Silence is Golden: Mon Oct 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 26 2009

Written by Peter Whalley (7:30) and Stephen Russell (8:30), directed by Tony Prescott.

Tony’s on the phone assuring Jimmy that the two of them are in the clear and things couldn’t have worked out better.

Michelle notices more issues with her kebab-shop apartment as there’s some water damage on the ceiling.  She is thankful she’s only renting the place and will tell the landlord.  Did she ever own a place?  Michelle calls Dev and asks if she can have Bill Webster come take a look at it.  Bill tells Michelle that he thinks it’s the roof tiles and he’ll go up and have a look.  Bill gives Dev the estimate to fix the roof, and Dev debates whether or not to accept his services.  Dev decides to take someone else’s services since he thinks that he can get it done cheaper and faster.

Meanwhile, Ben is looking for somewhere to stay while his parents are away, so he doesn’t miss any school.  He complains to Sophie and Ryan that he doesn’t know what to do.  The wheels in Ryan’s head are turning, and he goes and sees Michelle and work and tells her about Ben’s situation, and how he needs a place to stay.  Michelle tells him there’s no way that Ben can stay with them, then she relents but tells him that he can’t stay long.

Barry and Helen are finally off and back to Ireland.  Helen tries to entice Ryan and Michelle, and even Maria and Tony, to come to Ireland for the holidays. Helen tells Tony that she knows they got off on the wrong foot, but they’re still welcome to come to Ireland for Christmas.  Maria tells the Connors that she told her parents that the next trip they’d make would be to Cypress to see them.  Oh, so NOW her parents are back in the picture?  Helen thinks that Cypress would be too hot for baby Liam, but Maria reminds her that they have babies in Cypress.  And have for many, many, many years.

Tony’s back now that the Connor’s have gone, and Maria suggest that they need to talk to Carla, especially since they’re still married, and he and Maria are engaged.  Tony says that he’ll deal with Carla on his own, since it’s his problem.  Only, that’s not enough for Maria.  She seems Leanne in the street and asks her if she still has a number for Carla.  She tells Leanne that Tony and her are engaged, which seems to shock the pants off Leanne.  Leanne later tells Tony that she’s looking for Maria, since Maria asked her for Carla’s number.

Tony tracked Maria down at the Salon where she was doing a favour with a shift after Natasha had called in sick.  Tony once again interrupts Maria’s life for his own “emergencies.”  Gawd, he’s so freakin’ pompous!  Tony tells her not to ring Carla, and that they need to talk before she rings Carla.  Audrey’s fuming after Tony’s come in.  Maria tells Audrey she just wanted to call Carla to say “no hard feelings.”  Audrey says she’s dealt with enough ex-wives, and it’s best to just leave it.  Maria tells Tony that she’s sorry for interfering, and Tony decides to take her ring shopping.  It seems that Tony went grocery shopping also.  Maria loves the big rock that Tony gave her for her engagement ring.  Tony thinks they should tell her mum and dad, but in person.  He decides to book flights to Cypress, but he wants Maria to go first, and then for him to meet her later.

Norris and Joan are setting up the Kabin for Halloween.  Norris notices how quiet Joan is and asks her if something’s the matter.  She replies that her mother told her only to speak when she had something worth saying.  Oh, she’s not going to fit in around here.  Norris tries to explain to Joan how to make small-talk with customers.  Unfortunately, his next customer was Leanne, and she wasn’t in a good mood, so Norris’ little “small-talk lesson” didn’t quite go as planned.  Norris is bored stiff working with Joan.  He tries his best to strike up a conversation with her, but to no avail.  Kirk comes in, and Norris is so hungry for conversation, he tries to get Kirk to stay and chat with him.  Joan looks at her watch and realizes it’s “home time” then remarks that she really enjoys working there – makes the day go by in a blink.  Norris later complains to Audrey and Emily in the pub about how “utterly and totally” silent that Joan is.

Molly asks Dev is she can take a few hours off to go see her dad.  She’s obviously going to be seeing Kevin, not poor Diggory, whom we never hear about.  Pam walks in and hears Dev tell Molly that he hopes Diggory is well.  Pam asks what’s wrong with Diggory, and Molly shrugs it off and says he’s just feeling a bit under the weather.  Pam seems concerned.  Uh oh!  Pam continues on her lunch rounds and sells a Sandwich to Tyrone and asks him about Diggory.  Of course, Tyrone has no idea.  Tyrone goes home and asks Molly what’s wrong with Diggory.  Molly says she made it sound worse than it was to Dev, just so she could get the time off.  Tyrone tells her that it seemed a bit peculiar that she never told him.  He’s got the pieces, he just can’t put the puzzle together, poor Tyrone.

