informs Tony that she’s taken back her shares from Luke, and now she wants his.  She wants him to sell her his shares.  Carla wants Tony to meet her at the factory at 7, hand over the keys and sign on the bottom line.  She tells him to pack his bags, because this is his last day in Weatherfield.

Maria’s worried that Tony hasn’t arrived for lunch.  All the sudden, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Julie frantically looking for Tony because it’s all kicking off at the factory.  She tells them that Luke’s buggered off and Rosie’s gone awol and needs Tony to come restore some peace.  Maria goes into the kitchen and calls Tony immediately.

Joe’s grim about his meager wages, he reckons he deserves better.  Entitlement is a funny thing.  Joe’s busy at work with Bill regardless.  Pam’s been collecting money-owed to Bill and has managed to get someone to pay him in the form of an old boat!  What on earth?  Pam says it was this boat, or nowt.  Pam tries to romanticize the boat to Bill, but he’s not having any of it.  Joe tells him the boat’s not in bad shape, just needs some TLC.

Joe is in good spirits and goes in to visit Gail at the medical centre.  I’m shocked he’s not been barred for life from that place, but whatever.  He asks Gail if she can’t meet him at home later – for a surprise.  This surprise wouldn’t involve a boat, would it?

From the salon, Audrey and David stare in disbelief as Joe rolls a boat in front of Gail’s place.  Audrey and David give him flack about the boat, but he could care less.  Audrey tries to warn Gail before she gets home about the boat.  Gail spots the boat open-mouthed.  Gail tells Joe that he should call Bill Webster back and get his money back then collapses in a huff on the stoop saying that “sometimes, sometimes you need to sit down.”

Blanche worries that Norris is going to have a coronary since he’s been working too hard at the Kabin.  Blanche goes over to see Emily and reminds her that birthdays are to be celebrated, especially when one gets to her age, where any one could be the last.  Then she tells Emily that she didn’t get her a gift, since she always felt that had more to do with the giver, than the receiver, and frankly, she’s not that selfish.  Saved by the phone, it’s Freda calling Emily via special call centre for the deaf.

Luke is at his flat furiously packing away items when Rosie walks out of his bedroom in his dress-shirt.  He manages to tuck his passport into his carry-all without her noticing.

Rosie’s getting the usual flack from the factory girls, and she begs Luke to let her tell them that she’s big boss now.  Luke persuades her to wait until Tony’s there, because he’d love to watch the colour drain from his face.  Luke’s a real stand-up guy.  Luke gets on the phone once Rosie’s left the office and confirms with his bank that 90 grand has been passed into his account.  He also takes the opportunity to delete all his files off the computer.  Luke then goes back to his flat and starts ripping up papers and throwing them out.  He’s a man with an escape plan.

Rosie comes in and asks Luke about the name “Underworld” and how it sounds like it has something to do with gangsters.  She hates it and wants to change it.  Haha, apparentely if Rosie ruled the world, the new name for Underworld would be “English Rosie’s Quality Underwear.”  It does have a nice ring to it!

Luke is seen dodging Tony’s car as it drives by, then continues to load the boot of his car with luggage.  He pops into the driver’s seat, and with a devious smile, drives out of the street, and our lives, for good.

Rosie gets a call for Luke, but she says that they can talk to her, since she’s a partner.  She tells the person on the line she assumes that it’s about getting Luke’s shares into her name, and when she asks how long it’ll take, she gets an answer she doesn’t like.  Rosie rushes straight over to Luke’s flat, but when she walks in, she notices something different.  The place is empty, and there’s a note addressed to her, which she reads, then panics for her mobile.  Rosie calls her bank immediately and says she needs to stop a transaction, but unfortunately it’s too late.  Needless to say, Rosie is in hysterics.

Rosie goes back to the factory and Sally asks her what’s the matter, but Rosie tells her to leave her alone.  Rosie breaks down in tears and tells Sally that her little girl has messed up once again.  She tells Sally that Luke’s ripped her off, and tells her the whole story.  Sally hits the wall when she realizes how much money that Rosie gave Luke.  Rosie tells Sally that she won’t stand for it and hopefully when Tony gets back he can sort it.  Unlikely!  Sally accuses Rosie of being greedy, so Rosie kicks her out of the office.  Sally goes home and tells Kev about Rosie’s predicament.

Tyrone wishes Molly a happy birthday.  It seems the couple are warming to their new flatmate: Kirkeh.  Tyrone got Molly some chocolates and a poem, but he’s also planned a nice little surprise for her and he’s invited Jack and Connie to the Rover’s to have a bite to eat with them.  Sounds lovely!


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