Going Nowhere: Thu Oct 22, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 22 2009

Written by Martin Allen, directed by Duncan Foster.

Tony’s looking as stressed-out as I’ve ever seen a person look.  Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got blood on your hands.

Meanwhile, back on the street, everyone’s treating themselves to a “liquid lunch,” pardon Barry’s blarney!  Maria breaks the news of her and Tony’s engagement to Fiz and Audrey.  Fiz looks very happy for her (she should be, or she’d be a hypocrite), but Audrey – not so much!  Maria makes excuses about work for why Tony’s not there yet, but she really has no idea where he’s at.  If she only knew.

Rosie is still frantically sobbing in the office at Underworld, black mascara tears dripping down her face.  The tears of a clown.  Julie needs information from her, but Rosie’s not concerned with the goings-on in the factory at said moment.  Kev and Sally come to attempt a rescue.  Kev asks Rosie if she’s called the police, but Rosie claims that they can’t do anything.  Kev tries to persuade Rosie to come out of hiding in the office, but Rosie’s adament , and tells them she’s “going nowhere.”  I’ll say!

Tony pulls up to Coronation Street, and Julie comes running over telling him that “it’s Rosie, she’s fallen down the well.”  No, really, she tells him that Rosie’s locked herself in the office.  Tony tries to brush Julie off, but Julie mentions that Rosie mentioned something about not calling the police.  This arises Tony’s suspicions, so he takes the bait and goes into the office.  Tony tells Rosie to open the door, but she replies, “not until you’ve got me my money back.”  Tony uses his shoulder to bust in the door and asks Rosie what the hell she thinks she’s playing at.  Sally tells Tony that Rosie’s been cheated out of money by Luke Strong.  Kev arrives to tell them that Luke’s completely emptied the flat and his car’s gone.  Tony tells her that she’ll have to take it up with her solicitor.  Rosie asks him why he can’t just get it back for her.  Tony reminds her that it’s got nothing to do with him!  He’s right.  Tony tells Rosie to go home.

Back at Maria’s, the christening party is still waiting for Tony’s arrival.  They’ve already started to argue oever who would be the stand-in godfather since they all don’t think Tony’s coming.  Maria calls Tony again, only Tony doesn’t answer.  She tries again and then he answer and tells her that he’s sorry and he’ll be there shortly.

Rosie’s at home in misery, and Kevin suggests she at least go to the police station to report him, even if the chance of catching him are slim.  Rosie’s very upset and finally comes to the conclusion that Luke was only using her for her money.  Kevin says he can’t help feeling that it was a blessing in disguise, since the money from Stape has been nothing but bother since day 1.

Tony finally catches up with the christening party and tells them all that there’s been a crisis at work:  Luke’s done a runner with all of Rosie’s money.  Tony says there’s lots of work to do, but it can wait as they have to get to the church.  At the church, Tony goes back to the car to get something they’d forgotten only to find Carla sat in her car watching him.  Carla tells him to get in his car and drive away now, or she’s going into the church to tell everyone what happened, right now.  Tony begs her to wait until after the service.  Tony tells Carla he’ll meet her at the factory and sign everything over to her, but he begs for Maria to have this one nice moment before he’s out of her life forever.  Tony even adds a few crocodile tears to the mix.  Carla falls for this, and agrees to meet him later.  The second Carla leaves, Tony gets on the phone to Jimmy and informs him that Carla’s back.

It seems Gail has gotten up from her sit-down, and is trying to make sense of why Joe got that boat.  Gail also can’t believe that he’s paid good money for the thing, since he’s broke.  Or that he’s in debt to some not very nice people?  Who needs kneecaps when you’ve got a boat, right Joe?

Graeme comes by to take a look at the boat, and asks Joe if he’s expecting heavy rain.  Haha, boat jokes never get old.  Joe tells them that they can laugh all they want, but when he’s done fixing it up, it’ll be worth 7000 quid.  All the sudden, Gail’s turned the other cheek.  She reckons that that’s quite a profit.

Norris is expecting another candidate for a shop assistant to come in for her interview, Joan is her name.  Tina comes in fresh from the self-tanning salon it would seem.  Seriously, when is enough, enough?  You live in England.  The sun rarely shines.  You’re anglo-saxon.  The jig is up!  That goes for David too.  Tina tells Norris about her father and the boat.  Norris tells her that if it gives her father pleasure to have this boat, then there isn’t an issue.  Norris changes his stance on that issue once he realizes that he’ll be staring at the thing, as it’s being moored in Gail’s drive.

Joan has finally arrived, and she’s not anything like Sheila Wheeler – thank goodness.  She’s very prim and proper.

It’s Molly’s birthday and Jack and Connie have come bearing a gift.  The gift is a new handbag.  Tyrone’s shirt is giving me a seizure.  Big boys and busy prints do not mix.  Later, Tyrone sees Kevin in the street and asks him if he can help him carry Molly’s birthday present to the Rovers – it’s heavy.  Kevin and Tyrone are seen carrying this HUGE box into the Rover’s to everyone surprise.  Molly opens the gift to find that it’s a home gym, so she can spend more time at home and less at the gym.  Well, there goes Molly and Kev’s alibi.


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