Back Off: Mon Nov 9, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

November 9 2009

Written by Debbie Oates and Mark Wadlow, directed by John Anderson

Gail is still suffering from some hydrophobia when Joe suggests they take the boat out, with her in it.  Joe tries to lure her in by prematurely coining her “Gail McIntyre.”  It does have a nice ring to it.  David finds out that Gail is engaged and David’s new girlfriend, Zoe, congratulates her.  David tells Zoe not to congratulate her, since it’s an annual event.  Poor Gail!

Joe goes into the Kabin to tell Tina about his engagement and Tina has the opposite reaction to David’s – she’s delighted.  Until she realizes that David is going to be her brother.  Wa, wa, waaaa.

Happiness doesn’t last for long, as a man approaches Joe while he’s on his boat, and lets him know that he’s taken over Joe’s debt.  The man says they need to work on a payment structure, and walks into Gail’s house without invitation.  Joe asks how much he owes, and the man tells him he owns just shy of 9 grand.  Joe reckons that the debt should be 2 grand max, but the collector says “plus interest.”  The loan shark asks if Joe has the cash, or if he has to strip the place.  The shark threatens that the next time he comes will be when the whole family’s here, and he won’t be alone.  Joe starts to brick it at the thought, and tells the shark that he’ll get him his money.  Oh, from the money tree out back?

The loan shark seems to be interested in Joe’s van, and wants to give him 5 grand for it.  Joe says that if he takes his van, that’s it – not to come near his house again.  The loan shark drives away with Joe’s van.  How’s he going to explain this to Gail?

Joe meets Gail, Tina and Ted in the pub for a congratulatory toast when Tyrone walks in and tells Joe that he’s just seen someone drive off in his van.   Joe tells him it’s a new owner, he got a good price for it since he doesn’t need it anymore.  Well, it’s not far from the truth.  I can’t bear to look at Tina’s orange-face anymore.  Joe makes out that he sold his van to buy Gail a rock.

Norris drags Emily over to the Kabin to look at “bird doings.”  They’re really finding ways to keep Graeme’s window washing business going.  Does anyone else find it ironic that people are constantly washing their outside windows in a place that rains all the time?  It’s kind of like those folk that live in Tornado regions, and just keep re-building.  Norris tries to prove that Graeme is a rubbish window cleaner and tells Emily that she’s not to pay him.  I think Norris still has a crook in his side with Graeme ever since the crack-hoe incident.

Freda comes into the Kabin and jokes with Tina about the bird poop incident.  She wonders if you can get poo carbon dated.  Tina gets the squirt bottle off, and tells Norris that it’s coming off the window now.  Norris wants Graeme to see it first.  Norris finds an article in the paper about some thief who stole a state-of-the-art prosthetic leg from a disabled person and tells Freda to keep a hand on her earpiece.  This stolen-leg story is still going?  Ach!  Freda later shows Graeme the article, and Graeme assures her that she won’t be found out.  Freda is certain she’ll go to prison, and begs Graeme to help her.  They meet later in the cafe, where Freda hands the leg over to Graeme covered in plastic bags.  Freda thinks he should just drop it off in front of a charity shop.  No CCTV there.

Hayley’s dressed to profesh for her first day as “relief manager” at Underworld.  Roy’s still got a chip on his shoulder over Tony Gordon hiring Hayley.  Hayley assures him she wouldn’t work for someone who she thought to be dangerous or evil.

Roy sure is in a ripe mood, as he gives Anna flack over the degree of cooking she gave to a sausage buttie.  He takes her undercooked sausage and throws it in the bin, prompting Anna to take off her apron and throw it at him.  Roy visits her at home later, and apologizes sincerely, telling her that he wasn’t himself.  Anna says she can’t work where she’s not respected.  Roy tells her that for today, her pay will be double time.  Sold! To the lady in the pink apron.

Roy goes over to see Tony at Maria’s, and is persistent while Tony tries to shoo him away.  Tony pretends to go upstairs to fix Liam’s crib while Roy waits downstairs.  Tony is really sitting on Maria’s bed thinking very, very hard.  Roy lectures Tony on the powers of denial.  Surely, Tony has had just about enough of these lectures from Roy, the telltale heart.  Roy tells Tony that confession is the way, not him calling the police.

Well, this is awkward.  Hayley goes to ask Tony if he wants her to open up and, Julie (current Supervisor), asks Hayley where she’s going since she’s all dressed up.  Hayley comes into work, and the factory girls are all a buzz about it.  Tony announces that Hayley will be the new relief manager, and will be taking care of the factory in Tony’s absences.

