The Odd Couple: Mon Nov 2, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

novemner 2 2009

Written by Lucy Gannon, directed by Tim Dowd.

Roy is full of tension from what he’d heard from Tony the night before.  He’s also concerned if Tony has made it through the night or not, he’s not sure he has.  Hayley can sense that Roy’s tension, and tries to assure him that he’s done everything he could in that situation.  Roy tells her that it’s deathbed confessions that’s getting to him.  Roy tells Hayley that Tony confessed to him that he killed Liam Connor.  Hayley looks at him in shock and disbelief that he must have heard something wrong.  Roy understands that it’s confusing, but he’s sure that it’s definitely what Tony said to him.  Hayley thinks it’s just nonsense, becuase he was probably on morphine.  Roy is trying to believe her words, but doesn’t.

Roy insists that he must go to the hospital to meet Maria, let her know what happened in Tony’s final hours – if it has come to that.  Roy emerges from his taxi in front of the hospital to see Maria coming out of hers with her suitcase and baby Liam in tow, meeting up with Michelle.  Poor Maria!  Michelle takes the baby home, so Maria can stay with Tony.  Roy meets up with Maria, and Maria thanks him profusely for doing what he did to help save Tony’s life that night.  Maria gives Roy a hug and says she loves him.  Roy is truly divided now.  Roy tells Maria that now that everything’s okay with Tony, he’ll get back to the cafe.  Maria insists that he stay, because Tony wanted to see him.

Roy goes back in to see Tony, who’s in much better spirits.  So that means he’s probably on more morphine.  Tony tells Roy that he owes him more than he ever could pay him, and if it hadn’t have been for him, he’d be a gonner.  Maria says she was scared she could have lost Tony, just like she’d lost Liam.  Instant, Tony and Roy exchange knowing glances.  Well, Tony had a glance of menace, and Roy a glance of pure terror.  Poor Roy!  Tony assures Maria that he’s fine, and he’ll take really good care of himself in future.  Roy tries to leave, but Tony insists that he stay, and Roy does.  Tony reckons that he and Roy are like the odd-couple.  Odd’s not the word I’d use, but sure.  He then tries to pull the wool over Roy’s eyes, but telling him that when he was in a state like he was last night, he’s not sure what he’s living, dreaming, or if anything was real.  What’s real, what isn’t?  Tony then tells Roy that he’d like to make a donation to one of Roy’s charities, for his heroism.  Roy tells Tony to keep his money.  He only did what anyone would have done.  Maria and Tony force Roy into naming a charity that they can donate to.  Tony proposes a “gentleman’s agreement” and that they shake hands on it.  Roy hesitantly shakes Tony’s hand and walks out of that hospital room like a bat out of hell, leaving Tony looking worried.

Oh, looks like Jake stayed the night.  Hook, line, sinker.  Michelle tries to get rid of him before Ryan sees, but she’s not fast enough.  Michelle tries to make an excuse that Jake was there so he didn’t have to drive home and risk being over the limit.  Ryan tells her that she’s over the limit, well over.  Ryan can’t figure how his mum can call the police on a guy for harassment one day, then have the same guy in her bed the other night.  Me neither!  Ben tries to get him to back-off, but Ryan’s well angry over it.

Fiz lets the factory girls know about Tony being in hospital for a heart attack.  Fiz tells them how she’s trying to get a hold of Maria to tell her.  Sally quickly assumes her authoritative role as PA, now that Tony’s not there.  Sally really does have the stuff for middle-management.  Fiz tells the girls that Roy says it wasn’t looking good.  They’re wondering what Roy has to do with it.

The factory girls are all sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for news on Tony’s prognosis.  Sally continues to call the hospital, but they won’t tell her anything.  Janice suggests trying to mortuary instead to cancel out on possible scenario.  Julie chastises her for being insensitive.  Roy stops into the factory to ask Fiz whether or not she’s managed to call Maria.  Fiz tells her that Maria’s going straight to the hospital.

Sally is driving Julie crazy, bossing her around and having her run all sorts of errant errands.  Jesse sees her and they talk about their next children’s show.  I suppose their still working together behind Eileen’s back!  Eileen peeks from behind the curtains and sees them chatting and does NOT, I repeat, does NOT look happy!  When Julie’s gone, Eileen comes out and asks Jesse what Julie wanted.  Jesse said she was just saying hello.  Eileen remarks that it was a long hello.  Jesse said he’s seen the sequel to that – the long goodbye.  Haha.

Julie and Jesse meet up for their children’s party, and Julie comes running into Jesse’s van, hiding below the seat, since Jason and Tina were rounding the corner.  They better watch out that Aunty Pam doesn’t see them together!  Later, they return back to the street after having a good day at work.  Jesse tells Julie that they make a great team, she agrees.  Julie asks him to get out when she gets changed.

Jake goes by Dev’s shop to give him the bill for his builder services.  Dev tells Jake that he’s not paying this bill, because they had an agreed-upon price.  Jake blames the extra labour hours on the fact that Dev’s tenant had the police called on him.  Dev tells Jake that there’s no way that he’s paying for his stupidity.  The nerve of that Jake!  Charging Dev for the time he spent in prison?  He got himself there!  Dev rips Jake’s bill in half, and tells him to divide his final charge by two.  Jake tells Dev that the bottom line is what he owes him, and to call him in a few hours when he’s got some cash, and threatens him not to leave it too long.

