Paint Job: Thu Nov 12, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

November 12 2009

Written by Mark Burt and directed by John Anderson.

OKAY….sorry for the tardiness of this review, but I had no idea that there was an Episode for the 11th.  Are they often going to just give random Wednesday episodes?  I wish they’d make up their mind with scheduling!  Moving on, I’ve decided that recapping Wed’s missed episode would be redundant at this point, but since I have watched it, comments can be made regarding said episode here, in the review for the Thursday episode.  Thanks and sorry!

John’s home, with his feet securely under the table, and he requests a full-English from Fiz for breakfast.  I’ll have one too…while you’re at it.  John reminds her that she promised she’d spoil him.  Since they both came down in robes and good moods, Fiz reminds him that he’s been spoiled plenty.  Wink, wink.  John says that the best part about falling asleep was knowing he’d wake up beside her.  Fiz pulls back the curtains to see a dark presence blocking her view, and soon, her mood.  Fiz and John go outside to find that someone has blacked out the windows with paint to their home.  Gee, no prizes for guessing who did that.  Honestly!  How immature can she get?  The man did his time.

Kevin notices Fiz’s new “paint job” and immediately confronts Sally about it.  The Webster girls are shocked to realize that it was their mother who commited the vandalism.  Kevin figures that Sally will be given up as soon as she brags about what she’s done.  Sophie’s upset and tells Sally she expected more from her.  I didn’t.  Sally figures it’s an “eye for an eye.”  Yeah, too bad this is Weatherfield, not ancient Babylon, and I’m no expert, but I’m certain that the code of Hammurabi doens’t exactly translate in the Weatherfield court system.

Fiz can’t understand why they can’t just be left alone.  Chesney assures Fiz that Sally will get tired of it after all.  Chesney thinks she should ignore it, since Sally wants a reaction.  Fiz can’t let it go, and sees Kevin, then confronts him about her windows.  Fiz threatens to call the police on Sally, and Kevin tells her to do what she likes.

Tony has become quite a shut-in, sitting alone at home in the dark with his thoughts to match.  Have Roy’s harassing lectures had some effect?  Maria’s not happy about his reclusiveness and let’s him know that his heart isn’t the only one that needs looking after.

Tony gets himself out of the house, and runs into John Stape, who had come back from the DIY shop with supplies to get the black paint off the windows.  He tells Tony that he woke up this morning, an ex-criminal with no job, no prospects and felt like his whole life finally made sense.  He learned to forgive himself, he supposed.  John says he knows he did a terrible thing, but he’s not the same man anymore.  John says the worse prison of all, was being frightened all the time.  Tony seems to take these pearls of wisdom to heart.

Roy notices John and Fiz removing the paint, and brings them over some goodies from the cafe.  Roy tells John and Fiz that Hayley and he welcome them as friends and neighbours.  Roy walks away, and looks back, feeling Tony’s eyes on the back of his head.  He looks up at Tony’s window cautiously, but sees no one.  What?  Would he be creeped out if Tony were looking down on him?  Imagine that!

Sally traipses over, seeing her painting job had been removed, and makes some snarky comments.  After some spitting back and forth, Sally lets it out that she did the “artwork.”  Kevin drags her away, while Fiz suggests that if John bothers her so much, maybe she should considering moving an option.  Fiz wants to call the police, but John convinces her not to – it’d just make the situation worse.

Tony gets his suit on, and tells Maria that he’s going to take care of some business, then take her out!  That “business” is Roy Cropper.  Tony comes into Roy’s after closing and asks for a word, but Roy asks for him to leave.  Tony tells him to stop making these wild demands.  Tony tells Roy to forget what he thinks he knows, and maybe they can avoid another tragic accident.  That sounds like a threat to me, and Roy agrees.  Tony leaves, then looks at his heart rate monitor/watch that Maria gave him and realizes it’s off the charts.

Gary Windass is back on the scene, having coming out of hiding from playing video games with Chesney all day and night.  Ah, the life of a young male.  He apologizes to Ted about his rude attitude towards Ted’s veteranship and then asks what it was like to fight.  Ted lets him know that it was nothing like his video games.  He finds Ted in the Rovers later and asks Ted to tell him about being in the army.  Ted says there wasn’t much action, he spent most of his time guarding the commander’s vintage wine collection – Malaysia wasn’t that kind of war.  Ted tells Gary he went into the service to learn some discipline and to get some guidance and the army gave him that.  Ted says he left a few demons in those far off lands.  Gary looks thoughtful.  Oh, please give us Gary in a uniform.  Maybe Tony just needs a trip to Malaysia, then?

Sally follows Kevin to the pub later, and can’t understand why she’s the villain in all this.  Kevin says she should have just dropped it.  Sally wants justice and can’t just stick her head in the sand.  Kevin says they need to get a solicitor and do everything above-board.  Sally doesn’t want to have to pay to get rid of him.  Kev threatens that if she pulls another stunt, he’ll call the police himself.  For the first time, I think I saw Sally look older than her years.

Hayley goes home, and Roy tells her that Tony Gordon came to see him and threatened him.  Roy tells her that he doesn’t think Tony’s just going to hurt him, but could even murder him.  Da, da, daaaaa.

Jesse and Julie are preparing for another General Custard show, and Jesse tells Julie that he thinks Eileen is onto them, since she’d be acting very strangely.  Julie dismisses his worries and tells him that everything will be fine, they’ll just take extra precautions.  Jesse gets out on stage and blows his horn, but some of the air went weak when he set his eyes on Simon Barlow sitting in the audience.

After the show, Jesse sees Simon and asks him if he enjoyed the show.  Simon says it wasn’t that bad, but he liked Hiyalowa.  Jesse asks Simon if he can tell people (such as Grandma and Eileen) that Julie wasn’t there, just General Custard was.  Simon tells Jesse that that sounds like a lie.  Simon says he might not mind if he won loads of presents.  Haha, he’s spending far too much time with our Blanche!  Jesse says he’ll have to see what he can do.

Jesse later tells Julie that they have to leave quickly, since Deirdre is coming to pick up Simon soon.  Julie panics, but Jesse says he has it under control.  Simon won’t talk, since he rigged the games, so Simon would get more prizes.  Julie tells him he’s going to burn in hell.  Oh, hardly!  Jesse would rather burn in hell than having his wootsits roasted by Eileen!  Haha.  It’s seems that Simon isn’t a very good secret-keeper (what child is?) and Peter tells Jesse and Julie that their secret’s safe with them.  Peter asks what the score is, and Jesse says it’s purely professional.  Peter doesn’t quite believe it, but doesn’t really care either.


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