Borrowed Time: Fri Oct 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 23 2009

Written by Chris Fewtrell (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by Duncan Foster.

At the christening, Kirk tells Audrey that at his christening the Vicar dropped him straight on his head.  That explains so much.  They’re all once again waiting on Tony.  Maria blames Rosie Webster and her problems for the reason that Tony’s preoccupied on her son’s christening day.  Tony finally arrives, soaked from the rain, and assumes his place in the pew.

Tony pompously answers his cell phone at the beginning of the christening ceremony halting it even further.  Honestly!  Outside we see Jimmy Dockerson standing by a tree.  Tony tells Jimmy that Carla’s serious, and they’re on borrowed time as it is.  Tony reminds Jimmy that Carla’s secrets could implicate him as well.  Jimmy assumes that Tony wants Carla dead.  Tony denies it, but Jimmy reminds him that he hasn’t got an alternative solution.  Jimmy tells him that Carla is his missus, he can sort it, because he’s done all the killing he’ll do for Tony.  Tony tell Jimmy that killing Carla is the only way and if he walks away now he’ll have to give him up to the police to get a lighter sentence.  Jimmy drops Tony to the ground and tells him he’s going nowhere.

Back in the church the Connors are getting anxious so Audrey offers to go out and find Tony.  Audrey looks around, but can’t find Tony since he’s hiding behind a tree with Jimmy.  Tony manages to get the upper hand over Jimmy, but not without Jimmy promising that one day – he’ll make him pay.  Tony gets back into the church to face the unapproving stares as Maria demands to know what he was doing.  The christening goes on, as Tony agrees to renounce evil.  I don’t need to say anything about this.

There’s Carla, stupidly and faithfully, waiting in a dark empty factory.  Didn’t she already have a bad run-in with Tony before in a dark, empty factory?  I thought she was supposed to be clever.  Jimmy enters the factory and spies Carla, but hides from her.  Carla gets tired of waiting and leaves.  Jimmy bangs his head, and then follows her car in his.

When Tony gets back to the street he’s perplexed when he doesn’t see Carla’s car in front of Underworld.  That’s because Carla’s back at her old flat.  She calls Tony and asks him where he was, and makes him meet her at the flat instead.  Tony calls Jimmy and Jimmy says he’s going to wait until Carla comes out of the flat, but Tony disagrees and tells him where the keys to the flat are hidden.  Carla anxiously awaits Tony’s arrival with her papers all set out, but Tony’s late once again.  Jimmy however, is waiting anxiously outside for Carla to go to bed.  What? So he can smother her with a pillow?  Carla decides to take a bath and sits with her towel on her wet hair before decided to turn off the lights and go to bed.  It’s amazing how she can take a bath, and then come out in full makeup.  Lights-out, that’s Jimmy’s cue.  Let the smothering begin!

Tony lies to Maria about wanting to get a drink to leave the house.  He gets in the car and calls Jimmy leaving him a message saying, “don’t do it!”  Had second-thoughts has he?  At Carla’s flat, Jimmy rings her buzzer and pretends to be Tony buzzing up, so Carla leaves the door open and goes and gets her papers.  Jimmy enters and Carla realizes it’s not Tony.  Carla asks Jimmy why he did it, Liam never did anything to him.  He tells her that Tony paid him, that’s why.  Jimmy tells her she should have stayed away, since now she’s pretty much next.  Carla tells him that he can trust she’ll not saying anything, but Jimmy says he doesn’t trust her at all.  They get into a struggle as Carla fights for her life just when Tony pulls up to the flat.  Carla manages to grab a candle-stick, and when Tony walks in Jimmy is distracted, and Carla bashes him over the head with it, knocking him out cold.  Tony plays dumb and asks Carla if she’s alright and wonders what Jimmy is doing there.  Carla doesn’t believe Tony for one second, she can see through him like a cheap thing piece of paper.  Tony checks Jimmy and finds that that blow to the head has killed him.  Carla is in shock.  Tony tells her to get her bag and to get out of there.  No, go to the police!!!  Once and for all!  Tony then swears on baby Liam’s life (UGH!) that he had nothing to do with her current situation.  Tony convinces Carla that if she goes to the police they’ll implicate her as an accessory to Liam’s murder, since she ran away to LA when she had information.  Tony convinces her to leave since no one knows she’s there, and no one knows Jimmy’s there.  Carla tells him he disgusts her, and he says he disgusts himself.  Carla then goes into the bedroom.

