Gail Force: Fri Nov 6, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

november 6 2009

Written by Jonathan Harvey and Damon Rochefort, directed by Tim Dowd

Roy is a very conflicted man, but Hayley tries to solidify the fact that Tony Gordon did not kill Liam Connor.  Hayley insists that Tony was investigated by the police.  Roy asks if he really was, and states that it’s amazing how little they really know.

Roy heads out to the police station, as he has to report the crime.  Hayley thinks the police will just laugh at him.  Roy says he’s used to being laughed at, and he’ll take it in stride.  Hayley asks Roy how he’d feel if the police go and talk to Tony and it makes him stressed, and his condition worse.  Roy answers that there are few things worse than being a murderer.  Hayley tells Roy to get his apron on and get behind the counter, because they are full of customers and she doesn’t see why their business has to go down the tube because of something Mr. Gordon said when he wasn’t thinking straight.  This is true.  Hayley makes him promise that they’ll sit down later and talk it out before they do anything rash.  Roy agrees, but adds that he takes no pleasure in this.

Tony’s looking as right-as-rain as the doctor on-call says he’s good to leave the hospital, but still must take it easy.  Tony tells her he’s very happy to see his fiance and baby.

Meanwhile, his fiance comes into the Cafe bearing flowers for Roy to say thank you.  Roy reminds her that Tony’s already bought him alcohol and theatre tickets.  Maria says she knows, but she thought he might accept these more.  Roy sternly tells her that he’d rather she keep them.  So, Maria passes them on to Hayley.  Hayley quickly tries to get rid of Roy to diffuse a possibly terrible situation.  Hayley tells Maria that Roy just doesn’t like the fuss.  Maria tells Hayley that Tony would like her to pop ‘round for a word later.  Maria asks if she’d like to come with her now.  Hayley hestitantly accepts and, Roy overhearing, looks horrified.

Hayley is over at Maria’s with Tony and baby Liam sat on the couch.  Baby Liam is absolutely adorable by the way.  Tony tells her that he’s been worrying about the factory and how there’s no one to look after it in his absence.  Tony tells her that he needs her as a relief manager to go in and take over.

Hayley returns to the cafe to find Roy waiting and asking what Tony wanted.  Hayley tells him that he’s offered her a job, and it’s a lot more money than she’s used to.  Roy asks how much is it – for her soooul.  OMG!  Roy figures that Tony’s trying to buy them off.  Hayley thinks he offered her the job because of her skills, then huffs off telling him she wants to hear no more about his conspiracy theories.

Roy can’t help himself and goes over to Maria’s to speak with Tony about what he said the other day.  May I just say, that Tony looks great in that polo shirt.  Tony prepares for the worst, and asks Maria if she fancies taking the baby for a walk, so he can talk with Roy in private.  Haha, Ozzy comes out and starts to jump on Roy, and Roy flails around trying to get him to stop.  That was freakin’ hilarious!  Ozzy’s totally the best pet on Corrie right now.  Maria reckons that Ozzy likes him.  Oh my, the GLARE that Tony gives him from the kitchen behind Maria’s back.  Yikes!  Before Maria leaves, she asks Tony if everything’s okay, and he assures her it is.

Now that they’re alone, Roy tells Tony that he believes that he really did kill Liam Connor.  Roy also believes that the stress of the guilt is what caused his heart attack.  Tony just stares at him, then tells him that whether Roy is right or wrong, is immaterial.  Tony picks up the phone and tells him to call the police, and tell them what he thinks that Tony did.  Tony taunts Roy to make the call, but Roy puts the phone back on the receiver.  Roy then picks up a photo of Maria and Liam on their wedding day and wonders how the guilt must be eating away at Tony.  Roy figures it must be unbearable.  Tony tells Roy to shut his mouth, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Roy compares Tony to the killer in Poe’s “The Telltale Heart.”  Tony yells at Roy to make the call, if he wants, then cowers down in pain, and asks Roy if he wants him to have another heart attack.  Roy replies “of course not,” then leaves.

Maria sees Roy sat a a bench and rolls over with baby Liam.  Maria senses that something’s not right with Roy, and asks again if he’s okay.  Roy remarks that Maria looks very happy, then leaves to go off to the cafe.  At tea later, Hayley is angry with Roy for having gone over there and accusing Tony of murder, and reminds him that if he was as sure as he says he is, he’d have phoned the police when Tony told him to.  Roy says he’s not 100% sure, and agrees to drop it for Hayley’s sake.  I’m not convinced we’ve seen the end of this.

Over at No.6, Joe’s “walkin’ on sunshine” in a good mood, and Gail is smiling, as he drags Ted in by the hand.  Joe then grabs David and swings him around in a dance like a rag doll.  Haha.  Ted asks if he’s won the lottery or something, and he says he did, the day he met Gail.  Awwwww….  David tells Ted that Joe’s happy, since Gail told him he could keep the boat.  Ted comments that it “all slips horribly into place.”  I say, is that foreshadowing?

Ted and Joe have breakfast in the cafe, and Joe tells Ted (the father of his girlfriend) that he’s going to romance the pants off of her tonight.  He realized it came out wrong.

David asks Ted if he’d like a free haircut, but Ted being near bald, wonders why he thinks he needs a haircut.  David says he feels bad, after hearing that it’s the anniversary of the death of Ted’s former lover, he’d like to treat him.  David looks outside to see what Joe’s up to with the boat, and tells Ted that he still doesn’t trust him.  Ted reminds him that everyone deserves a second-chance.  David should know that better than anyone!