Molly and Kevin meet up in his tow truck in a back alley discussing their narrow escape today.  Molly and Kevin drive out of the area, then decide to go for a walk before the pub opens for lunch.  Molly and Kevin walk up to a new development with an open-house, and decide it’d be fun to go in and have a nosy.  The sign the sign-in form as “Mr. and Mrs. Webster” that live in a caravan park, then go on their tour.  After the tour guide gives them some time alone to look around, Kevin goes straight to the bedroom and tries to convince Molly it’d be good to make use of the bed.  Molly’s not very happy about this whole scenario.  Kevin tells her he’s been yearing for her this last while, Molly says she feels the same watching him with his wife and kids.  Kevin tells Molly that they could buy that place if they weren’t married to other people.  Molly said she’d do it if they weren’t married to other people.  They decide to can the discussion and go to the pub for lunch.

Molly and Kevin are parked in Kevin’s truck a ways back from the street, when who should turn the corner and see them snogging in the truck, but Auntie Pam?  From the stunned look on her face, I’m surprised she didn’t drop her basket.  Pam sees Molly coming out of the truck and quickly walks away out of sight.

Meanwhile, Minnie comes into the Garage for what seems like the sole purpose of flirting with Tyrone.  She’s telling him how buff she thinks he is and how he could probably lift her whole car with his bare hands.  Wow.  Minnie complains that her car stalls out everytime she’s stopped at a traffic light, and she’s afraid of it happening again.  Tyrone says he has no time today, but Minnie convinces him otherwise.  The power of a smile.  Kevin comes back and sees that Tyrone’s working on Minnie’s Mini.  Tyrone asks Molly how Diggory is, and Molly makes it out that Diggory’s not well and she’s worried about him, so she’ll be back and forth all week.  Tyrone offers to go with her, in any way shape or form, but she declines.  If she’s not careful, she could lose Tyrone.  She needs to stop taking him for granted.

Pam comes by Dev’s shop and asks after Diggory.  Molly says he’s got the flu, but he should be alright.  Don’t you hate it when you know someone is lying, and they lie right to your face?

Minnie comes back, and Tyrone tells her that her car is now fixed, and he’ll give her a discount, but to keep it *hush* *hush*.  They both get in the Mini to test drive Tyrone’s work.

Later, Pam sees Molly in the street and confronts her that she’s spoken to Diggory, and he’s not sick.  Molly tells Pam she just wanted some time off work.  Pam asks if that’s it, or if there’s something wrong that she wants to talk about.  Molly gets cornered and sees Tyrone and Minnie pulling up and getting out of her car, and goes over and demands to know what’s going on.  Molly accuses him of cheating on her with Minnie and says she’s not having it.  Pam tells Molly “nice try”, but they need to talk, and they’re going to.  Molly says that there’s something about Minnie that pulls her beard.  Pam tries to subtly bring up the the subject of the big pink elephant in the room, but Molly’s not budging.

Tyrone complains about Molly to Kirk, and Kirk immediately asks Tyrone if she’s seeing someone else.  Molly’s follies didn’t even get past the infinite wisdom of Kirk.  Kirk offers to spy on Molly while he’s staying in the house.  Kirk tells him not to apologize, let her come to him.  Tyrone breaks down and ends up sending Molly an apology text. Kirk is upset and thinks that Tyrone needs to start standing up for himself.

Molly sees the apology text and Auntie Pam can’t believe he sent it.  Auntie Pam starts calling Tyrone a push-over, and that he’s no match for Molly.  Pam finally admits that she saw her and Kevin, and she knows what it looked like.  Molly still continues to lie and deny, but Pam also tells her that she saw them kissing.  Then she accuses Molly of having an affair.  Molly tells Pam that it’s not an affair – her and Kevin are in love.  Pam tells her to tell Tyrone, or end it.


2 thoughts on “Silence is Golden: Mon Oct 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

  1. Well wasn’t it fab to see Pam get stuck in. Great acting and what a good character. So refreshing to see the serious side of the character rather than the Arfur Daley part.

    I knew there was more to Pammy and well done Corrie for giving Kate Anthony more to work with – she seems to be able to handle all the work the scriptwriters put in front of her.

    Come on – let’s see even more Pam. The street’s star at the mo.

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