Trick or Treat: Fri Oct 30, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

October 30 2009

Sorry for the tardiness of this review, my internet was down!  Boo!

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Tony Prescott

We take off where we left off, with Tony still sat next to the Kabin wall after having collapsed in agony, his face illuminated by fireworks and sheer terror.  Roy is walking by and notices Underworld’s door open, then sees Tony collapsed on the floor.  Roy uses Tony’s phone to call an ambulance.  The ambulance arrives, they perform an ECG.  Tony grabs Roy’s hand and asks him not to leave him.

The ambulance takes Tony through the hospital, while Roy is sat there waiting.  Roy calls Fiz and asks if she has a number for Maria’s parents, since he can’t get a hold of her on her mobile.  The doctors come out and tell Roy that Tony has suffered a heart attack.  They tell Roy that Tony’s very poorly, and if he can’t contact his family.  Roy tells them he’s trying, but the doctor’s tell him that more urgency is required as they’re not sure of his condition.  They believe Tony might not have a great deal of time, because he is seriously ill.  Wow.  Tony asks to see Roy.

In the hospital room, Tony tells Roy taht his father was 49 when he died, and his father before him, 42.  Gordon met aren’t bravehearts, just congenitally weak ones.  Roy tells Tony how unsuccessful they were at trying to contact Maria.  Roy asks if there’s anyone else he’d like to be there.  Tony says yes, anyone.  Wow, that was mean.  Roy goes on to tell Tony about his bat conservation project, and Tony says he might have a useless heart, but Roy Cropper is a useless man.  Ouch!  He wasn’t so useless an hour ago when he saved your arse!  Tony is actually mad that Roy had rescued him.  Tony wanted a poetic death outside his own factory.  Yes, how poetic.  Tony tells Roy to go home, he doesn’t want anyone to see him like that.  Tony tells Roy that he’s on a one-way ticket to hell and hell is spending your last hours with Roy Cropper wittering in your ear.  Ouch again!  I hope the devil spanks him down there!

Strangely enough, the nurse sees Roy on his way out and tells him that Tony wants to see him.  Roy is confused and tells the nurse that Tony told him to leave.  Regardless of Tony’s rubbish treatment of Roy, Roy decides to do the right thing and go back to Tony’s bedside.

Back at Tony’s bedside, Tony apologizes to Roy for the things he said.  Tony reckons that it could have been worse – could have been Janice Battersby that found him, and he figures she’d have left him in the gutter.  Tony is for sure he’s going to die, and he’s worried that Maria can’t get there in time.  Tony then gets Roy to sneak him in a sandwich for his “last supper.”  Tony tells Roy to “come closer,” he needs to make a confession.  Tony tells Roy that he was the one who smoked out the bats.  Oh, and that he killed Liam!  WOW.

Roy is rushed out of the room, as Tony goes into cardiac arrest.  Later, the nurse tells him that Tony is unlikely to make it through the night.  The nurse tells Roy that he’s best to go home, since he’s done all he can.  What will Roy do with the information he’s just received.  What does he make of it?  We’ll soon find out I’m sure.

Molly closes her and Kevin up in Dev’s shop for their “talk.”  Molly convinces Kevin that Pam can keep a secret – since she’s had four husbands, and two she was doing the dirty on.  Molly asks Kevin if this is the end.  Kev says he doesn’t want it to be the end, and neither does Molly.  Kevin comes up with a master-plan: tell Pam it’s over, stay away from each other for a few weeks, then resume later.  It’s shocking that he’s not a captain of industry with that stategic mind of his.  Molly says she’d have to lie straight to Pam’s face.  Kevin tells Molly that he’s gotten quite good at lying in the past few months.  Ha! You mean past dozen years!

Pam goes into the shop to buy some items and receives the cold treatment from Molly.  Pam tells Molly that she wishes she never saw either of them and it could be wiped from her memory.  All of us at Team Pam here share that sentiment.  Molly then lies to Aunty Pam that the affair’s over, since Kev finished it.  She then tells Pam how stupid she feels.  Well, that’s honest at least.  Pam assures her she’s doing the right thing, and Molly thanks her.  Oh, Pam, don’t fall for it!