After Carla’s out of the room, Tony wakes up Jimmy (he wasn’t dead!) and tells him to shut-up.  That slimy little bugger!  Tony tells him it’s his lucky day, and he needs to pretend to be dead, the covers in him a blanket.  Carla tells Tony, before she leaves, that the candelstick was a gift from Liam.  Tony tells her that he finally got his revenge.  They spit some bad words back and forth and Carla tells him to “go to hell.”  To which Tony quickly replies, “maybe I will.”  Haha.  Carla promises Tony that one day he’ll pay for this.  Tony figured that since he renounced the devil that afternoon, god smiled on him.  Erm, doubt it!  It’s probably the devil just trying to buy you back.  Like when you switch cable-providers and your old one’s always calling you back trying to do extra things for you just to get your business back?  Yeah, kinda like that.  Jimmy thinks Tony’s disgusting for going home now and slipping into bed next to that poor bloke’s missus.  Tony reminds him that history was written by winners.

Outside, Carla catches a taxi to the airport.  Back home, Maria tells Tony that she had a dream about Carla being back on the street and shouting at her about taking up with her man.  Tony tries to assure Maria that Carla probably won’t be back in Weatherfield anytime soon.  Don’t be too sure Tony!

Joe’s outside in the pouring rain on his boat, about the happiest we’ve ever seen him.  In his yellow rain-coat he looks almost like something out of a horror film I can’t quite remember the name of.  I know what you did last summer?  Gail admits to Joe that she has her reservations about the boat, and that her earlier exuberance was meerling an effort to back him up.  Joe assures her that the boat is a good idea.  Well, if it keeps raining like that, they’ll need an arc!  Joe informs her that their “ship has come in.”

Tiny asks her dad what he’s getting from that boat.  Joe explains to her that, besides her, he’s ruined everything good in his life and this boat is his chance to exact the opposite.

It’s still Molly’s birthday and the gang, and Kevin, are enjoying drinks at the Rover’s sat next to the home-gym box.  Jack tells some old stories about Vera as they all reminisce.  Sally comes over and sees Kevin enjoying a pint and chastises him for it since Rosie’s at home with her heart broke.  Kev reminds her that there’s nothing they can do right now, it’s up to the police.  One would ask what Sally is doing in the Rover’s ordering herself a glass of wine then?

In the Rover’s, Sally notices Molly’s necklace (the one that Kevin got her on holiday), and says that it looks exactly like the one she saw when her and Kev were on holiday, only he wouldn’t shell out to buy it for her.  Molly tells everyone that she bought it as a birthday gift to herself.

Kevin and Molly get a chance to talk alone in the Rovers, and complain about how the home gym “ball and chain” is going to make it hard for them to meet up.

Norris is finally interviewing “Joan” our stern new shop assistant interviewee.  The interview is very one-sided, but that’s the way Norris likes it.  They’re interrupted by the sound of a sander that Joe is applying to the side of his vessel.  Norris goes and complains about it, but Gail quickly puts him in his place as she reminds him that the van that delivers his papers at 4am wake her up every day!  You go girl!


2 thoughts on “Borrowed Time: Fri Oct 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

  1. I have listened to Coronation Street for years out of Detroit Michigan. I moved to California in2005. I finally found you online and have been keeping up with everyone since then. I wish I could enjoy our show on tv but until that iis possible I will continue to catch every Friday!

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