Bill walks up to Dev’s and starts to laugh, then walks in and asks Dev if he’s got problems with his roof.  Dev reminds him that it’s Michelle’s roof, and that it’s all be taken care of.  Bill tells Dev that he’s going to be in trouble tonight if it rains.  Dev asks why that is.  Bill tells him becuase of his tiles, his lack of tiles.  Bill tells him he’s got half his roof missing, did he not know?  He runs outside, and sure enough, half of his roof is missing.  Dev keels over in pain from the sight of it moaning like a sick cat.  Bill says that’s what happens when you hire a cowboy.  Dev wonders how Jake could do this to him.  Bill walks away laughing.  Someone’s gotten his commupance.

Michelle goes into the pub to tell Liz she’s can’t work her shift, since she’s got baby Liam, then hears Dev ask if Smily Jake has been in there.  Dev tells Michelle about the fact that Jake, the slimy charmer, knicked half his roof tiles, so he’ll probably never come back to Weatherfield.  Michelle doesn’t look happy at hearing this information.  Later at home, she gets a rap on her window, and it’s Jake, to Michelle’s delight.  Michelle laughs with Jake over him taking Dev’s roofing tiles.  Jake tells her he’s doing a job in Glasgow, and asks Michelle to come with him.  Michelle thinks he’s nuts if she thinks she’ll just leave her life, and tells him no, and to go, but not without a kiss goodbye.  Jake tells her that he’ll be back.

Leanne’s still stewing over getting turned down for loan after loan for the wine bar.  Peter reckons that it’s the wrong time to be asking for credit, especially to open a bar.  Does he ever stop and think to ponder WHY that is?  Peter thinks he’s got an investor from the turf business and thinks he’s almost a sure-thing to give them a loan.  Oh, that doesn’t sound shady at all.

Well, Peter comes back from that meeting to let Leanne know that there’s not enough equity in the bookies to even fund a hot-dog van, nevermind a bar.  Oh, how long is this back and forth going to go on?  Are they opening this bar, or what?  Does anyone else think Leanne is too thin?  I’m always noticing that her clothes fit her oddly, and then I realize it’s because she’s so frail.

Leanne goes over to No.1 with Simon to get his Nemo DVD and Ken tells her that he just can’t see how the two of them opening a bar is a good idea.  Neither can the lenders-be!  Leanne tells Ken that she trusts Peter, unlike him.

Meanwhile, a mysterious older gentleman is on the street asking for directions to the bookies.  What could he possibly want?  Our mystery man spies Peter and Leanne playing with Simon and his ball in the middle of the street and walks over.  He comes over and asks Peter if he’s “Peter Barlow.”  Peter confirms he is, then the mystery man starts talking to Simon, making Peter get defensive.  The mystery man tells Simon that he’s his granddad.  W-o-w.

Peter questions the “granddad” later, and asks how he can be sure that he’s Lucy’s father.  Granddad has all of his proper documentation to state that he’s Lucy’s father, therefore, Simon’s granddad.  Granddad admits he was a lousy father and abandoned her when she needed him, but his life is sorted now, so he’d like to put something back into his life.  Granddad says he’ll be in the pub on the corner, if he’d join him.

Later, Peter comes upstairs and explains to Simon that that man was his granddad.  But not a proper granddad, like Granddad Ken, who takes him to the park, to school and cares about him and so on.  Simon is still curious about the new granddad, but Peter says that he only has one granddad – end of.   Leanne tells Peter that he ought to talk to Lucy’s father.

Peter decides to take Leanne’s suggestion, and goes down to the Rovers to meet with un-proper Granddad.  Granddad figures he’s doing it all wrong, because he’s so desperate to do it right.  Peter decides to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, and they start over.  Peter warns Granddad George that he doesn’t want Simon thinking he’s got a new granddad if George’s going to do another disappearing act.  George says that leaving Lucy haunted him for years.  Peter tells George he’s going to talk to his family, and IF he feels that George can see Simon again, then he’ll need to have him ready for him.  George gives Peter his card, and says that if the wife answers, to leave a message, since his wife knows all about Simon.

Joe’s still hard at work on the boat, and Gail’s still grinning like a school-girl watching him work.  At least she’s happy, it’s quite nice.  Haha, how adorable – Gail has come out dressed in dungarees with a sander to help Joe out.  The couple that plays together – stays together.  So they say.

David arrives with his new girlfriend Zoe and sees Gail in her getup, and can’t help but put in a jab.  David introduces Gail to Zoe, and vice-versa.  Zoe follows Gail in for a cuppa, and Joe points out that she’s a nice girl to David, and asks if she ever stops talking.  David says he’ll help Joe with the side of the boat.  Joe gives him a rag and a look of surprise.

Gail and Joe finally get finished painting and fixing up the boat.  It does look nice!  Joe tells Gail he couldn’t have done it without her, and to go and have a long soak, and he’ll tell her when tea’s ready.

2 thoughts on “The Odd Couple: Mon Nov 2, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

  1. I am an American who is confused! I haven’t seen the Tony Heart Attack ep yet-Maria and Tony end up together?
    I ‘d marry him…only to make his life a proper misery!
    I just love Carla, so lovely and glamorous. I want to steal her whole wardrobe. And those cheekbones-to die for!

    • Hi Rose,

      Are you following the UK timeline, or the Canadian one? Where are you watching (channel) in the USA? Sounds like you’re not on the UK timeline, and that’s the one we follow here. However, I’ve been reviewing for quite some time, so you may be able to follow-up on my old reviews!

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