Haha, this is bloody fantastic.  Jake the builder walks into the Rovers in only a towel.  I’m surprised he didn’t trip on the floor for all Kelly’s drool!  Liz informs him that they have a dress-code in the bar.  Michelle walks in and spots Jake then asks how long he’s been there, then sees his getup and asks him what he’s doing.  Jake says, “trick or treat,” to which Michelle follows-up with “police or leave.”  I don’t recall that one growing up.  I probably lived in the right neighborhood then.  Jake says he’s dressed in a towel to even things up a bit.  Jake threatens to drop the towel, and Kelly’s all ready with the stripper music!  Liz tells him if he drops the towel she’ll call the police.  Right Liz, after a hot bath, right?   Michelle begs him not to cause a scene, so he says that she must agree to have dinner with him, then he’ll relent.  Michelle finally agrees with this.  I thought these scenes were cheesy, but still enjoyable!  He leaves as Kelly and Julie wave goodbye.  Michelle is still in denial and tells Liz later that she’ll want this date over with – soon as possible.

Jake is playing Wii (videogames) in Michelle’s flat with Ben and Ryan which begs the question, “how old IS he?”  I never thought about it before, but he could be well young.  But I think our Michelle likes ‘em that way.  Did anyone else notice that Jake’s voice sounds almost identical to Graeme’s?  Seperated at birth, perhaps?  Michelle comes out dressed to the nines.  So much for her just wanting to get dinner “over with.”  Can you blame her though?  I shant.  He tells her she looks stunning.  He looks like the cat that got the cream.

At the restaurant, Michelle tells Jake that she’s only there because she’s been forced to be.  Oh, whatever.  Michelle tells him that she doesn’t fancy him, or anyone for that matter.  Michelle notices that it’s an expensive restaurant, and tells him that they should just leave now to save time and money.  Jake asks her what she’d fancy for a starter.  Jake tells her that if he had to work a month to pay for one dinner with her, it’d be worth it.  Michelle says she hates to admit it, but she thinks she’s enjoying his punishment and all.  A little too much if you ask me!

Jake is still trying to engage Michelle in some conversation, but she’s adament that after tonight, they’re not going to see each other again – hopefully.  He asks if he can read her palm, then propositions her that if he can tell her one true thing about her life, then she has to tell him the rest of her life story.  She gives over, and he tells her that she suffers grief, a lot of grief and that men she has loved have died and she sees an accident.  Michelle doesn’t think this is very funny, and that he must have talked to Ryan, or he must have known.  I think all he had to do was go to the Kabin and talk to Norris.  Michelle says it’s too creepy, and Jake apologizes, he was only showing off.  Michelle ends up telling him about the deaths she has experienced.  Jake tells her she’s amazing, after all that heart-ache to be so fabulous.  Jake tells Michelle that since he’s met her – he’s become obsessed.

Jake drops her back off at her place and walks her to the door, but not without giving her a kiss, or two.  Michelle tells him that he’ll get a parking ticket if he leaves his truck parked there.  He says he doesn’t care and they continue to snog in the street.

Peter and Leanne laugh as they see Jake walk by in his towel.  Leanne wants to take Simon Trick or Treating but Peter says he just doesn’t agree with it, since it’s not British.  Neither is vodka, but that never stopped him!  He also doesn’t want Simon rotting his teeth on candy.  He says it’s the principle, and someone’s got to make a stand.  Wow, how to men turn into their fathers?  That sounds like something that would come out of Ken’s mouth, as Peter later notes.  Simon’s not happy about not getting to go trick’or’treating, but Simon keeps his foot down.  Leanne complains about not having a job again, but Peter tells her they’re not giving up yet.  Leanne tells Peter that she might do the odd shift here and there at the bookies – if she’s free.

Later when Peter pops out to the shop, Leanne takes the opportunity to let Simon dress up as a ghost, and tells him to hide cause Peter’ll be back in 5 minutes.  Peter’s on his way up, so Leanne and Simon, dressed as ghosts and hide in the dark.  How do I know this won’t go over so well?  Simon hides behind the front door, and Peter comes in flinging it open, crushing Simon!  Simon screams and Peter finds him in a ghost costume with a bit cut on his forehead.  Peter is NOT happy!  Leanne feels terrible as Simon is going to need stitches now.

When they got back home later, Leanne is still consumed with guilt, but Peter tells her to calm down since it was an accident.


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