Joe meets Gail outside the medical centre after her shift, and tells her that tonight is her lucky night.  He tells Gail to go home and wait, and he’ll text her when he’s ready.  Later, Gail walks outside to find Joe welcoming her with a decorted boat he’s named “Gail Force” with a romantic meal on-board.  This is very romantic, actually.  Joe pulls out a fancy bottle of champagne, and dreams about a caribbean sea with Gail.  Joe has been trying to say this all night, and tells her that finding her has meant a lot to him.  Joe gets down on one knee, and says “would you do the honor…” and Gail interrupts with “I thought you’d never ask, of course I’ll marry you!”  They hug in glee as fireworks go off from the rooftop of Underworld, courtesy of Tyrone and Kirk.

Ken comes by the bookies, and offers to pick up Simon from school today and give him his tea.  Peter tells Ken that Simon’s other Granddad coming ‘round tonight.  Ken looks in shock at the thought of the “other granddad.”  Leanne tells him about Lucy’s dad coming back in the picture, but Ken doesn’t look happy about it, and walks out of the bookies looking rejected.

Ken returns later, and asks if George gets on with Simon.  Leanne says she thinks so, but he’d have to ask Simon.  Ken wants the deets on George, but Leanne tells him to ask Peter.  Ken suggests that they bring George and his wife over to No.1 for some drinks and nibbles so he can meet the whole family.  Peter agrees that it’d be good for everyone to meet him, so it’s a yes, and he does appreciate it.

At No.1, the Barlows are preparing for Granddad George’s arrival, when George walks in.  George shakes Ken’s had and guesses he’s Ken, then looks at Blanche, and shakes her hand thinking she must be Deirdre, Ken’s wife. HAHAHA.  Blanche shakes his hand back and says “pleased to meet you.”  Haha, our Blanche!  Blanche tells George that Deirdre is “Edna, the house-keeper, who’s a bit slow.”  Deirdre apologizes and tells George that she’s Deirdre, and that’s her mother Blanche, and to ignore anything she says.  George looks very embarassed, but Blanche says it’s an easy mistake to make.  George comes bearing gifts, Chablis and balsamic vinegar for the adults, and a hand-held “wicked” video game for Simon.  Peter notes that those game players cost a small fortune.  Kind over shadows the yo-yo, doens’t it, Ken?

Oh, I just love how Blanche can take over a dinner party.  George admits to being an absentee father, so Blanche reckons that he and Ken have something in common.  George reckons that Blanche keeps everyone on their toes. Blanche says the place would fall apart without her.  George offers to take Simon to the zoo, and Simon asks if there’ll be any monkeys.  George says there will be, and they’ll all be nearly as cheeky as him.  Everyone laughs, and Ken feels a little usurped.  After George leaves, Blanche reflects that he’s “good looking, good company, loaded, I think I’m in love.”  Haha, those are all my requirements too!

Tyrone and Molly are in the Rover’s enjoying less than scintillating conversation as Jack and Connie meet them.  As Connie orders the drinks, there’s rather strange conflicting conversation on lemonade-in-lagers with Liz, that seems to rub Liz the wrong way.  What could that be about?

After the leave the pub, Molly invites the two of them over for some chicken Kievs, but Connie says she needs to get back because her sister is lending her the newest Maeve Binchy.  Jack asks Connie if she minds that he hang back with Tyrone and Molly.  She says she doesn’t, but it looks like she does.  Could there be trouble in paradise?  Jack and Tyrone go right back into the Rovers for another one, when Molly, confused, goes home to her chicken Kievs.  That was odd.

Jack asks Tyrone why Kirk’s moved in, since he thought that Molly and he wanted the place to themselves.  Tyrone explains how Kirk fell out with Fiz and needed a place to stay, and he couldn’t say no.  Is Jack worried about his old roost?  Tyrone asks about what’s going on with Connie.  Jack tells him that late at night, when he’s in bed, he can hear Connie outside on the landing, footsteps lurking about.  Tyrone thinks Connie might be angling for more than a bit of companionship.  Jack figures it’s probably nothing, but Tyrone thinks that Connie’s after him – dirty mare.  Lol.

Back at Connie’s, Jack’s in bed with his book and can hear Connie pacing the landing again, then sees her stop short in front of his door, then the doorknob turns.  Jack turns off the light and pretends to snore.  The doorhandle eases up, and Connie walks away from the door.  Jack looks utterly terrified!  Why doesn’t he just talk to her about it?

Norris is sat in the Kabin waiting for Horace when he finally walks in.  Two peas in a pod, them, they even both agree to hold agnosticism in very high regard.  Horace lets Norris know that he’s “one of a kind.”  Haha, oh, not so sure about that!  Norris asks Horace if he knows any gardening tricks to get rid of the weeds between the cracks in his patio.  Graeme walks in, overhearing, and recommends he go to the DIY shop, and ask for a “crack hoe” to get the weeds out of the cracks.  Norris later finds him and tells him he’s had a very embarrasing him at the DIY shop, where he found out that a crack-ho has nothing to do with gardening!

Ken and Simon go into the Kabin, since Ken wanted to buy Simon a special present.  A “best Granddad” present, perhaps?  Simon tells Horace that he looks different.  Horace is confused.  Then, Norris comes out from the back with their teas, and Simon, seeing them side by side, exclaims “there’s two of them!” Haha.  Horace says that they look nothing a like, and Simon is a rude little boy.  Ken demands an apology for Simon, and so Norris gives him a yo-yo.  Norris tells Horace he thinks it’s time, they had a little chat.  Uh oh, that can’t be good.

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