Sitting Duck: Fri Nov 13, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

November 13 2009

Written by Chris Fewtrell (7:30) and Simon Crowther (8:30), directed by John Anderson.

Hayley can’t sleep over thinking about Tony’s threat.  She never wants to go into work again.  Hayley’s sorry she doubted Roy and think they should go to the police.  Roy figures the police won’t believe them, since Tony’s already been questioned.  Roy thinks the best tactic is to walk by him routinely and act as his conscience.  Hayley reminds Roy that Tony might not have one, since he proposed to his victim’s wife.  Roy figures that Tony’s on the brink, and he’ll just have to hold his nerve.  Hayley thinks Roy should at least go to the police to tell them that Tony’s threatened him.  That way, if Tony finds out he’s gone to the police, he won’t touch him.  Makes sense, but Roy thinks that might antagonize Tony further.  Hayley warns him that he’s playing with fire, and if he’s not careful, he’ll get burned.  Haven’t I been saying that all along?

Tony finds out that Hayley hasn’t shown up for work today, and lets Sally open up, then goes to visit the Croppers.  Oh, and he’s not happy.  When he arrives at the cafe, he finds that it hasn’t opened, so he opens the mailbox and shouts for Hayley.  Hayley and Roy are hiding upstairs bricking it, and trying to figure out what to do.

Hayley throws on her nightdress and goes downstairs to tell Tony she’s come down with an awful sickness, but Tony notices she’s wearing a skirt and heels under her robe.  Roy tells her that he hopes she’ll be better, since it’s hard enough trying to sort things out with Roy, and now sorting things out with her too.

Hayley is sick with worry.  She looked into the eyes of a murderer, who told her that he’d sort her, just like he’d sort her husband.  Roy blames himself for having become obsessed with getting a confession, but he won’t allow Tony to threaten her.  He decides they will go to the police, without further adieu.

At the police station, Roy and Hayley have made their complaint against Tony, and the officer tells them that they’ll be in touch with Tony, and they’ve done the right thing.  Roy and Hayley decide to take a little camping trip to get away from the street for a while. Before they can leave, Anna knocks on the door and they let her in, then Tony follows.  He realizes they’re “escaping.”  Looks like Anna’ll be working on her own that weekend.  Then, as if it can’t get more awkward, John Stape walks in and asks if they need any help at the cafe since they’re going away.  Looks like John’s got work at least!  Sally sees him in the cafe and is NOT happy about it!

Tony inquires with Anna as to where the Croppers went camping.  Tony fibs and says that Hayley had a file of his and wanted to nip upstairs and see if he could get it.  Anna says she’s not comfortable with letting him up there alone, and says if it calms down, she’ll take him up there later.  It’s time and Anna takes him upstairs.  They don’t find anything, so they decide to leave.  Tony holds open the door for Anna, and Anna goes out, leaving Tony behind to snatch some keys off the kitchen counter.

Tony looks from down the street as police knock on his front door.  He seems shocked to see them there.  Maria comes home with Liam from the library, and was worried when he heard her at the door.  What would have happened had Maria been home when the police were there?  Surely, the police will return.

Sally’s so adament about getting rid of Stape, even Rosie’s had enough of it.  Kevin says he’s going to make a proper appointment with a solicitor and see where they stand.  I’m sure they could get some kind of restraining order if Rosie wanted one.  Kev goes to see the solicitor who tells him that there’s nothing they can do about Stape, unless he causes a stir.  Kev “hypothetically” asks what would happen if he left his wife for another woman.  The solicitor tells him that he’d have to sell the family home and give half his business to his wife – it’ll be messy.  Well, that doesn’t sound good!

Kevin meets Molly at their hotel rendez-vous.  Kev realizes that Molly is still angry, and complains that his affair is worse than being married!  Funny how that happens, isn’t it?  Molly demands to know all about his previous affairs.

John figures he needs to start earning, because he can’t keep sponging off Fiz.  Trouble is, not many jobs for failed kidnappers.  John decides to get dressed and finish off painting the frames outside.  Fiz thinks he’ll just be a sitting duck for Sally outisde.  John agrees, but notes that this time, he’ll have the paint in his hand.

Graeme comes by in his rickshaw with a ladder sticking out the back, and convinces John to enlist in his services to paint the upstairs windows to match the one he’s painting downstairs.  He’s a smooth mover, that Graeme.  Eddie Windass comes over and negotiates the hire of Graeme’s ladder for an hour.  What could be be up to?

It seems as though Kirk has outstayed his welcome at the Dobbs residence after tampering with Molly’s toaster dial.  Kirk reckons he best move on.  Tyrone lets Molly know that her attitude isn’t becoming.  He also tells her that Kirk is moving out, and he doesn’t blame him.  Molly apologizes, again, and uses her dad’s illness as an excuse.  Tyrone feels bad and tells her that her being happy is all that matters to him, and if she’s not – he’s not doing his job right.  The poor guy.

Jesse goes into Dev’s shop and throws a dozen chocolate bars into his basket.  Dev asks if he’s bullemic, and Sean notes that he’s only half bullemic – he’s got the binge part down.  Jesse says they’re for Simon Barlow as a promotional reward to advertise his show to his mates.  Oh, no one believes that.  Eileen tells him that he can’t go bribing kids into advertising for him.  Jesse fibs and says he needs to stoop that low, since he’s a one-man-act.  Eileen tells him that she’ll be Hiyalowa this afternoon, but Jesse declines her offer, much to Eileen’s suspicions.

Sean is suspicious that Julie has a new man in her life, since she’s been chatting on the phone with someone mysterious, and now taking off afternoon to do ‘things.’   Sean can’t help but gossip to Eileen about how he thinks Julie has a new man.  He tells Eileen that Julie’s taken the afternoon off to meet a fella.  Sean thinks that the man Julie’s with is attached – he’s knows an affair when he sees one.  The penny drops for Eileen, and she says she knows a rat when she sees one.  Jesse better watch out, as hell hath no fury, like an Eileen scorned.

Eileen has got Eddie spying on Jesse, all PI like.  Eddie tells Eileen that he’s not happy about sitting around and spying on Jesse – it makes him feel grubby.  Haha, heaven forbid.  Eddie sees Julie quickly hop into Jesse’s van and is stunned.  Eddie confirms that it’s Julie, and Eileen looks sickened.  Poor Eileen!

Jesse is grovelling to Eileen and trying his best to convince her that he’s not having an affair with Julie – it’s purely professional!  Jesse says he can’t do show without Julie.  Eileen comments that it sounds like a match made in heaven.  Jesse apologizes for going behind her back, but she shouldn’t have been suspicious.  Eileen makes Jesse choose between her or Julie.  Eileen stands by as Jesse calls Julie to tell her that she’s can’t be Hiyalowa anymore.

Stevey-boy’s back from holiday and telling Dev all about it.  John takes the opportunity to ask Steve if there’s any cab shifts available, but Dev reminds him he kidnapped a young girl (young woman, actually) in one of Steve’s cabs, so it’s not really what he wants to promote.  Dev also tells John that he can take his business elsewhere.  John leaves the shop without incident.

Steve goes over to Lloyd’s flat, and Theresa answers the door putting Steve into a state of shock.  Looks like Lloyd has some explaining to do.  Later, they meet in the cafe and Steve’s interested to know what Lloyd is doing with Theresa.  Lloyd tells Steve that she was just cleaning for him.  Steve accuses Lloyd of shacking up with a homeless woman.  Lloyd reminds him that Becky was homeless too.  Haha.  Theresa comes in and sits on Lloyd’s lap – so much for the cleaning lady ruse!


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