Local Hero: Thu Nov 5, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

november 5 2009

Written by David Lane, directed by Tim Dowd.

Peter tells Leanne that he’s going to ring George, and have him meet Simon after school.  Peter’s not sure about it, but doesn’t know what else to do at this point – he is his granddad.

Granddad George and his wife, Nana Eve, are at the flat, and Simon arrives home from school ready to meet them.  Simon asks Granddad George why he’s never seen him before.  Yeah, George, why not?  George tells Simon the truth, but I’m not sure he’s getting it.  George thanks Peter for making them feel so welcome.  Simon asks if George is going to go away, like he did with his mummy.  George insists that they would like to see more of Simon.  Peter invites them over to tea tomorrow night, and it’s accepted.  George tells Simon that if he and his daddy wants him around, then he’ll be there.  They shake on it.  Before George leaves, Peter tells him that he hopes he’s going to be around, since Simon’s been through enough.  They also shake on it.

Janice and Kelly aren’t happy about about Sally’s new rule over at Underworld.  Fiz asks Janice and Kelly how much they’ve been missing Tony.  Kelly faux-feigns that it’s like all her heels of gone away and she’s been walking around in clogs.  Fiz then reveals a collection “get well” envelope for Tony.  Does he really need their chump change?  Acting-Boss Webster comes by and tells the girls that they need to give up their tea breaks, since they’re down a senior machinist (her).  Sally tries to be diplomatic about it, but it doesn’t go over well.

Later, in the cafe, Janice and Kelly are wittering on again.  Kelly reckons that her figure was as good as it was when she was 20, possibly better.  Janice asks if she can borrow her mirror sometime.  Can I borrow it next?  Kelly is worried that Tony will figure that Underworld isn’t worth the stress, and sell up.  Fix reckons that that means they could possibly get someone nice as a boss.  Pffft, like that’ll happen.

Roy gets a rather expensive looking bottle of champagne delivered to him at the cafe and looks conflicted over it.  Who could it be from?  Gail asks if it’s from a secret admirer.  Oh, there’s a secret involved, but not an admirer.

In hospital, Tony asks Maria if she’s run into Roy.  Maria says she’s hardly had time to go to the cafe, and asks why.  Tony says that it was a traumatic night for Roy as well, and he doesn’t know how Roy reacted, or interpreted things.  Maria asks what “things” he’s talking about.  Tony says he was very confused between his heart shutting down, and all the drugs being spilled through him that he felt his mind was playing tricks on him.  Maria still wonders how that would affect Roy.  Tony tries to get up and go see Roy and tend to the factory.  Maria forces him to lie down a recover properly.

Later Hayley comes into the cafe to find out that Tony Gordon has been sending gifts to them all day: Champagne, tickets to Oliver, in London.  Roy leaves Hayley in charge, as he needs to sort this now.  Oh, theres only one way this’ll be sorted.  And it won’t be simple, or pleasant.

Roy visits Tony and tells him that the gifts aren’t necessary.  Tony says he hadn’ t meant to offend him.  Roy says that the other night – things were said.  Tony tells him that he can’t remember anything beyond the factory.  Roy figures that perhaps if they had a chat, things will come back.  Roy tells Tony that there was a confessional nature to what he was saying.  Roy tells Tony that he told him, that last night, “I killed Liam.”  Tony tries to manipulate the situation, and tells Roy that Liam was killed at his stag night, and had he not had one, Liam wouldn’t have been there – thus alive still, and that’s what he meant by “I killed Liam.”  Tony says he’ll always blame himself for Liam’s death.  Roy leaves looking somewhat unconvinced, and possibly more conflicted.  What was he expecting Tony to say?

Roy tells Hayley about his little hospital visit, and Hayley says that Tony’s story makes sense.  Besides, he wasn’t the killer, because he wasn’t in the car.  Roy says that he had considered that, but what if the driver was doing Tony’s bidding?  Wow, move over Sherlock Holmes, there’s a new detective in town.  Roy reminds Hayley that Maria thought the same thing not too long ago, and what if she was right?  Roy also thinks it was strange how Tony wasn’t shocked at what Roy told him he’d said.  It’s like he had his story ready, the whole time.  Roy is very certain that Tony killed Liam.  Hayley tells him not to tell anyone else since no one’ll believe him.  Roy says he can’t help cover up a murder.

Gail ,David and Joe go into Roy’s and ask how the “local hero” is doing.  They reckon he saved Tony’s life.  Roy, once again, says he’d only done what anyone would do in the situation.  Gail says she can think of a few people who wouldn’t have bothered.  Me too.  Joe wants to take the boat out for a test run this weekend, but Gail’s hesistant and says she might be working.  Gail lets Joe know that she’s hesitant about water.  Oh, right, the whole my-crazy-husband-tried-to-drown-me-and-me-kids-in-a-canal thingy.  Joe realized that he’d never thought of that.

Later, Joe walks into the medical centre to see Gail, and she asks what he’s doing there.  Yeah, shouldn’t he be banned?  Joe tells her that the shop he’s been working part-time at has closed down, gone out of business.  Gail says that’s too bad, but it wasn’t the job he was supposed to do anyway.  Gail says that her wage will keep them until something turns up.

Tina comes by when all are outside the boat and is in shock that the boat is actually finished.  Joe tells them he’s going fishing for their tea!  Oh, really?  Gail tells him that David used to fish with Martin all the time, and suggests that they go together.  Both Joe and David are hesitant, but Tina says she’d go if she wasn’t working.  So, David signs up for the fishing trip after all.  Joe reluctantly lets him come.

Later, the boys come home, and Gail asks them if it’s fish for tea.  Joe says there is, and pulls out some take-away packages from the catch bag, and David adds that there’s some mushy peas too.  Haha.  After tea, Joe tells Gail he’s going to sell the boat since it doesn’t make sense him having it, while Gail is supporting him.  Well, that’s logical!  Gail says she’d rather him out on his boat catching fish, instead of inside brooding.  Oh, Gail, you’re too good to him.  Joe tells Gail that David was actually good company that afternoon – almost human.

Norris tells Emily that he’s possibly found a new assistant that could be “the one.”  His name’s Horace Steel – Norris and Horace, how gay.  Graeme offers to do the windows at No.2 when he sees Emily about to get up on the ladder, but Norris says he doesn’t trust Graeme, so no thanks.    Emily is more than happy to take Graeme’s assistance.

Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Freda, that’s who, at Emily’s door step.  Freda tells her she’s been sacked and asks if she can stay with Emily for a few days.  Freda tells Emily about how she couldn’t put up with her old employer, but she got her revenge – and reveals a prosthetic leg.  Graeme walks in that second and is somewhat shocked and confused to see the leg and Freda holding it.  Graeme asks if she stole the leg, and Freda answers yes.  He then asks if they were wearing it at the time, to which she answers no.  Emily is shocked that Freda stole the woman’s leg.  Graeme tries to think of potential uses for the leg, but is coming up dry.  Freda says she’ll give the leg back, but Emily reminds her she could be arrested.  Graeme said the police won’t look twice at that.  Emily asks why, and Graeme answers “because she hasn’t got a leg to stand on.”  Haha, he so hilarious.


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