Hayley gets angry at Roy later, after having found him at Maria’s talking to Tony about the “murder” again.  Roy can’t leave well alone, and sees Tony sat on a bench and goes over to lecture him further more.  Goodness, Roy Cropper is annoying the crap out of me at this point!  Tony asks Roy what gives him the right to play judge and jury and to harass him.  Tony then tells him to leave him alone.

Roy watches Maria leave her house, then goes over and knocks on the door.  He’s NOT going to bother Tony again, is he?  Tony is sat on the couch listening to the door knocking in silence, pretending not to be in.  Maria comes home and Tony asks her if he’s seen Roy again, since he’s been around again.  Maria can’t believe it.  Tony tells her that it’s like Roy is stalking him, and has developed some kind of obsession.  Maria notices Tony shaking over it.  Maria wants to get him to the hospital, and says she’s had enough and is going to go around and see Roy.

Roy is mopping up in the cafe after closing, when Maria knocks loudly on the door and asks him what he’s playing at.  Roy immediately apologizes, and Maria insists that Tony is a sick man.  Maria tells Roy that following Tony about is starting to bug him.  Maria says it’s starting to bug her too.  Maria says that Tony was on the mend, but he’s deteriorating again now.  Maria tells him to back off.  Maria tells Tony about what happened later, and he is thankful for what she’s done.

Later, Tony is in bed with rain pouring down and he cannot sleep.  He gets up and goes to the window to see Roy standing outside in the rain looking up at Tony in the window.  Oh, my.  I’m starting to wonder if Tony’s ever come across someone so insane!  This is the stuff horror films are made of!  I’m going to have nightmares!  Someone really needs to tell Roy that if you play with fire, you’ll get burned.

John’s being released tomorrow, hoo-ray.  Fiz is steadfastily cleaning her place since she’s afraid John will think it’s a mess.  Julie reminds her that John’s been languishing in prison and that he’ll just be happy to open doors at will – oh, and to see Fiz.  Fiz decides she hate the way that her house looks it it’s entirety – it’s not a real house.  Is there going to be a home makeover?  That place needs one!  Kirk grabs Chesney, and the two of them solicit David and Zoe (well, David, forced by Zoe) to help reno No.5.

Oh, my, word.  The reno is complete, and No.5 looks like the Easter Bunny’s home, complete with every bright pastel imaginable.  Fiz is utterly delighted!  Kirk, David and Zoe bust out from the cabinets for the reveal.

Molly meets Tyrone in the cafe, where he tells her that Jack wants to stop with them tonight, since he needs some space.  More night-creeping from Connie, I see?  Tyrone tells Molly that Jack’s even thinking about moving out of Connie’s permanently.  Molly tells him that Jack can move in for as long as he wants – the more the merrier.  Tyrone doesn’t  seem to keen on having LESS privacy with his new wife.

Tyrone and Molly spot Connie persistently knocking on their door from their respective workplaces.  Obviously looking for Jack.  Molly thinks she’s lonely, but Tyrone thinks she’s a sex fiend.  He reckons it’s always the quiet ones.  Pfft, look in your own backyard, buddy.  Connie can see Jack inside, and tells him that if there’s something she’s done, he could at least tell it to her face.  Jack finally comes out of his coop and Connie makes him aware that she’s upset, and she’ll not leave this.

Molly and Tyrone find Connie in the pub waiting for Jack, but she’s not very happy and won’t drag him back to her place – he can do as he pleases.  Joe finally gets in, and sits down with Connie.  Jack tells Connie that she’s a wonderful woman and a dear friend, but he can’t give her what she wants.  Jack says he doesn’t have “that kind” (read: sexual) feelings for her, nor for anyone else.  Connie says she doens’t have them for him, what would make him think that?  Jack tells her that he’s heard her outside his bedroom door in the middle of the night.  Connie denies it at first, but then remembers that she has had a history of sleepwalking.  All is well again, as they both enjoy a laugh over it.  Jack is going back, and Tyrone has his space back with Molly, not that it’ll help much.

Molly’s stomach turns a little when her and Tyrone gossip about Sally and Kev.  Sally and Kev were having a heated argument in the pub over John Stape’s return to the street.  Tyrone reckons Sally and Kev are meant for each other, since they’ve both had affairs, but always gone back to one another.  She asks how many affairs Kevin had, and Tyrone lists them.  Noting that there was one girl, a nurse, named Molly that he dropped like a bad habit.  Oh boy.


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