Man With Ladder: Thu Oct 29, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 29 2009

Written by John Kerr, directed by Tony Prescott

Maria’s all packed for Cypress.  Tony’s still suffering from some sort of indegestion.  Well, Maria and baby Liam are off to Cypress!  Should be interesting when she returns.  Tony and Maria are talking via webcam, now that she’s in Cypress.  Can nothing keep these two apart?  It seems Tony has taken Ozzy to work with him, as there were fire works going off and he didn’t want him to be scared.  Awe, that’s enough even to melt this cold, cold, heart.

Later, Tony leaves the factory with a barking Ozzy as fireworks are going off.  He starts to get what looks like more chest pains and some dizzyness.  Could this be another panic attack, or something more serious?  Tony is tormented by some random Trick’or’Treaters walking by in masks as he slides down the side of the Kabin window in distress.  Tony is sat beside the Kabin and manages to squeak out “Maaarriiaa” out of his tightened larynx.

Rosie’s still suffering from depression after she’s realized there’s nothing she can do about her money. Sally insists she needs to get back on her feet.  Kevin thinks that if Rosie needs money, she could just sell her car or one of her expensive handbags.  Rosie just can’t part with her car, plus, her three-grand hand-bag got stolen at a club.  How irresponsible!

At the factory, Julie’s complaining that someone’s (Kelly) eaten all the chocolate buiscuits, and they’re her favorites.  Julie thanks her and goes to get the buiscuit, when Kelly suddenly grabs it and shoves it into her mouth yelling “sucker” with her mouth full.  Wow, I’ve always thought the factory was like a secondary school, but it just got demoted to a primary school.  Julie remarks that Kelly’s like something from the wild.

Rosie comes into the factory begging for Tony to help her track down Luke, since he’s taken all her money.  Tony tells Rosie that there’s nothing he can do, but he’s looking for a PA if she’s interested.  Rosie says there’s no way she’s doing that again.  Kelly wants the job, but Sally reckons even SHE can do a better job, so Tony puts her on a month’s trial, to Sally’s shock and delight.  Rosie isn’t happy that her mother has usurped her old position.  Sally reminds Rosie that it’s Luke she should be blaming for all this, not her or Tony.  Well, Sally, that’d be the mature thing to do – only that’s not a word you’d use to describe your daughter, is it?  Rosie’s so self-obsessed and still whinging on the “why me’s?”  Kevin embraces her, and Molly sees this and solemnly walks out of the pub.

At Dev’s, Molly is stocking Ketchup on the shelves when she accidentally drops a bottle and it smashes to bits.  Pam walks in and looks down and says “if that’s blood – I hope it’s Kevin’s.”  Oh, zing!  Molly remarks that Pam’s lucky it’s not hers.  Wow, them sounds like fighting words, gal.  Pam asks her when she’s planning on telling Tyrone about her affair, and that it’s not just going to go away.  Molly spits back that she knows that very well, and it’s her mess and she’ll sort it out.

Kevin finally comes into Dev’s to talk to Molly.  He tells her they need to talk.

Hayley and Roy are back from Romania, and Roy’s already back behind the counter.  Aunty Pam comes in and asks Roy about his holiday.  Roy says the word “eventful” comes to mind.  Roy goes on about conservations for bats, yadda yadda yadda, to Pam.  Pam says that sounds fascinating and Roy invites her to come to the council meeting.  Pam declines saying she was online being polite.  Haha, oh Team Pam is alive and strong.  This was a great scene, awkard silences and all.

Michelle’s on the phone to Dev, who finds her story about the builder-through-the-window humorous.  She corrects him that it isn’t – and he needs to get it sorted, or she’ll find the most expensive roofer she can and bill him for it.  Oh, so Bill could still have a job?  Ryan and Ben come home and Michelle tells them about the “run-in” she had with Jake.  Ryan remarks that it sounds like a dodgy-porno.  Haha, I was thinking the same thing about those scenes from yesterday!  Ben asks Michelle if she’ll be alright.  Little kiss ass.

It seems that Jake the builder has been taking another gander outside Michelle’s window, to which she’s not too happy about.  Wow, it seems Michelle is serious, since she’s called Weatherfield’s finest to come and arrest Jake for harassment and peeping.  The police question Jake who tells the police that he did kiss her, but can you blame him?  The police ask Michelle if they can’t just boil it down to an unfortunate misunderstanding.  Way to waste police time Michelle!  The second she agrees to drop it, Jake thanks her and moves in to plant another kiss on her!  The police grab him and take him away.  Ryan remarks that Jake is a “sleazebag.”

Michelle tells her fallen-roofer story to Liz, who is probably the only one interested in hearing about the details.  She also tells her about the arrest she had made on him.  Julie and Kelly saw the whole scene go down and think that Michelle’s being harsh, since Jake was cute.  Michelle still defends her stance that it was harassment.  Graeme overhears the conversation and decides to put his two cents in.  He thinks that man-with-ladder was overcome with an uncontrollable desire for Michelle and he reacted on this desires.  Graeme tells Michelle that she’s a red-hot mama with a body that just won’t quit.  Liz tells Graeme that his input was really helpful.  Michelle figures she doesn’t care why Jake did it, as long as she never has to see his smug face again.  Oh, surely she doesn’t mean that.

It seems as though Ashley’s finally going in for the snip.  It’s about time, how long do we have to follow THIS storyline?  Ashley’s home from his operation and he’s walking like he’s just gotten off a horse.  He says it hurts, but it was worth it.  Oh, it WILL be.


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